Apollo launches EN54-20 approved point-based ASD

Apollo Fire Detectors has added an EN54-20 approved point-based aspirating smoke detector to its range of specialist fire detection solutions for end users.

The aspirating smoke detector (ASD) is an essential tool when it’s impractical to place the detector head in situ.
Apollo’s point-based ASD features an IP65-rated enclosure which provides protection against ingress from the environment. In addition, the code protection controls and bespoke removal key provide safeguards against vandalism and tampering.

Available in two versions, both of these ASDs use ‘Discovery’ optical detectors and are fitted with a mini-switch monitor which allows for the monitoring of fail-safe fault relays. A maximum of 50 metres of sampling pipe can be used on a single chamber (the ASD-1), while the dual version of this product allows for two 50 metre sampling runs (the ASD-2).

The new ASD from Apollo Fire Detectors

The new ASD from Apollo Fire Detectors

The ASD is designed to operate in a wide range of environments and is often used in secure facilities where anti-ligature and anti-vandal solutions are of paramount importance, in lift shafts where access is difficult, in wet or dusty environments or in clean environments where access is restricted.

Neil Taylor, sales and marketing director at Apollo, explained: “We’re delighted to have launched this aspirating smoke detector. It adds another dimension to our product range and enhances our reputation as a world leader in the development and manufacture of fire detection equipment.”

For more information on the new Apollo ASD visit: http://www.apollo-fire.co.uk/discoveryasd


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