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Elmdene to illuminate IFSEC International 2014 with innovative EN54-23 compliant Fire Alarm Beacon

Electronic fire and security products developer Elmdene International (a subsidiary of Potter Electric Signal, LLC) is bringing to market an EN54-23:2010 compliant, ceiling-mounted Fire Alarm Beacon.

The indoor ‘Type A’ VAD (Visual Alarm Device), which will be on show at IFSEC International 2014 (ExCeL London, 17-19 June) – running alongside FIREX International – is built around low power consumption LED technology and, crucially, has already completed a rigorous testing process to secure a certificate of approval from the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board).

Looking in more detail at the standout features of the LPCB-approved beacon, it has an input power range of 18-30V DC (24V DC nominal) which is not only used to power the device but also to synchronise multiple devices, avoiding issues associated with epilepsy.

In addition, having the same coverage as a standard smoke detector (15 m) it offers the installer a simple design method by matching these devices within an area – vitally important in these early stages of implementation.

The new Fire Alarm Beacon (FBC100-3-15) provides coverage in line with EN54-23 to C-3-15, which means it’s a ceiling device with a maximum ceiling height of 3 m, providing a 15 m diameter cylindrical volume covered by the light radiated from the built-in strobe.

Elmdene's new Fire Alarm Beacon

Elmdene’s new Fire Alarm Beacon

The rationale for Elmdene adopting the C-3-15 configuration is, the company confirms, to ensure that the design of an EN54-23 compliant solution is as straightforward as possible.
For smaller areas or where current consumption may be limited there is added flexibility to switch the beacon to C-3-12 coverage if required (from 15 m to 12 m), in turn reducing the device’s current consumption by 10 mA.

Making life easier for specifiers and installers

“We’re delighted that our Fire Alarm Beacon has just achieved LPCB approval in line with EN54-23,” stated Ian Moore, managing director at Elmdene International. “In fact, during testing it actually surpassed our claimed C-3-15 coverage.”

Moore continued: “Basically, with the Fire Alarm Beacon we are keen to make life easier for specifiers and installers when it comes to deciding how many strobes they should fit to satisfy the minimum light coverage requirements of EN54-23. This cannot be done with ‘Open Class’ strobes as every manufacturer’s strobe coverage could be different. The reality is that this is still proving to be a challenge as the industry becomes acquainted with the standard. In my view, anything that can address this situation has to be welcomed.”

In addition to meeting the requirements of EN54-23:2010, the Fire Alarm Beacon is ROHS compliant, CE marked and comes complete with a three-year warranty.

*For more information on Elmdene’s Fire Alarm Beacon (Part Number FBC100-3-15), which is now available through the usual distribution channels, visit Stand F1165 at IFSEC International 2014

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IFSEC International 2014 Preview: ‘PowerSeries Neo delivers scalable intrusion products’

DSC – part of the Security Products Business Unit at Tyco – is redefining intrusion security with the introduction of PowerSeries Neo, a new scalable commercial and residential line of products which combines the flexibility of a modular, hardwired system with the simplicity of a wide range of compatible wireless devices.

This brand new and exceptionally flexible platform leverages the superior capabilities of PowerG (the industry’s leading-edge wireless intrusion technology), in turn “making it the most comprehensive hybrid intrusion system on the market.”

With solutions for a full spectrum of installations, the PowerSeries Neo system offers a fully customisable system with a range of control panels as well as PowerG-enabled, easy to install wireless devices.

DSC – part of the Security Products Business Unit at Tyco – is redefining intrusion security with the introduction of PowerSeries Neo

DSC – part of the Security Products Business Unit at Tyco – is redefining intrusion security with the introduction of PowerSeries Neo

At the core of the system are four control panels, ranging in capacity from 16 to 128 zones and two-to-eight partitions. Each panel starts with six or eight hardwired inputs, 2-4 hardwired outputs and PTSN communication onboard, with the capability for expansion, additional features and services.

PowerSeries Neo also offers a full range of optional cellular and/or IP communication methods in support of the industry’s transition away from traditional phone lines.

Seamless and reliable communication

Infused with industry-leading PowerG 2-way wireless communication, the system is able to hop between wireless frequency channels so that if one is jammed, it will move to a free frequency. This allows for seamless, reliable communication between the control panel and devices.

In addition, PowerSeries Neo allows for devices to continuously measure the communication quality and automatically sets transmission power to the minimum required for reliable communication with the panel, thereby saving energy and battery life.

Solid encryption technology offers an exceptionally high level of protection by guarding against digital attacks on the system.

The PowerSeries Neo platform is also primed to reduce the incremental costs of false alarms by employing innovative, regionally compliant alarm verification solutions such as visual verification, two-way audio and sequential detection while also offering additional RMR opportunities to dealers.

WebSA, a professional end user application that manages multiple systems, affords end users the ability to manage, monitor and control the functionality of their PowerSeries Neo security system through the use of user-friendly, intuitive interfaces accessed with real-time dashboards.

A robust and feature rich platform, PowerSeries Neo is designed to reduce operational costs for dealers and provide ultimate reliability for end users.

PowerSeries Neo offers a variety of control panels, a full suite of compatible PowerG- enabled wireless devices to include a PIR motion detector with integrated camera, repeaters and glass break sensors on top of a complete line of expansion modules, protecting the investment and ensuring growth in the future.

*Experience this revolutionary technology on the Tyco Security Products Stand D1100 at IFSEC International 2014, which runs at ExCeL London from 17-19 June

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Elpas introduces Lone Worker Emergency Call Transmitter at IFSEC International 2014

Elpas – part of the Security Products Business Unit at Tyco – will introduce the Lone Worker Emergency Call Transmitter as part of its Emergency Call Solution on Stand D1100 at IFSEC International 2014, which runs from 17-19 June at ExCeL, London.

The Lone Worker Emergency Call Transmitter ensures that personnel who may be subject to attack or injury when operating on their own can send alerts about their situation such that responders may be dispatched to the exact location of the evolving security incident.

The Lone Worker Emergency Call Transmitter from Elpas

The Lone Worker Emergency Call Transmitter from Elpas

Using Elpas’ Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology, the unit transmits real-time location data that identifies the name and location of the worker in need, which can then be used to manage emergency response efforts.

“In high-risk environments such as correctional institutions, petrochemical plants or other perilous environments, workers need to be able to transmit information on their location and situation as quickly and accurately as possible, even when under attack,” said David Fensterheim, vice-president of product management for Elpas. “The Lone Worker Emergency Call Transmitter is an integral part of our overall emergency call solution, providing precise, real-time data when it’s most needed.”

The transmitter is equipped with two emergency call buttons located on either side of the unit for manual, wireless duress alerting. Additionally, there is an onboard tilt switch and a pull cord for automatic alarm sending if a lone worker is knocked down, becomes unconscious or if the unit is taken from the victim by force.

The fully-weatherproofed call transmitter is designed to eliminate false alarms through the use of a dedicated front button that’s used to clear alerts.

For more information on the Elpas product line visit: http://www.elpas.com

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(ISC)² announces inaugural EMEA Security Congress: London, 8-10 December 2014

The Call for Presentations is now open for (ISC)² Security Congress EMEA 2014, an event designed to provide a unique international platform for information security professionals.

International information security professionals have a unique opportunity to meet, learn and get ahead of industry developments with the announcement of the inaugural (ISC)2 Security Congress EMEA.

Organised in partnership with the MIS Training Institute, the (ISC)² Security Congress EMEA 2014 is the first multi-day conference within the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region to be hosted by (ISC)², the largest not-for-profit membership body of certified information and software security professionals with over 100,000 members worldwide.

Submissions for presentations are now being accepted until 4 July for the 8-10 December 2014 event, which is to be held at The Bloomsbury Hotel in London.

“(ISC)² EMEA has delivered educational conferences across the region for nearly ten years,” explained John Colley CISSP, managing director for (ISC)² EMEA, “allowing us to develop a strong network of top-notch speakers that can offer real insight into the issues we are all facing.”

International information security professionals have a unique opportunity to meet, learn, and get ahead of industry developments with the announcement of the inaugural (ISC)2 Security Congress EMEA

International information security professionals have a unique opportunity to meet, learn, and get ahead of industry developments with the announcement of the inaugural (ISC)2 Security Congress EMEA

Colley continued: “What makes this initiative really interesting is the opportunity we have to showcase the wealth of experience within the membership. This event presents a unique opportunity for professionals at all levels to come together, share what theyre experiencing on the front lines and learn from each other. I anticipate strong, informative and really useful sessions across the five designated conference tracks.”

Strengthening Cyber Security Defenders

Set to the overall theme of Strengthening Cyber Security Defenders, the (ISC)² Security Congress EMEA 2014 is open to all interested industry professionals.

Building on the experiences of the US-based (ISC)² Security Congress, which is now in its fourth year, the (ISC)² Security Congress EMEA will offer a comprehensive seminar programme over five focused tracks, a pre-conference day of training workshops and special interest sessions along with a gala dinner.

Keynotes and plenaries will be complemented by a broad review of current industry concerns in the following tracks: Governance, Risk and Compliance, Mobile Security, Human Factors, Architecture and Data Security.

The (ISC)² Security Congress EMEA 2014 is the latest development in (ISC)²’s successful and growing global event programme which currently includes 14 one-day (ISC)² information and software security events held in major cities throughout the EMEA region.

For presentation submission requirements, and to learn more, visit: http://www.EMEAcongress.isc2.org

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Secure Logiq’s state-of-the-art HD surveillance servers take centre stage at IFSEC International 2014

For the first time, Secure Logiq – the developer of state-of-the-art high definition (HD) surveillance servers – will bring its unique technology to IFSEC International 2014, which takes place from 17-19 June at ExCeL, London.

As well as showcasing its latest ranges of servers, workstations, client machines and unique support software, the company will also launch a new crowd-funding based initiative.

Formed in 2011 by managing director Hamish Johnson and technical director Aleksander Uzunov, Croydon-based Secure Logiq meets the requirement for dedicated high specification servers that are purpose-built for use with HD surveillance systems.

Up until now, installers and end users have tended to use traditional IT servers that simply do not offer the level of processing, storage and throughput required by these ever more sophisticated systems.

Secure Logiq’s offering is based on four core principles – to provide the fastest performance, the biggest storage, the most resilience and the best value.

Visitors to Stand D410 at IFSEC International will see first hand how this is achieved, and why the company’s products maximise the potential of HD CCTV by processing up to three times as many cameras as some of the most commonly used servers.

Off-the-shelf server solutions for end users

Taking centre stage will be 12 off-the-shelf server solutions, including a top-end server configuration that is 4U high and can continuously record an amazing 1,000 HD CCTV cameras (1080p) at full frame rate and store the images for 30 days.

The product range also comprises 1U, 2U and 3U servers using the highest specification components and optimising them for HD video, enabling the recording of more channels at a faster rate and the ability to store information for longer than comparable equipment.

The 1U server boasts up to 12TB of storage and over 500 Mb/s processing power – something previously unheard of within a standard 1U product

The 1U server boasts up to 12TB of storage and over 500 Mb/s processing power – something previously unheard of within a standard 1U product

The servers’ compact size and ability to do ‘more with less’ makes them more energy efficient by using less electricity and generating less heat. To illustrate the point, the entry level product – the 1U server – boasts up to 12 TB of storage and over 500 Mb/s processing power – something previously unheard of within a standard 1U product.

Also, recognising the mission critical nature of today’s surveillance systems, all of Secure Logiq’s servers ensure maximum uptime through dual redundant ‘hot swap’ power supplies and RAID 5 plus hot-spare functionality giving an additional layer of resilience over other industry available server technology.

Health Check Utility and Camera Replicator

Also on show at London’s ExCeL from 17-19 June will be two new pieces of software. The first – Health Check Utility – monitors elements of every Secure Logiq device in a system, including processing temperature, power consumption and supply, disks and any cameras/associated Video Management Software.

The second new software innovation is the Camera Replicator: a tool that allows the virtual design, configuration and test of a system that comprises any number of third party cameras and equipment.

Designed to provide a real time overview of a Secure Logiq server’s ability to accommodate any specific requirement, the company’s stand will feature a live working demonstration of a 4000Mb/s camera system through a single server – a world first.

Not just a server manufacturer, Secure Logiq’s powerful multi-monitor HD client machines that can power eight 4K video displays will also be on display, as will its enterprise HD workstation range (which combines full server and client hardware in a single 1U unit).

Crowd-funding initiative launches at IFSEC International

Having concentrated on its R&D activities over the last three years, Secure Logiq officially relaunched in February 2014 in order to take its products to market.

The company has generated £850,000 worth of sales over the last 12 months and, in order to expand its production and sales and marketing operations, will officially launch a crowd-funding initiative at IFSEC International 2014.

With the aim of raising £450,000 in mind, the scheme is designed to appeal to installers and end users alike, with those that invest benefiting from special ‘owner’ pricing on all future purchases.

Robin Hughes, Secure Logiq’s sales director, commented: “The only thing more data hungry than video is HD video and, given that 2014 will be the first year that IP surveillance deployments overtake those of traditional analogue equipment, Secure Logiq is the right company at the right time.”

Hughes added: “We’re confident there will be exponential demand for our UK-manufactured, ‘Best in Class’ specialist server technology, and we’re thoroughly looking forward to demonstrating to those attending IFSEC International 2014 how we can help them maximise the effectiveness of their IP-based surveillance systems.”

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MITIE launches first all-incident trend mapping solution for security sector

FTSE 250 strategic outsourcing company MITIE Group plc has launched the security sector’s first ‘all-incident’ crime mapping software through its MITIE Total Security Management division.

By using a bespoke data hub and intelligence sharing and analytics platform, the software blends external data sources (such as police crime data). This is then analysed for patterns and trends by incident type, sector, region, county, district, neighbourhood and site.

TSM Incident Hotspots: May 2014

TSM Incident Hotspots: May 2014

The software acts as an online, UK-wide registry of MITIE’s recorded security incidents and police crime data, in turn providing the most up-to-date intelligence and analytics for security support.

TSM Incidents By Site: London, May 2014

TSM Incidents By Site: London, May 2014

MITIE will use the information gathered to make risk-based decisions around the analytics and findings for its clients.

Intelligence designed to influence resource levels

Bob Forsyth, managing director of MITIE’s Total Security Management (TSM) business, commented: “This is one of the most exciting developments the security sector will see this year. It enables us, as a security provider, to provide our clients with intelligence that influences their resource levels and overall security strategy based on accurate and real information.”

Bob Forsyth: md at MITIE TSM

Bob Forsyth: md at MITIE TSM

Forsyth added: “Incident data will be a key driver in decision-making based on factual trend analysis. The days of assumption are over. ”

MITIE’s TSM business secures over 33,000 locations across the UK and Europe, capturing thousands of incidents each month. The incident data is collected by operators at MiTec, the company’s industry-leading CAT II, BS 5979 Alarm Receiving Centre and technology hub based in Northern Ireland.

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