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G4S Technology and Entertech Systems to provide UK enterprise-level integrated biometric security solutions

Entertech Systems and G4S Technology have announced a technology partnership that combines the former’s identity management and Suprema biometrics with G4S’ security solutions, in turn providing a robust security offering to UK end user customers.

“This new partner relationship fits perfectly with our own focus on excellence in technology and customer service,” said David Ella, vice-president of technology and marketing at G4S Technology. “With UK-based support from Entertech Systems, our installers and customers can easily tap into the benefits of sophisticated Suprema biometrics.”

The integration of Suprema biometric devices and the Entertech Systems BioConnect application with Symmetry provides more efficient, user-friendly access control for G4S customers. Instead of having to manage badge records in two different systems (one for the access control panel and another for the biometric templates), BioConnect seamlessly syncs end users between the two systems. Using a simple enrolment window, they can search for a user/badge and add biometric templates.

Designed for organisations of any size and suitable for all applications, Symmetry delivers the latest technology in a proven, scalable, fully-integrated system which can be managed from one easy-to-use software application.

Symmetry features a wide range of advanced applications as standard including visitor management, badge production, interactive graphical maps and a comprehensive access control solution with anti-passback (plus all the other features that would be expected by large organisations).

Maximising efficiencies and reducing costs for end users

“Like us, G4S Technology understands the growing need to maximise efficiencies and reduce costs for customers through leading innovation and truly responsive customer service,” explained Rob Douglas, CEO of Entertech Systems. “We look forward to working with them to deliver next generation biometric access control to the UK market.”

Biometric Reader Biostation T2

Biometric Reader Biostation T2

The Suprema line of biometric devices, which includes fingerprint detection, card and PIN readers and Entertech Systems’ BioConnect application is now available through G4S Technology. Applicable Suprema biometric readers include BioStation T2, BioStation, BioEntry Plus, BioEntry W, BioLite Net and BioMini.

Entertech Systems is the official operating partner for Suprema Inc in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

G4S Technology provides fully integrated access control, video management, life safety, perimeter protection and alarm management systems. The company designs, develops, manufactures, installs and maintains systems protecting everything from small offices through to complex Government facilities and high security environments.

Symmetry is the advanced access control and video management system from G4S Technology that’s used by millions of customers around the world on a daily basis.

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Assa Abloy White Paper: ‘How Can Access Control Systems Improve Security and Reduce Costs?’

Assa Abloy Security Solutions has launched a downloadable White Paper to discuss how access control systems can be a convenient and cost-effective security solution for building owners and facilities managers at a time when capex budget is often being restricted.

The White Paper (entitled: ‘How Can Access Control Systems Improve Security and Reduce Costs?’) discusses the challenging and complex issues that arise from this question.

Nojmol Islam – product manager at Assa Abloy Security Solutions and author of the White Paper – explained: “The plethora of access control systems available, be they standalone, wireless or fully integrated, can seem like both a help and a hindrance to time-constrained facilities managers and security professionals. For many buildings, it’s necessary to strike a balance between creating a welcoming environment and a secure environment – all the while factoring in budgeting restrictions.”

Assa Abloy's latest White Paper

Assa Abloy’s latest White Paper

He continued: “At Assa Abloy Security Solutions, we have extensive experience of helping business owners find an adequate balance between security, risk and cost when employing access control systems and have shared our knowledge in this latest White Paper.”

Assa Abloy Security Solutions wishes to stimulate debate and encourages views and contributions on the content of this latest White Paper.

Download your copy at:

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IndigoVision celebrates security triumph at third consecutive World Cup

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil has, of course, drawn to a close. Germany isn’t the only team that can look back on a successful tournament. Following on from successful security installations for the 2006 World Cup in Germany and the 2010 event in South Africa, IndigoVision’s IP video surveillance solution was deployed in South America to allow staff from the Local Organising Committee (LOC) in Rio de Janeiro to monitor all 12 FIFA World Cup Stadiums from a dedicated Control Room.

International events of this scale present a massive challenge in terms of homeland security. Not only do such events attract fans from around the globe, but they also attract criminals, increase traffic and become potential targets for would-be terrorists.

IndigoVision’s solution was deployed in the regional Control Rooms located in each of the 12 host cities as well as two master Control Rooms developed by the Brazilian Ministry of Justice’s Special Law Enforcement Secretary specifically to support major events. This meant that every single security camera used for Brazil 2014 could potentially be monitored from any Control Room in any city.

The world famous Maracana Stadium in Brazil

The world famous Maracana Stadium in Brazil

Few security systems can deal with challenges like these, but IndigoVision has extensive experience in this field having provided solutions for five Olympic Games.

Integration of existing security systems

“Integrating the various stadiums’ existing systems was a major requirement,” stated Lopez Martin, IndigoVision’s regional director for Latin America. “Often, stadiums have their own security systems including security cameras, intrusion detection solutions, fire alarm systems and perimeter detection. To simply replace them all would be impractical and expensive. The open nature of IndigoVision’s solution means it’s easy to integrate and manage these systems in a single security set-up, making operator response faster, reducing installation times and lowering overall project cost.”

Martin added: “However, the greatest benefits of IndigoVision’s solution may be yet to come, as the highly scalable nature of this solution will allow it to grow and adapt as the end users’ needs change following the World Cup’s conclusion.”

“Regeneration is an important issue for any major event such as the World Cup,” explained IndigoVision’s CEO Marcus Kneen. “The great thing about our solution is that it’s so easy to scale and reconfigure as the use of the facilities changes. For example, after the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Stuttgart expanded the solution used for the tournament to monitor all transport routes within a 30 km radius of the stadium. It’s really rewarding to think that the people of Brazil will still be able to benefit from IndigoVision’s solution long after the World Cup has ended.”

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IDIS completes successful integration of DirectIP and SureView’s Immix CS/CC

IDIS has announced the completion of integration between its total surveillance offering – DirectIP – and Immix, which correlates and manages unlimited video and other security systems alarms into a single unified platform.

IDIS customers can now harness the power and high-performance DirectIP surveillance through their partner Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs), central stations or in-house command centres. The integration also enables essential DirectIP video surveillance features from the Immix platform, including live view with multi-layout, playback, two-way audio with remote alarm notification and instant video verification.

IDIS Direct IP

IDIS Direct IP

Brian Song, managing director at IDIS Europe, commented: “We’re committed to ensuring DirectIP customers realise industry-leading performance together with a low cost of ownership. The integration with Immix achieves this by allowing for a more cost-effective and streamlined approach to managing and monitoring multiple security alarms through one user interface. In addition, with the Immix platform deploying across an increasing number of ARCs and Remote Monitoring Centres, customers can now migrate to DirectIP surveillance and benefit from industry-leading HD quality video in the Control Room.”

Chris Eckersley, sales director at SureView, added: “The integration with DirectIP demonstrates our commitment to offering our customers the most innovative and powerful technologies in the market. DirectIP provides industry-leading full-HD performance, delivering tangible benefits to a wide range of businesses.”

SureView’s Immix CS/CC video centric alarm monitoring platform

SureView’s Immix CS/CC video centric alarm monitoring platform

IDIS offers DirectIP as an end-to-end solution, comprising a range of cameras, monitors, NVRs and comprehensive video management software. DirectIP delivers “unrivalled” plug-and-play simplicity combined with the highest quality performance and industry-leading pricing levels.

For more information on IDIS DirectIP visit:

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Dahua provides open access to HDCVI technology for HDcctv AT 2.0 implementers

ZheJiang Dahua Technology Co has opened its patented HDCVI technology – the basis for the HDcctv AT 2.0 standard – to the global video surveillance sector through an HDcctv Alliance Member Intellectual Property Agreement.

First introduced in late 2012, HDCVI technology transmits HDTV signals over any legacy CCTV cabling infrastructure. The HDcctv Alliance ratified HDcctv AT 2.0 in February 2014. HDcctv AT 2.0 compliance ensures 100% plug-and-play remote control of any camera from any compliant DVR, no matter the manufacturer.

“Dahua developed HDCVI technology to help our growing customer base enjoy more of the benefits of HD IP surveillance,” said Zhu Jiangming, Dahua’s executive vice-president and the principal inventor of the seminal HDCVI patents. “We recognise that customers want their equipment to be 100% multi-vendor plug-and-play, rather than using single-source, proprietary solutions that may not work together. On that basis, Dahua’s strategy is aimed at maximising the return on investment in HDCVI and, in doing so, making the technology readily available to other manufacturers – even our direct competitors.”

Zhu Jiangming: Dahua's executive vice-president and the principal inventor of the seminal HDCVI patents

Zhu Jiangming: Dahua’s executive vice-president and the principal inventor of the seminal HDCVI patents

Jianming continued: “For these reasons, Dahua has decided to issue licenses under RAND (reasonable and non-discriminatory) terms to other reciprocating Steering and Manufacturing Members of the HDcctv Alliance. Dahua’s policy is as follows. Semiconductor manufacturers implementing the HDcctv AT 2.0 standard independently are asked to pay a license fee on a RAND basis, while HDCVI licenses for implementing the HDcctv AT 2.0 standard are open free of charge to authorised equipment makers as per the HDcctv Alliance Members IP Agreement of which Dahua is a signatory. We look forward to collaborating with our partners in the HDcctv Alliance and further accelerating the global migration to HD IP surveillance.”

Complete compliance certification regime

Todd Rockoff, executive director of the HDcctv Alliance, commented: “HDCVI has a multi-year head start over all other analogue HD video surveillance solutions. It’s the only solution available as a global standard with a complete compliance certification regime. While other semiconductor manufacturers are racing to catch up to the analogue HD surveillance transmission market opened by HDCVI, each of these other solutions is proprietary to just one manufacturer.”

Rockoff continued: “Never before has a sole-source, proprietary transmission solution gained prevalence in the surveillance industry. Out-of-the-box plug-and-play remote control over legacy CCTV infrastructure is a compelling convenience for the installers and operators of HD surveillance systems. Therefore, HDcctv AT 2.0 and its successors, all based on HDCVI, appear to be the most likely to succeed among the various analogue transmission solutions in development.”

The HDcctv Alliance ratified HDcctv AT 2.0 in February 2014

The HDcctv Alliance ratified HDcctv AT 2.0 in February 2014

“There’s no doubt that the security market is moving quickly towards HD surveillance,” said Dr Jon Hwang, CEO of the Eyenix Corporation. “As an Image Signal Processor (ISP) vendor, Eyenix will implement whatever local site transport technologies our customers need. To manage our design cost for any given technology, it’s important we have a global standard that eliminates uncertainty.”

“We support the global standard for HD surveillance local site transport,” said Young-Jun Yoo, Nextchip’s strategic marketing director. “In the long term, Nextchip recognises the importance of all vendors supporting a single global standard.”

Focus on Security China 2014

At Security China 2014, the HDcctv Alliance will be exhibiting in the International Hall on Stand E1Y31, where visitors are encouraged to meet Alliance members, see the latest HDcctv technology in operation and discover more about the benefits of HDcctv 2.0.

The Alliance expects to be able to showcase the first certified HDcctv 2.0-compliant products at the show. To book a meeting at Security China or find out more about HDcctv 2.0 send an e-mail:

Security China 2014 takes place at the China International Exhibition Centre in Beijing between 28-31 October. Visit for more information and to register as a visitor

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Quality manager appointed for Eaton’s security business

Power management company Eaton’s security business has reaffirmed its commitment to manufacturing products and systems that offer industry-leading standards of reliability by appointing Steve Salter as its new quality manager.

Hailing from Kidderminster, Salter brings his extensive experience in the aerospace industry to the role. Prior to joining Eaton, he was employed by Pattonair (a leading aerospace supply chain service provider) as the company’s business process manager. Working closely with organisations such as Rolls-Royce and Boeing, Salter was responsible for ensuring world class performance by maintaining the highest quality standards.

Salter’s experience in the aviation sector also involved the development of flight actuation systems and solid propellant rocket motors as well as dealing with a wide range of service fulfilment challenges.

Although new to the security world, Salter believes that effective quality management is absolutely vital across all business sectors. “Since joining Eaton, I’ve been very impressed with the excellent reputation that the Menvier and Scantronic products have among installers and end users in the security sector,” explained Salter. “My challenge is to address any issues that have been raised by our customers and to maintain product consistency.”

Steve Salter: the new quality manager for Eaton's security business

Steve Salter: the new quality manager for Eaton’s security business

Outlining his determination to further enhance the reputation of the company, Salter added: “It’s my intention to ensure that we continue to develop the most reliable and robust products on the market. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to do this within such a forward-thinking organisation.”

Good data leads to good decisions

Salter firmly believes that “good data and good information leads to good decisions” and has already embarked on an extensive data collection exercise that will integrate efficient quality management across all aspects of the manufacturing process.

He’s now working closely with the R&D, product management and technical support teams at Eaton with a view to enhancing the manufacturing process, and also aims to maintain the effectiveness of the company’s environmental and Health and Safety management systems.

Welcoming Salter on board, Matthew Phelps – managing director of Eaton’s security business – stated: “I’m delighted that Steve has joined us at what is a very exciting time for the company as we integrate ourselves within the Eaton organisation. Steve’s meticulous approach to quality management will not only benefit us but also, and just as importantly, the installers and end users of our products. We’re determined to continually improve the already high standards of product reliability for which we’re renowned, and Steve will ensure that this scenario is maintained.”

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Body-worn video trials begin in four South London Boroughs

Police officers from four South London Boroughs have begun piloting new body-worn video cameras as part of an ongoing trial carried out by the Metropolitan Police Service.

The London Boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Croydon and Lewisham are among ten that have been chosen to pilot the new video technology in the capital. This is thought to be the largest trial in the world to date involving the use of such technology by any police force. A total of 500 cameras will be distributed.

The cameras have been arriving at the four London Boroughs over the past two weeks and are being rolled out to officers on two 999 response teams at each Borough over the coming days and weeks.

Body-worn video cameras are being trialled by the MPS across four South London Boroughs

Body-worn video cameras are being trialled by the MPS across four South London Boroughs

The pilot will see some response team officers wearing the cameras and recording footage that can then be used as evidence in police investigations. Officers taking part have been given training and guidance about when cameras are to be used. They will routinely collect evidence in incidents such as domestic abuse and public order, but also for potentially contentious interactions like Stop and Search.

The cameras will not be permanently switched on such that interactions with the public are not unnecessarily impeded, but members of the public will be informed as soon as it’s practicable to do so that they’re being recorded.

Evaluation of the trials by MOPAC and the College of Policing

The findings of the year-long pilot will be evaluated by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) and the College of Policing before any decision about a future roll-out is made. This will tell the Met if the positive findings of the earlier trials are replicated on a large scale and provide valuable lessons on the best ways in which to take the technology forward.

South London area commander Simon Letchford said: “There are some fantastic opportunities through technology to help us improve our policing service to Londoners, and I see body-worn video at the forefront of this. Video can show an event in a light that would be almost impossible to get across by simply writing it down on paper.”

Letchford added: “We’re hoping the use of video will help us to increase confidence in the police service, allow us to secure better evidence and strengthen our fight against crime. We’re already seeing positive results where domestic abuse convictions have been secured thanks to video when it might not have been possible without that evidence being available.”

In conclusion, Letchford stated: “Our experience in using cameras shows that people are more likely to plead guilty if they know there’s video evidence, which will also help to speed up the criminal justice system.”

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Axis Security kicks off new contract at Sunderland AFC

Axis Security has been awarded the security guarding contract for Sunderland AFC, providing security support for the prestigious Stadium of Light as well as the club’s world class training facility the Academy of Light.

The contract was awarded following a competitive tender where Axis Security was able to demonstrate an ability to create a bespoke service to meet Sunderland AFC’s precise requirements.

Axis Security is managing a team of ten security officers securing the 49,000 all-seater stadium and its satellite training facility which is a state-of-the-art training base for the club’s professional players as well as their Academy counterparts aged from eight up to 18.

The security officers’ main responsibilities include control of the entrance and exits, CCTV monitoring, regular site patrols and responsibility for the fire alarm control panel and response. They also fulfil the reception duties at the stadium, meeting and greeting corporate visitors, managers and club staff. This means that excellent presentation and customer service is vital.

The Stadium of Light: home of Sunderland AFC

The Stadium of Light: home of Sunderland AFC

In addition to the full schedule of football fixtures, the Stadium of Light is also a popular venue for music concerts, live events and corporate entertainment.

For its part, the Academy of Light is a large purpose-built complex with 18 football pitches, treatment and medical facilities, a restaurant and classroom space for the youngsters. Players, coaching staff, administration staff, medical professionals and teachers use the facilities every day.

Established routines and procedures

“Safety and security is key to the smooth running of the sites,” said Paul Weir, security manager for Sunderland AFC. “We have established routines and procedures to follow so if, for example, an alarm is activated or something is spotted on the CCTV, the officers must respond before any situation escalates so their vigilance is very important.”

Weir continued: “The officers work to a high standard and have a supportive management. The relationship now feels like we are in partnership with a company that is committed to us. When it came to the tender process, Axis Security was the company that impressed us most. They also looked after our existing staff by transferring them across under TUPE Regulations without any issues.”

Commenting on the contract, Jonathan Levine (Axis Group’s CEO) explained that he’s pleased to be working with such a prestigious name. “We’re delighted to be building trust and extending our employee benefits package to the dedicated team of officers working on site,” said Levine. “Both sites are busy and challenging environments where security and safety are of the utmost importance. Paul and his team can trust us to deliver a service that’s genuinely Best in Class.”

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UKAS accredits Certification International for latest information security management standard

Certification International – a leader in the assessment and certification of international, national and industry standards – has received accreditation from UKAS for the revised ISO 27001:2013 standard.

ISO 27001:2013 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an information security management system (ISMS).

There are now more than 17,000 registrations worldwide and revisions to the standard have taken into account the practical experience of organisations using it. The changes were influenced by the ISO requirement that all new and revised management system standards must conform to the high level structure and identical core text defined in Annex SL to Part 1 of the ISO/IEC Directives and a decision to align the standard with the principles of ISO 31000 (risk management).

Revisions to the standard have placed greater emphasis on setting objectives, monitoring performance and metrics and a requirement for management commitment requirements to focus on leadership.

An important standard for all companies

Speaking about this latest development, Certification International’s managing director John Pymer said: “Receiving accreditation for the latest information security management system ensures we provide clients with a high quality service. Assessing companies to the latest standards not only benefits our clients but also plays a key role in our business strategy. By placing Certification International as a leader in the certification industry it will help us grow, not only in the UK but on a global scale.”

ISO 27001:2013 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an information security management system

ISO 27001:2013 specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an information security management system

Pymer added: “ISO 27001:2013 is an important standard for all companies, whatever their size or sector. It’s vital for companies to underline their responsible practices through the achievement of such a well-recognised standard. Certification International’s experience means we can partner with companies looking to implement operations which allow them to integrate the latest information security management systems into their business.”

Certification International will be working closely with all clients to ensure they’re assessed against the new requirements at their next scheduled visit to achieve transition by the deadline of 1 October 2015.

Certification International’s UK business manager Emma Fawcett-Jones commented: “Clients who are already certified to ISO 27001:2005 will have to transition to the new standard before July 2015. There are two ways to achieve this. The first is to prepare themselves and make sure they’re ready for the transition review at the next surveillance or reassessment audit that’s due in their schedule before the transition date. Clients who choose this option will have to complete a transition review checklist and provide it before the audit date for the auditor to review. The second option is to undergo a separate transition review audit.”

Fawcett-Jones also stated: “In order to help clients through the transition we’ve published guidance and a checklist to send to all of our clients who have achieved the outgoing standard so that they have sufficient time to prepare themselves for the change.”

UKAS accredited bodies are assessed against internationally recognised standards to demonstrate their competence, impartiality and performance capability.

Part of the SOCOTEC Group, Certification International is a global organisation offering assessment, analysis and certification to a variety of clients across a range of standards.

For more information visit:

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London’s calling for Assa Abloy’s security doors

Assa Abloy Security Doors has designed, manufactured and installed a range of high performance security doors for multiple specification projects across London.

From the installation of innovative fire doorsets in the Shard through to supplying London Underground’s Bond Street Station with its specialist steel doorsets, the company has proven its ability to specify high profile projects.

Working with some of the most respected contractors in the industry, Assa Abloy Security Doors has used its value added service and consultancy skills across range of specification projects.

London's iconic Canary Wharf skyline

London’s iconic Canary Wharf skyline

The company has supported the design intent of buildings such as Buckingham Gate, which was part of the regeneration of Victoria, Canary Wharf and Quadrant 3 (one of London’s most ambitious West End redevelopments to date).

Brian Sofley, managing director at Assa Abloy Security Doors, commented: “We’re proud to have secured a vast number of projects that are very much part of progressive and exciting developments in the capital. Many of the buildings we have supplied are set to become iconic features of London’s skyline, and we hope to continue to provide sustainable, robust and effective door solutions across the country.”

For further information visit:

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