Secure Logiq’s state-of-the-art HD surveillance servers take centre stage at IFSEC International 2014

For the first time, Secure Logiq – the developer of state-of-the-art high definition (HD) surveillance servers – will bring its unique technology to IFSEC International 2014, which takes place from 17-19 June at ExCeL, London.

As well as showcasing its latest ranges of servers, workstations, client machines and unique support software, the company will also launch a new crowd-funding based initiative.

Formed in 2011 by managing director Hamish Johnson and technical director Aleksander Uzunov, Croydon-based Secure Logiq meets the requirement for dedicated high specification servers that are purpose-built for use with HD surveillance systems.

Up until now, installers and end users have tended to use traditional IT servers that simply do not offer the level of processing, storage and throughput required by these ever more sophisticated systems.

Secure Logiq’s offering is based on four core principles – to provide the fastest performance, the biggest storage, the most resilience and the best value.

Visitors to Stand D410 at IFSEC International will see first hand how this is achieved, and why the company’s products maximise the potential of HD CCTV by processing up to three times as many cameras as some of the most commonly used servers.

Off-the-shelf server solutions for end users

Taking centre stage will be 12 off-the-shelf server solutions, including a top-end server configuration that is 4U high and can continuously record an amazing 1,000 HD CCTV cameras (1080p) at full frame rate and store the images for 30 days.

The product range also comprises 1U, 2U and 3U servers using the highest specification components and optimising them for HD video, enabling the recording of more channels at a faster rate and the ability to store information for longer than comparable equipment.

The 1U server boasts up to 12TB of storage and over 500 Mb/s processing power – something previously unheard of within a standard 1U product

The 1U server boasts up to 12TB of storage and over 500 Mb/s processing power – something previously unheard of within a standard 1U product

The servers’ compact size and ability to do ‘more with less’ makes them more energy efficient by using less electricity and generating less heat. To illustrate the point, the entry level product – the 1U server – boasts up to 12 TB of storage and over 500 Mb/s processing power – something previously unheard of within a standard 1U product.

Also, recognising the mission critical nature of today’s surveillance systems, all of Secure Logiq’s servers ensure maximum uptime through dual redundant ‘hot swap’ power supplies and RAID 5 plus hot-spare functionality giving an additional layer of resilience over other industry available server technology.

Health Check Utility and Camera Replicator

Also on show at London’s ExCeL from 17-19 June will be two new pieces of software. The first – Health Check Utility – monitors elements of every Secure Logiq device in a system, including processing temperature, power consumption and supply, disks and any cameras/associated Video Management Software.

The second new software innovation is the Camera Replicator: a tool that allows the virtual design, configuration and test of a system that comprises any number of third party cameras and equipment.

Designed to provide a real time overview of a Secure Logiq server’s ability to accommodate any specific requirement, the company’s stand will feature a live working demonstration of a 4000Mb/s camera system through a single server – a world first.

Not just a server manufacturer, Secure Logiq’s powerful multi-monitor HD client machines that can power eight 4K video displays will also be on display, as will its enterprise HD workstation range (which combines full server and client hardware in a single 1U unit).

Crowd-funding initiative launches at IFSEC International

Having concentrated on its R&D activities over the last three years, Secure Logiq officially relaunched in February 2014 in order to take its products to market.

The company has generated £850,000 worth of sales over the last 12 months and, in order to expand its production and sales and marketing operations, will officially launch a crowd-funding initiative at IFSEC International 2014.

With the aim of raising £450,000 in mind, the scheme is designed to appeal to installers and end users alike, with those that invest benefiting from special ‘owner’ pricing on all future purchases.

Robin Hughes, Secure Logiq’s sales director, commented: “The only thing more data hungry than video is HD video and, given that 2014 will be the first year that IP surveillance deployments overtake those of traditional analogue equipment, Secure Logiq is the right company at the right time.”

Hughes added: “We’re confident there will be exponential demand for our UK-manufactured, ‘Best in Class’ specialist server technology, and we’re thoroughly looking forward to demonstrating to those attending IFSEC International 2014 how we can help them maximise the effectiveness of their IP-based surveillance systems.”


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