Raytec network illuminators expanded to include PoE capability

Raytec’s range of VARIO network illuminators has now been extended to include PoE capability with four new model sizes in both infrared and White Light.

PoE capability allows for a much quicker and more cost-effective lighting installation. VARIO IP PoE illuminators can be easily integrated onto an existing network infrastructure, with no local mains connections or special electrical labour required.

Operated via integrated web interface or VMS, VARIO IP PoE allows for quick and easy remote set-up, commissioning, operation and maintenance of an end user’s security lighting scheme from anywhere on the network on a 24/7 basis.

End users have full control over their lighting at all times to respond to live events in real-time, triggering lighting to deter crime or altering light settings in response to operational changes for the best CCTV images and safety at all times.

The VARIO IP PoE Family from Raytech

The VARIO IP PoE Family from Raytech

An API is available for seamless VMS integration, allowing quick and easy operation of security/CCTV lighting within an overall security system.

A new HTTP API will soon be available to allow for IP lighting via simple HTTP commands.

VARIO IP PoE can be controlled individually or in groups and triggered on demand via a variety of other network devices (eg cameras/detectors) and scheduled using a timer for activation only when needed in order to reduce electrical consumption even further.

The VARIO family of illuminators boasts a number of ‘industry firsts’ including VARIO IP PoE – the first-ever CCTV illuminator to integrate into a VMS. The series is now further strengthened with the addition of new specialist solutions such as VARIO Hybrid, VARIO Lighthouse Kit and VARIO D-Zoom.

For more information on VARIO IP PoE and the VARIO family of illuminators visit: http://www.rayteccctv.com

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