Showsec helps to make ‘No Tomorrow’ a glowing success

For a time it threatened to be more like ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ but a glorious summer’s evening engulfing the picturesque setting of Wollaton Park ensured that, in the end, 2014’s ‘No Tomorrow’ event was a glowing success.

The event’s organisers were delighted with this new addition to the festival calendar as 10,000 revellers flocked to the Nottingham venue and saw performances by London Grammar, Sam Smith, Clean Bandit and chart-topping DJs including Duke Dumont.

Event security specialist Showsec played its part in helping the festival to emerge from gloomy forecasts of dark clouds, thunderstorms, hail and torrential rain. By the time the one-day festival was in full swing, the rain that had fallen in the early afternoon had thankfully given way to sunshine.

Wollaton Park: home of the 'No Tomorrow' event

Wollaton Park: home of the ‘No Tomorrow’ event

“You couldn’t ask for a better setting on a night like this,” said Joe Milner, Showsec’s area manager for the East Midlands who was part of the on-site team. “The biggest challenge was responding to situations caused by the weather, particularly conditions under foot. We were braced for the very worst, but by late afternoon you would hardly have known there were any concerns. Pleasingly, all the feedback about the event has been extremely positive. Everyone seemed to have a fantastic experience.”

Milner added: “There were two important factors in Showsec getting the opportunity to work at the festival. One was our close association with Nottingham City Council, and the other our familiarity with the venue as a result of the Splendour Festival held here in recent years. This provided us with a footprint in terms of how we planned for the ‘No Tomorrow’ event, even though it attracted a different type of audience.”

Improving the event and increasing numbers

The success of the event has certainly raised the prospect of ‘No Tomorrow’ establishing itself as an annual gathering at Wollaton Park.

“The intention is to go again with the event next year,” said Rob McCutcheon, team leader for Health and Safety at Nottingham City Council. “The venue lends itself really well to this size of festival. What we’re looking at is two or three high-quality events each year. They bring people in who then have a great time. That says something good about Nottingham as a city.”

McCutcheon added: “We would aim to improve this event and increase numbers, but generally it would only require tweaks here and there.”

McCutcheon stated that, in some respects, the plans for ‘No Tomorrow’ were very similar to those for Splendour in that Wollaton Hall – or ‘Wayne Manor’ as it’s affectionately known – was used as the backdrop for the show fields because that’s its biggest selling point.

From an operational point of view it was very different, and that’s where input from Showsec has been so valuable.

“Whereas Splendour is a family event where people come along and pitch down their picnics in one place for the duration,” stressed McCutcheon, “’No Tomorrow’ is designed for a younger audience and there was also a high level of migration from one stage to another.”

In conclusion, McCutcheon explained: “In addition, we had more formal search procedures and tighter restrictions on what people could bring into the event. Generally speaking, this was all managed extremely well and contributed to the success of the festival.”


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