IPSA and the QICSS sign historic membership agreement

On Wednesday 25 June 2014, the International Professional Security Association (IPSA) signed an historic agreement in Doha, Qatar with the Qatar International Centre for Safety and Security (QICSS). The agreement provides for graduates from QICSS security-related courses to be automatically enrolled as individual members with IPSA for 12 months, with options to extend their membership thereafter.

Speaking at the signing ceremony in Doha, Mike White – IPSA’s chairman – explained: “This is an historic moment for IPSA. We already have many members within the region, and this will allow us to be at the forefront of professional representation as the Qatari private security industry continually grows and develops.”

IPSA's chairman Mike White and Khalid Omran of QICS exchanging signed copies of the agreement

IPSA’s chairman Mike White and Khalid Omran of QICS exchanging signed copies of the agreement

White continued: “These are exciting times for Qatar. We’re very proud to be associated with our professional colleagues at the QICSS, and we look forward to working with them in the future on developing new members and helping and supporting both the Centre and our members wherever and whenever we can.”

Speaking on behalf of the QICSS, CEO Khalid Omran stated: “This is a key moment for the private security industry in Qatar. We’re looking forward to working with our IPSA partners in the years to come.”

All you need to know about… IPSA

The International Professional Security Association is a membership body for individuals and companies working in security and associated roles.

The Association was formed over 50 years ago to ensure professionalism in the management of security operations. As an established and recognised worldwide professional organisation, IPSA provides a specialist service to industry and commerce. There are no geographical boundaries in terms of its operation, and the highest technical standards are stringently applied in all of its dealings.

The Association operates within the framework of 14 regions which include many in overseas territories.

IPSA is an independent body controlled and paid for by its members. Membership is available to:

*Persons wholly employed in the industry
*Persons who are preparing to come into the industry (ie police officers, members of the Armed Forces and students, etc)
*Security guarding companies
*Door supervisors
*Businesses engaged in the manufacture or supply of security equipment
*Training companies
*Organisations who employ their own security staff

IPSA offers membership to those employed in industrial or commercial security and to those companies who supply services or materials used in connection with industrial or commercial security. The Association also provides a number of training courses for security personnel and management.

For further information visit: http://www.ipsa.org.uk


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