CIFAS awarded Cyber Essentials Plus certification

CIFAS – the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service – has been awarded the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials Plus certificate: an important accreditation that underlines the continued commitment to battling cyber security threats and risks.

The Cyber Essentials Plus certificate is a part of the UK Government’s new Cyber Essentials Scheme, which seeks to improve the response of UK businesses to cyber security threats as well as certify their capabilities.

CIFAS – a data sharing scheme that brings together over 300 organisations from across the public and private sectors to prevent fraud through the sharing of data – received the certification from Dionach. Dionach is accredited by CREST to carry out Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification services. CIFAS had to complete the Cyber Essentials questionnaire and was subjected to an external perimeter vulnerability scan as well as an onsite workstation assessment.

CIFAS has been awarded the Cyber Essentials Plus certificate

CIFAS has been awarded the Cyber Essentials Plus certificate

Security of services and data

Simon Dukes – CEO at CIFAS – commented: “The security of services and data is something that we take exceptionally seriously. As more services move online so has more fraudulent activity. The need to take strong, robust and agreed measures to combat the cyber threat is at the heart of CIFAS’ message to all organisations and individuals in the UK today.”

Dukes added: “Achieving this certification is evidence of our commitment to cyber security. We are very pleased to be involved with the Cyber Essentials Scheme and we strongly urge all UK organisations – whether private, public or third sector – to join the collaborative efforts being taken to counter the threat posed by cyber criminals.”

Dionach’s business development director Rob Embers stated: “It’s good to see important organisations like CIFAS taking the lead in such critical areas. Cyber Essentials will help develop a good base line level of security within the UK and allow organisations to conduct business over the Internet with more sense of trust. We hope that this will be the first of many certifications to be provided by Dionach.”

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