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South Yorkshire security bosses guilty of supplying unlicensed operatives

On Tuesday 15 July 2014 at Rotherham Magistrates’ Court, two security company directors pleaded guilty to a total of 38 private security offences.

Using security company names Dragon Security Solutions and Goodfellas Nightspot Barnsley, the two directors supplied unlicensed security officers to unsuspecting customers in South Yorkshire over a nine-month period.

The unlicensed security operatives were not trained or vetted, and could have posed a threat to the very customers they were supposed to be protecting.

Ian Lindsay, 48 (of Market Street, Rotherham), pleaded guilty to three charges of failing to provide information to the Security Industry Authority (SIA), four charges of working as an unlicensed security director and nine charges of supplying unlicensed security operatives.

Martyn Cook, 56 (of Philip Avenue, Nuthall, Nottingham), pleaded guilty to four charges of working as an unlicensed security director and nine charges of supplying unlicensed security operatives.

Detail of an SIA Licence Card

Detail of an SIA Licence Card

Both Lindsay and Cook pleaded guilty on behalf of their companies to nine charges of supplying unlicensed security operatives under Dragon Security Solutions Ltd and Goodfellas Nightspot Barnsley Ltd.

Protection for unsuspecting security solutions buyers

SIA investigations manager Nathan Salmon said: “In August 2013, the SIA received intelligence to suggest Dragon Security was supplying unlicensed operatives to unsuspecting customers. When we sought information about Dragon Security it became clear that neither Lindsay nor Cook was licensed to run a security company.”

Salmon continued: “Dragon Security was dissolved and another company, Goodfellas Nightspot Barnsley, run by Lindsay and Cook, continued to provide security operatives to Dragon Security’s customers.”

He added: “There was sufficient public interest in this case to prosecute the two individuals and the companies. The SIA has removed these two from the security industry, and protected unsuspecting security buyers from putting their businesses at risk with unlicensed security operatives.”

In conclusion, Salmon explained: “Lindsay and Cook’s failure to provide information to the SIA may have concealed wider offending. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with anyone, customer or employee, who has been involved with the companies since October 2013. Information can be passed to me either via the SIA website or anonymously via Crimestoppers.”

Sentencing of Lindsay and Cook will take place on 3 October 2014.

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Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill receives Royal Assent

Legislation to ensure UK law enforcement and intelligence agencies continue to have access to the vital evidence and information they need in order to investigate criminal activity, prevent terrorism and protect the public has received Royal Assent.

The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act addresses urgent issues around the retention of communications data by companies as well as the interception of communications.

The legislation was brought forward after the European Court of Justice struck down the European directive that formed the basis of UK regulations governing the ability of the police service and others to access communications data retained by communication service providers.

The Act provides a clear basis in UK law for the retention of communications data and ensures this crucial information continues to be available when it’s needed.

Home Secretary Theresa May

Home Secretary Theresa May

The Act is also a response to uncertainty from overseas communications service providers around the legal framework that underpins their co-operation with intelligence and law enforcement agencies regarding investigatory powers. The Act makes clear the obligations that apply to anyone providing communications services to customers in the UK under Part 1 of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA), irrespective of where those companies are based.

The Act, which comes into effect immediately, only maintains and clarifies the existing regime and does not create any new powers, rights of access or obligations on companies beyond those that already exist.

It also strengthens existing safeguards and includes a two-year ‘sunset clause’ to ensure the legal framework is kept under review into the next Parliament.

In parallel, the Government has announced new measures to increase transparency and oversight.

Necessary powers and capabilities

Home Secretary Theresa May said: “The threats faced by the UK from terrorism and organised crime remain considerable, and the Government would have been negligent if it had not made sure the people and the organisations that keep us safe have the powers and capabilities they need.”

May added: “If we had not acted immediately, investigations could have suddenly gone dark overnight. Criminals and terrorists would have been able to go about their work unimpeded, and innocent lives would have been lost.”

Continuing the theme, the Home Secretary said: “The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act will ensure the job of those who protect us does not become even more difficult and that they can maintain the use of vital powers to solve crime, save lives and protect the public from harm.”

May concluded: “This Act has cross-party support and I would like to express my gratitude to all those who recognised both the need for this legislation and the reason why it was so important to see it enacted quickly.”

Bringing offenders to justice

Communications data is the ‘who, when, where and how’ of a communication, such as a telephone call or an e-mail, but not its content.

It’s often the decisive factor in successful prosecutions and has helped police solve a large number of serious crimes, including the Oxford and Rochdale child grooming cases as well as the Soham and Rhys Jones murders.

As a result of the ECJ ruling, communications service providers may have started to delete data they are currently required to retain. This would have had potentially devastating consequences for investigations, which often rely on communications data that’s several months old at the point at which it’s requested.

The Act provides a clear basis in domestic law for the retention of communications data in the UK.

Protecting national security

Interception powers, which are subject to very strict controls and oversight, are used alongside other covert capabilities and techniques to identify, understand and disrupt serious criminals and terrorists before they can cause damage or endanger lives.

The Act has made explicit what is already implicit in RIPA that the provisions in RIPA which relate to communications data and interception apply to overseas communications companies offering services to UK customers.

Any loss of co-operation from the companies would have immediately resulted in a major loss of the powers and capabilities that are used every day to counter the threats we face from terrorists and organised criminals.

Introducing new safeguards

The UK has one of the best communications data oversight and authorisation systems in the world. Nonetheless, the following steps will be taken to strengthen oversight and transparency:

(1) The Independent Reviewer of Counter-Terrorism Legislation will hold a full review of powers and capabilities.
(2) The Interception of Communications Commissioner will report every six months on the operation of the legislation.
(3) A senior diplomat will be appointed to lead discussions with overseas Governments and communication service providers to assess and develop formal arrangements for the accessing of data for law enforcement and intelligence purposes held in different jurisdictions.
(4) An Independent Privacy and Civil Liberties Board will be created to consider the balance between the threat and civil liberties concerns in the UK where they are affected by policies, procedures and legislation relating to the prevention of terrorism.
(5) The number of public bodies currently able to request communications data will be reduced.
(6) The UK Government will publish annual transparency reports to make more information publicly available than ever before on the ways in which surveillance powers are operated.

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Dr Gillian Tully takes on key role of Forensic Science Regulator

The Home Office today has announced the appointment of a new Forensic Science Regulator. Dr Gillian Tully will replace Andrew Rennison, whose term of office will come to an end next month.

The Forensic Science Regulator is an independent role responsible for establishing and enforcing quality standards for forensic science used in the investigation and prosecution of crime.

Dr Tully’s three-year term of appointment will begin on 17 November 2014.

Dr Gillian Tully

Dr Gillian Tully

Experience and judgement

A self-employed consultant in forensic science providing advice on casework, expert training and quality systems, Dr Tully previously spent 23 years working in the Forensic Science Service, which included a four-year period as head of Research and Development.

Norman Baker, Minister for Crime Prevention, said: “Dr Gillian Tully has the experience and judgement necessary for this important role, dealing with those who deliver forensic service, the industry and Government. I should like to record the Government’s appreciation to Andrew Rennison for his contribution in successfully introducing the first set of quality standards in forensic science.”

Dr Tully added: “I am looking forward to taking up this very challenging role and will endeavour to provide my full support to all those involved in forensic science as we aim to continually improve standards.”

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Cabinet reshuffle sees Mike Penning MP appointed as policing minister

Prime Minister David Cameron has appointed Mike Penning – Conservative MP for Hemel Hempstead – as the new Minister of State for Policing, Criminal Justice and Victims.

Mike Penning was educated at Appleton and King Edmund Comprehensive Schools in Essex and studied at Reading University. He has served as the Conservative MP for Hemel Hempstead since 2005.

Penning’s other roles to date have included being a member of the Health Committee from 2005 to 2008 and Shadow Minister for Health between 2007 and 2010.

Mike Penning MP: the new policing minister

Mike Penning MP: the new policing minister

Penning was Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport from 2010 to 2012, and Minister of State for Northern Ireland in September 2012. He has also served as Minister of State for Disabled People between 2013 and 2014.

He joined the British Army from school and served in the Grenadier Guards. Penning then worked as a fire-fighter before going into the family business, later working as a political journalist.

About the policing minister’s role

In his new role, Penning will assume responsibility for criminal justice system reform, reporting jointly to the Justice Secretary and Home Secretary Theresa May.

He’ll also be looking after strategic oversight of the criminal justice system (CJS) and joint working between CJS agencies, looking after the victims of crime, criminal injuries compensation, criminal law and procedure and
sentencing policy.

Penning also has a range of Home Office responsibilities, including policing and child online protection.

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Penny Mordaunt MP appointed fire minister in Cabinet reshuffle

Penny Mordaunt – MP for Portsmouth North – has been appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Mordaunt will be responsible for fire, resilience and emergencies as well as planning, coastal communities, local growth and enterprise zones.

After studying Philosophy at Reading University, Mordaunt worked as an aid worker in post-revolutionary Romania before becoming head of broadcasting at Conservative Central Office.

Penny Mordaunt MP

Penny Mordaunt MP

Mordaunt was head of foreign press for George W Bush’s presidential election campaign, and also founded her own media company (which she sold in 2010).

Mordaunt has served in various capacities in Parliament, having sat on both the European Scrutiny Committee, Defence Select Committee and APPGs for Life Science and for Ageing and Older People.

In 2013, she was appointed Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Defence, Philip Hammond.

Following her appointment, Mordaunt commented: “It’s a very huge honour to have been made a member of the Government. I’m extremely proud and hope it will inspire others in the city to pursue their dreams and put themselves out there for whatever it is that they want.”

Eric Pickles will remain Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

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BSIA Chairman’s Awards honour outstanding contributions to the security world

Pauline Norstrom – the newly-elected chairman of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) – has personally recognised the significant contributions made by five individuals and organisations to the ongoing success of the UK’s private security sector.

Presenting the 2014 Chairman’s Awards during the Association’s Annual Luncheon at the London Hilton, Park Lane on Wednesday 16 July, Norstrom selected winners in the following categories: Contribution to Exporting, Contribution to Standards, Contribution to Training, Contribution to the Community and Promoting the Industry.

Contribution to Exporting: Ian Moore (Elmdene)

The Chairman’s Award for Contribution to Exporting was presented to Ian Moore of Elmdene. With an export career spanning 20 years, Moore has made a positive contribution to the international growth of a number of businesses.

Ian Moore of Elmdene accepts his trophy from BSIA chairman Pauline Norstrom

Ian Moore of Elmdene accepts his trophy from BSIA chairman Pauline Norstrom

In 2003, he founded Detector Technologies and oversaw the company’s growth from a start-up to becoming an international business with offices in the UK, Australia, Dubai and South Africa all in just six years.

A long-term contributor to the BSIA’s Export Council, Moore’s expertise continues to help new exporters gain a foothold in overseas markets.

Contribution to Standards: Robbie Calder (Broadland Guarding)

The Chairman’s Award for Contribution to Standards was presented to Robbie Calder of Broadland Guarding, who was recognised for his contributions to the development of training standards requirements for Security Industry Authority licenses relating to CCTV operators.

As the main BSIA representative on many revisions of BS 7958 (CCTV Management and Operations) and BS 8523 (Management and Operation of Warden Schemes), Calder has continued to promote Best Practice and improve quality of service delivery in these areas.

Robbie Calder: proud recipient of the Contribution to Standards Award

Robbie Calder: proud recipient of the Contribution to Standards Award

As chairman of the BSIA’s Police and Public Services Section, Calder has also represented the Association at various Parliamentary round table meetings, ensuring that our industry’s capabilities are both recognised and respected.

Contribution to Training: PHS Group Training Department/PHS Datashred

The Chairman’s Award for Contribution to Training was presented to PHS Group Training Department/PHS Datashred in recognition of the organisation’s efforts to develop recognised training schemes for the Information Destruction Sector.

As the first organisation in the UK to be awarded accreditation from Skills for Security for Information Destruction Operations, PHS Datashred has worked together with the wider PHS Group’s Training Department to develop an in-house training course designed to further enhance the quality of service provided to customers and the wider public alike.

PHS Datashred won the Chairman's Award for Contribution to Training

PHS Datashred won the Chairman’s Award for Contribution to Training

Recently, the Group has opened the PHS Academy – a dedicated training and development centre in Gloucester which houses the delivery of this course.

Contribution to the Community: David Bone (Securitas Security Services)

The Chairman’s Award for Contribution to the Community was presented to David Bone of Securitas Security Services who, as an active member of the organisation’s Community Team since 2008, has dedicated countless hours to the company’s fundraising and community events programmes.

Bone’s contributions have made a difference to various local and national charities, including the Poppy Appeal and St Theresa’s Hospice, with events raising over £31,000 in total.

David Bone of Securitas Security Services collects the Contribution to the Community Award

David Bone of Securitas Security Services collects the Contribution to the Community Award

Organising security for charity events, as well as celebrity appearances, are key elements of Bone’s contributions, and he pledges to “continue to build and maintain excellent community links while encouraging others to take part in delivering the Securitas Community Spirit.”

Promoting The Industry: Simon Banks (CSL DualCom)

Finally, the Chairman’s Award for Promoting the Industry was presented to Simon Banks of CSL Dualcom for his fantastic work on the 100 in 100 Apprenticeship initiative.

A driving force behind the success of the annual scheme (which aims to place 100 new security apprentices in the sector in just 100 days), Banks has been instrumental in its success, which has so far seen over 1,800 young people placed in security careers. These new recruits have included installers, engineers, technicians, customer service personnel and locksmiths.

The BSIA Chairman's Award for Promoting The Industry was won by Simon Banks of CSL DualCom

The BSIA Chairman’s Award for Promoting The Industry was won by Simon Banks of CSL DualCom

Inspired by his own experiences as an apprentice, Banks believes that the continued recruitment of young people into the security sector is crucial for maintaining the industry’s professionalism while also helping to avoid a potential skills gap in a few years’ time.

Commitment to enhancing the quality of UK security

Speaking about the Chairman’s Awards, Pauline Norstrom said: “It’s a great pleasure that one of my first tasks as chairman of the BSIA is to recognise and reward the significant and lasting contributions made by these dedicated individuals and companies. Their commitment to improving the reputation and quality of our industry is admirable, and I shall look forward to building further on these achievements in my next two years as BSIA chairman.”

Companies interested in BSIA membership can find out more about the many benefits of belonging to the Association – including the annual award presentations – by visiting: http://www.bsia.co.uk/join-the-bsia

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BSIA Apprentice Installer Awards salute the next generation of industry leaders

Four outstanding young apprentices from the UK’s private security sector have been presented with national awards in recognition of their academic and practical success in the field of electronic security installations.

Awarded by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), the Trade Association representing the UK’s private security sector, the Apprentice Installer Awards serve to recognise the achievements of Level Two and Level Three apprentices involved in the installation of alarms, CCTV, access control or a combination of these systems.

They also represent the commitment of security companies and training bodies in providing young talent with the opportunity to succeed in the security world.

The following winners were selected from what was a strong selection of entries in 2014:

Overall Winner: Darrell Gilmour (Kings Security Systems)
19-year-old Darrell Gilmour is currently in his third year of studies. A passion for security runs in the family, with his father, uncle and aunt also employed within the sector.

Darrell was nominated for this award by New College, North Lanarkshire, where his methodical, conscientious workmanship has impressed his lecturers.

Darrell Gilmour (left) on stage with Tony Porter, the Surveillance Camera Commissioner

Darrell Gilmour (left) on stage with Tony Porter, the Surveillance Camera Commissioner

Working full-time at Kings Security Systems, Darrell has set the bar high for future apprentices. A spokesperson from the business commented: “Kings is always taking on new apprentices, and Darrell will be an ambassador for Scotland in providing a role model for the new recruits. He’s an asset to Kings and a valued apprentice to the business.”

Tom Parker: VSG
Tom Parker received a national award for turning his fascination for technology into a blossoming career, having already worked on large-scale installations for high-profile clients including Macquarie Bank, London South Bank University and Lloyds of London.

Selected to work alongside one of VSG’s leading technical engineers, 19-year-old Tom has already achieved the minimum level required to pass his college course and is currently undertaking additional modules while spending his spare time practising work on a range of products.

Nathan Sefton: Chubb Fire & Security
Nathan won his award for demonstrating a sound knowledge and understanding of the industry, and for his methodical, level-headed approach to problem-solving.

Already a point of contact for other engineers, Nathan excelled on a large-scale project where his documentation for over 30 sites was error-free and met strict deadlines.

Nathan, who is only 21, was selected to travel to Denmark in 2013 as part of Skills for Security’s Leonardo Project.

Aaron Noble: Kings Security
Aaron was selected for a national award following his nomination by Kings Security’s managing director Anthony King.

With an ambition to become lead engineer by his mid-30s, Aaron (who’s just 21) has already demonstrated an excellent understanding of theory and practical work. He has gained experience of running complex jobs on site and continually out-performs other apprentices of his age.

Career in the security sector

James Kelly, CEO of the BSIA, commented: “We are all well aware that in today’s challenging job market many young people may feel that a long term career is out of their reach. As such, the BSIA and its members fully support the development of apprenticeships which offer positions to young people who wish to gain practical skills and knowledge in the security industry, in turn allowing them to ultimately develop long-term careers in the sector.”

James Kelly: CEO at the BSIA

James Kelly: CEO at the BSIA

Kelly continued: “It’s always a pleasure to be able to recognise the outstanding talent displayed by our young apprentices, and I would like to congratulate all four of today’s winners on their achievements. They have all exhibited exceptional qualities throughout their apprenticeships, and no doubt have very bright futures ahead of them within our industry.”

This year, the Apprentice Installer Awards havee once again sponsored by Pyronix, whose chairman and CEO Julie Kenny CBE DL explained: “As the cost of university education has increased dramatically in the last few years, there has never been a better time for the security sector to appeal to the younger generation who want to work, develop a career and earn money.”

Kenny continued: “As an industry, we need to highlight the opportunities available and target keen young applicants prepared to influence our sector. Brought up in the ‘permanently connected age’, these apprentices have the user experience to push and assist with the transformation of technologies in our industry that customers will be demanding. We at Pyronix are delighted to be sponsoring the Apprentice Installer Awards as we believe their input will be invaluable to help installers drive and control customer-focused technologies across the intruder market within the next few years.”

*The BSIA would like to thank Pyronix for its kind sponsorship of these awards.

**For more information about the BSIA visit: http://www.bsia.co.uk

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BSIA Security Personnel of the Year Awards: The 2014 National Winners

The hard work and achievements of 15 outstanding security professionals have been recognised in the national round of this year’s British Security Industry Association (BSIA) Security Personnel Awards, which were presented at the Association’s exclusive Annual Luncheon held at the London Hilton, Park Lane on Wednesday 16 July.

Her Rt Hon Baroness Smith of Basildon – Shadow Home Affairs Minister for Private Security – presented the prestigious awards which provide an exclusive platform to showcase the excellence and outstanding performances displayed by employees of BSIA member companies.

Currently in their 16th year, the BSIA’s Security Personnel Awards are presented in five key categories: Service to the Customer, Outstanding Act, Best Newcomer, Best Use of Technology and Best Team.

In 2014, the Judging Panel was chaired by Professor Martin Gill (director of PRCI) and included Brian Sims BA (Hons) Hon FSyI (Editor of Risk UK) and Bobby Logue, managing director at Interconnective.

“The BSIA is always keen to ensure that the efforts and talents of personnel who make invaluable contributions towards maintaining high standards in our industry are not overlooked,” commented James Kelly, CEO of the BSIA. “The awards give us the opportunity to recognise and reward individuals and teams that continue to exceed our expectations year upon year.”

James Kelly: CEO at the BSIA

James Kelly: CEO at the BSIA

Kelly continued: “This year in particular we received a large amount of exceptional nominations, making the appointment of this year’s winners even more difficult than usual. Our 15 winners encompass the value of the security industry, demonstrating intelligent and innovative uses of technology and teamwork, unrivalled customer service and commendable acts of bravery. We’re extremely proud to have them working within our industry.”

The awards would not be possible without the support of Camberford Law plc, specialist insurance brokers to the BSIA and the private security industry, who have sponsored them since their inception.

David Ottewill, the managing director at Camberford Law plc, explained the value of the BSIA’s Security Personnel of the Year Awards. “So often, good work goes unnoticed by the public and industry at large. We want to recognise the hard work and achievements of these high calibre professionals. We are very proud to be associated with the BSIA’s Awards and the talent displayed by the winners.”

BSIA Security Personnel of the Year Awards: The 2014 National Winners

Service to the Customer

Roger Vanhinsbergh: City Security Services
Roger is employed by security company City Security Services, and has worked on a contract for one of the company’s clients – Horsefair Shopping Centre – for over seven years. He was nominated for the award by his managers for being the ‘lynchpin’ of security operations at the shopping centre.

Since starting on the contract at Horsefair, Roger has consistently continued to exceed the high standards that are required of him. Through his hard work, commitment and willingness to ‘go the extra mile’, Roger has gained the respect and gratitude of the Horsefair Shopping Centre’s customers and its management team.

Leonard Brownsword: Corps Security
Leonard has worked in the security sector for over 12 years and has been a senior site supervisor with Corps Security for over a year. He has been nominated for the award by his managers for being an extremely hard working individual who has very good rapport with the staff, regular visitors and contractors on site.

Leonard works for Corps Security’s client Joint Service Adventure Sail Training Centre and has been looking after its site for a number of years. As site security supervisor, Leonard regularly provides a service ‘above and beyond’ his remit that ensures the security of all staff, visitors and assets. He’s always helpful, courteous and enthusiastic and described as someone who delivers results.

Kim McCarron: UniTrust Protection Services (UK)
Kim currently works for security company UniTrust Protection Services (UK) after having worked with BNP Paribas Securities Services for nearly seven years. Kim was nominated for the award by her managers in recognition of her professional attitude and commitment to her role.

Demonstrating a proactive approach to the job, Kim effectively deals with a wide range of staff and visitors on a daily basis. She caters for all their individual needs and understands the requirement for balancing effective security policies and procedures with bespoke customer care and service. This has been supported on a number of occasions by positive customer feedback.

Outstanding Act

Gary Douglas and Ajaz Ahmed: Securitas Security Services
Gary and Ajaz work for Securitas Security Services. For several years, they’ve operated in tandem on a contract with WYCA (the West Yorkshire Combined Authority).

They were nominated for the award by their managers for their quick thinking and immediate reaction to a sexual assault at a bus station where they were on duty.

Gary Douglas and Ajaz Ahmed from Securitas Security Services

Gary Douglas and Ajaz Ahmed from Securitas Security Services

Gary and Ajaz showcased their excellent vigilance when witnessing a male following a female into the women’s toilets. Responding immediately, they followed the gentleman into the toilets where, on their arrival, the male fled the scene. It was apparent that the female in question had been sexually assaulted by the male.

Both Gary and Ajaz escorted the woman to the Security Office where they proceeded to contact the police.

A week later, Ajaz was on duty when he recognised the male in question had returned to the bus station. He discreetly monitored the male while contacting the police, who subsequently arrived and arrested the man.

Robert Smith: VSG
Robert works for security company VSG and has been a key member of the security team at The Mall in Maidstone for just over a decade. He was nominated for the award by his managers following an incident in which a 15-month old girl was taken seriously ill at the site.

A mother and her infant daughter were shopping at The Mall when her daughter had a fit and stopped breathing. Without any hesitation, Robert acted fast to clear her airways and help lower her temperature before handing her over to the ambulance services.

Robert’s quick thinking led to the saving of the baby’s life.

Best Newcomer

Dean Baverstock: The Westgrove Group
A security supervisor for The Westgrove Group, Dean Baverstock has been working on a selection of the Group’s Midlands portfolio contracts for over a year. He was nominated for the award by his managers because of unrivalled passion for his work and a “hunger to succeed”.

Dean began his career with The Westgrove Group as a relief cleaner but quickly progressed to security officer level and then to security supervisor in little over a year. He liaises confidently with clients at all levels and is mentoring and passing on knowledge to other new recruits.

Dean has achieved a great deal of success in a short space of time and is currently working his through the Westgrove Group’s staff development programme.

Karl Smith: VSG
An employee of VSG, Karl has been working on a contract for one of the company’s clients – The Kingdom Shopping Centre – for just under a year. He was nominated for the award by his managers because of his commitment to the role and the fact that Karl is a “valuable asset” to his team.

Having just begun his career in security with very little knowledge of the industry, Karl has shown that he’s prepared to learn his role quickly and shows commitment to The Kingdom Shopping Centre Team by providing support to the site when additional manpower is required.

Emilija Zemaitaityte: VSG
Emilija has been working with VSG’s London-based client Credit Suisse for just over 18 months and was nominated for the award by her managers because she has not only established herself in a core security position, but has also risen quickly through the ranks to become acting Control Centre operator.

VSG's Emilija Zemaitaityte accepts her Best Newcomer Award from the Baroness

VSG’s Emilija Zemaitaityte accepts her Best Newcomer Award from the Baroness

Having just started her career in the security industry, there is evidence to show that Emilija will dedicate her career to security for the long term. She is always keen to develop her security knowledge, and her enthusiasm and dedication to the company shows in her commitment to her role.

Best Use of Technology

Garry MacLean: Securitas Security Services
Garry has worked with Securitas client Scottish Power for over five years now, and was nominated for the award by his managers for the initiative he shows and his dedication to his role.

Securitas' Garry MacLean receives his national award in the Best Use of Technology category

Securitas’ Garry MacLean receives his national award in the Best Use of Technology category

As a controller in the Scottish Power Security Control Room, Garry is responsible for monitoring the images from over 700 CCTV cameras and seven alarm systems covering 42 sites.

Throughout his time in the Control Room, Garry has been instrumental in pushing forward the quality of service delivery provided to Scottish Power. He is seen as the key trainer within the Control Room and will dedicate his own time to training up members of staff and ensure they have all the prerequisite skills to carry out the demanding roles they’re required to undertake.

Joe Palmer: VSG
Joe Palmer won the award for Best Use of Technology in the Midlands heat of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) Regional Security Personnel Awards.

In 2013, Joe was appointed to lead a Crime Line and Data Analysis Team tasked with establishing a solution capable of gathering data reported by telephone and e-mail (and with the ultimate goal of using this to pro-actively tackle organised crime).

Joe Palmer of VSG receives his award from Baroness Smith of Basildon

Joe Palmer of VSG receives his award from Baroness Smith of Basildon

Joe has displayed “an unwavering desire” to always be one step ahead of the complex fraudster within a constantly challenging retail security environment.

Best Team

Commando Training Centre Team: Corps Security
Members of the Commando Training Centre Team work for Corps security and are currently contracted to provide security services for client The Commando Training Centre Royal Marines. This is a 27-strong team of individuals who continue to deliver an exceptional service to the client.

The Training Centre is a complex and extremely busy site that has a diverse range of tenants, workers and visitors, all of whom produce their own particular security challenges.

A representative from the Commando Training Centre Team at Corps Security proudly receives the Best Team trophy

A representative from the Commando Training Centre Team at Corps Security proudly receives the Best Team trophy

The team from Corps Security is able to multi-task and deal with all of these challenges in a professional manner, as well as securing the area during high profile events.

IKEA Milton Keynes Team: VSG
The IKEA Milton Keynes Team is a group of seven strong and determined security officers described as “an outstanding group of individuals” who “excel at every part of their role”.

The team has an excellent relationship with the client which is supported by the plethora of compliments they receive on a weekly basis.

A representative from the IKEA Milton Keynes Team at VSG pictured with Baroness Smith

A representative from the IKEA Milton Keynes Team at VSG pictured with Baroness Smith

The team uses its collective retail security knowledge and experience to educate and support other IKEA Risk UK teams and IKEA co-workers. This naturally raised awareness within the IKEA Milton Keynes store and also brought a real sense of ownership and understanding to the store. Recently, the Milton Keynes site has been identified as a store of excellence in the UK, and the VSG team has played an important role in the store achieving this title

National Distribution Centre Team at Magna Park: VSG
Members of the team have been excelling on this contract for the Midlands-based client across a number of years.

The eight-strong team represents a committed group of individuals who continue to exceed the standards required of them.

The team has been through a number of changes since beginning to operate on site but the individual members continue to support each other in various different ways, whether that be in relation to shift cover or dealing with difficult issues and/or situations.

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Axis Communications’ outdoor-ready 360° panoramic camera available through Norbain

Axis Communications has launched the “compact and competitively priced” Axis M3027-PVE: a 5 Megapixel fixed dome camera that offers a 360° or 180° overview of wide areas.

The IK10 vandal-resistant, day/night network camera is designed for indoor as well as outdoor use and is ideal for installations inside or outside hotels, shops, restaurants and offices.

The Axis M3027-PVE, which represents the latest addition to the line-up of outdoor-ready Axis M30-VE cameras, can be mounted on multiple surfaces including ceilings, soffits and under porches for a 360° overview and on walls for a 180° view. The camera provides de-warped views such as panorama, double panorama and quad views, as well as view area modes whereby end users can digitally pan, tilt and zoom in on particular areas of interest.

The Axis M3027-PVE: available through distributor Norbain

The Axis M3027-PVE: available through distributor Norbain

Multiple streams in H.264 and Motion JPEG may be sent simultaneously while the camera also offers I/O ports for connection to external devices.

All cameras in the Axis M30 Series come focused at delivery, in turn reducing installation times. They support Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af), eliminating the need for power cables and reducing installation costs.

The Axis M3027-PVE offers considerable support for the installation of intelligent video applications through the Axis Camera Application Platform. Furthermore, the camera’s built-in micro SDHC card slot enables several days of recording to be stored locally on a memory card.

Using local storage together with the complimentary Axis Camera Companion video management software provides end users with an easy solution to remotely view and manage video from up to 16 cameras per site.

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