Axis Communications introduces modular miniature camera series

Now available through Norbain is Axis F Series: a highly flexible, modular network camera series from Axis Communications encompassing HDTV 1080p cameras with wide dynamic range (WDR).

Models in the new series are ideal for monitoring cash machines, banks, shops and hotels, as well as rugged environments. This new series not only affords end user customers discreet surveillance solutions that provide high image detail, but also excellent flexibility in terms of choosing units that are ideal for a particular installation.

The series is based on a divided network camera concept whereby the camera is split into a lens and image sensor unit as well as a main unit. This allows a small sensor unit to be installed discreetly in tight places and the bigger main unit to be placed elsewhere away from public view.

Axis F Series cameras: available from Norbain

Axis F Series cameras: available from Norbain

The Axis F Series consists of units that are all sold separately and includes the Axis F41 main unit and four compatible AXIS F sensor units with different form factors and lens types for different fields of view.

The cameras can be flush-mounted in walls, ceilings, doorways, elevators and behind sheet metal with only the small lens surface visible. In the case of the pinhole unit, just a tiny hole for the lens needs to be exposed.

Certain Axis F sensor units can also withstand tough conditions such as vibrations, shocks and temperature fluctuations, rendering them ideal for use inside and outside of emergency vehicles like police cars and ambulances.

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