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Wicklander-Zulawski expands European presence in partnership with The Cardinal Group

Wicklander-Zulawski (WZ), the US-based consulting and training company, has announced Chris Norris CFI as its director of webinar training and WZ Europe and international training.

Norris is moving to the UK on a year’s secondment to raise the profile of the brand’s unique investigative interview techniques across Europe.

With the company for almost 15 years, Norris will now be responsible for building the profile of WZ-EU training available to UK and European businesses while also identifying training professionals to help deliver WZ courses.

Speaking about his secondment to the UK, Norris said: “I’ve been fortunate to provide training to almost 800 delegates across the UK and Europe. As we see more US companies trading in the UK, so there has been a greater demand for our recognised form of interview training. We know that the loss prevention industry, for example, is recognising a need for such training to help address internal issues as well as mitigating their liabilities.”

Non-confrontational interviewing techniques

Using a structured approach to interviews, the WZ method of non-confrontational interviewing is proven to be an ideal programme for organisations wishing to adopt a non-confrontational method of resolving cases and helping to determine when an individual is being truthful.

Training courses are suitable for both private and public sector organisations, with introductory and advanced courses available for loss prevention and Human Resources (HR) professionals, security investigators, auditors and operations managers.

Norris continued: “By moving to the UK, I can help raise awareness of the benefits of our training services to UK and European businesses and respond to the growing demand for the non-confrontational interview techniques we offer. A big part of our success in Europe so far has been thanks to the support provided by The Cardinal Group, our exclusive European partners in the UK. We’re delighted to continue working with them and look forward to this new challenge.”

Jason Trigg: CEO at The Cardinal Group

Jason Trigg: CEO at The Cardinal Group

Jason Trigg, CEO of The Cardinal Group, added: “We’re proud of our exclusive European partnership with Wicklander-Zulawski to expand this proven and well-respected training method across the European market. Chris brings such a wealth of experience in the loss prevention and investigative fields that will prove invaluable to UK and European businesses looking to improve how investigations are conducted on an internal basis. We look forward to welcoming Chris to the UK this month.”

Since joining WZ in 2000, Norris has presented at several national US meetings including the National Retail Federation (NRF) and is a regular guest instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centre.

He has trained thousands of HR, audit, loss prevention, security and law enforcement professionals in the art of non-confrontational interviewing, and has conducted numerous investigations for both private companies and public agencies.

Norris has also provided interview training in North America and internationally, including seminars simultaneously translated into French, Spanish, German and Polish.

Norris will be based at The Cardinal Group’s Head Office in Great Chesterford, Essex.

For more information on available Wicklander-Zulawski training courses call 0845 6801796 or visit: http://www.thecardinalgroup.co.uk/brands/cardinal-academy/academy-courses/wicklander-zulawski/

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