Norbain offers Arecont Vision MegaBall® 2 cameras with Panomorph Lens

Norbain is offering customers the new Arecont Vision MegaBall® 2 Series of cameras. Models provide wide area coverage with significant cost-efficiencies.

The MegaBall® 2 comes with an ImmerVision Panomorph lens that can capture 180° and 360° fields of view with de-warping, providing up to four times more angular resolution in peripheral areas of a scene than conventional ‘fish eye’ lenses.

Key features of the MegaBall® 2 include:

• Day/night operation
• H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10)/MJPEG dual encoders
• Privacy masking
• Extended motion detection with 1,024 distinct motion detection zones
• Flexible cropping to adjust image sizes
• The ability to choose PoE or external power

The new Arecont Vision MegaBall® 2 cameras

The new Arecont Vision MegaBall® 2 cameras

Installation of the MegaBall® 2 Series has been made simpler with integrated cable management and a three-axis adjustment. The cameras are available in wall, surface and flush mount configurations and are supplied in light grey or black tamper-resistant housings.

Raul Calderon, senior vice-president of Arecont Vision, commented: “Our new MegaBall® 2 Panomorph megapixel cameras deliver the ideal balance of performance and cost-efficiency for a wide variety of applications that do not require the precision of our high-performance SurroundVideo panoramic megapixel cameras.”

Calderon added: “Unlike conventional fish eye cameras, MegaBall® 2 Panomorph cameras provide images with clarity in peripheral areas which, in effect, increases their area coverage.”

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