IDIS NVR leads the pack in Benchmark Magazine review

Risk UK’s sister publication Benchmark Magazine – the UK-based journal dedicated to “driving innovation in the security industry” – has completed an independent test of the IDIS DR6116P Network Video Recorder (NVR). The magazine awarded the IDIS NVR a rating of 85, featuring the results of the product test in its July 2014 issue where IDIS received the highest rating of all NVRs featured in the magazine’s round-up.

In its review, Benchmark Magazine lists the DR6116P NVR as a “recommended” product, noting the robust features and functionality of the IDIS NVR. The magazine describes products given a “recommended status” as those that have “no obvious flaws or performance issues, do not lack credibility and have been designed for simple installation and operation.”

With regard to the IDIS DR6116P, the magazine specifically mentions the integrated provision of the IDIS Center software package – “to deliver remote connectivity and system control” – and speaks to the NVR’s place as part of IDIS’ one-stop-shop DirectIP total solution.

It notes that ONVIF devices may be used with the DVR and that IDIS offers a “true plug-and-play” and simple to configure networked surveillance solution.

Commitment to innovative R&D

Brian Song, managing director of IDIS Europe, commented: “It’s always an honour to have IDIS quality recognised by credible industry experts such as those at Benchmark Magazine. It’s especially gratifying to learn the IDIS DR6116P NVR received the highest rating of all those solutions reviewed.”

Song continued: “The DR6116P and all of our NVR offerings reflect IDIS’s commitment to innovative research and development and industry-leading product quality. Our NVRs deliver on that commitment as an essential part of our DirectIP total solution—one that offers customers everything required to build a cost-effective, powerful and simple to install networked surveillance solution.”

Benchmark Magazine is a monthly, UK-based print and online publication with a global readership dedicated to the delivery of “essential information for those involved in the specification and purchase of advanced security solutions.” Through unbiased evaluations of security solutions, Benchmark seeks to provide vital information to the marketplace by way of independent testing, system and technology assessments, field-based analysis, educational articles and informed debate.

The magazine is offered in free electronic versions, and is also available for print subscription. Visit: for further details.

Benchmark Innovation Awards

Benchmark Magazine previously recommended the IDIS DirectIP™ platform, and honoured DirectIP™ as a finalist in the 2014 Benchmark Innovation Awards.

IDIS offers DirectIP as an end-to-end solution comprising a range of cameras, monitors, NVRs and comprehensive video management software.

DirectIP delivers “unrivalled plug-and-play simplicity combined with high quality performance and industry-leading affordability”.

For more information on IDIS NVRs and DirectIP visit:

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