Borderpol News: Organised crime “worth an estimated 870 billion US dollars per annum”

The latest Borderpol International Workshop was hosted by the National University of Public Service in Hungary under the direction of Police Brigadier General Gabor Kovacs.

Over 40 representatives from Interpol, Europol, the OSCE, the Turkish National Police, the Police Force of Slovakia, the Dutch Royal Marachausees, Romania, Serbia, Germany, Hungary and others from central and eastern Europe attended the gathering.

The Keynote Speech by Peter Talas from the University of Defence Research in Hungary gave a stark overview of global organised crime figures from the UNODC. Organised crime is now worth an estimated 870 billion US dollars per annum and represents the 15th largest ‘economy’ in the world.

The most lucrative forms of crime are drug trafficking, counterfeiting, human trafficking, weapons trafficking, trafficking in endangered species and pornography.

It’s estimated that there are 3,600 international organised crime groups of which 70% have multi-national membership.

Markets according to crime areas

Illicit drugs: 320 billion dollars per annum
Counterfieting: 250 billion dollars per annum
Human trafficking: 32 billion dollars per annum
Smuggling of migrants: 7 billion dollars per annum

When it comes to terrorism, Lt Col Jozsef Nahalko (head of the International Relations Division, Counter-Terrorism Centre, Hungary) highlighted the changing nature of international terrorist organisations becoming more leaderless, with independent cells, looser connections (generalised guidance, Internet) resulting in more small-scale and ad hoc attacks using lower resources.

The main outcome of the Workshop was that the experiences shared of co-operation between agencies has provided real benefit, but it’s recognised there needs to be an ongoing programme of co-operation.

Also, information is available on organised criminal activities, gangs and people but isn’t being used or shared effectively.

Further discussions and inter-agency co-operation will take place at Borderpol’s next Workshop in Helsinki, Finland during September.

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The World Border Organisation, Borderpol is a 21st Century body dedicated to improving border security and standardising international procedures and processes.

Recognising the need for the establishment of a global home to over 1,000 border-related services, Borderpol was officially registered in March 2003 as a non-profit international association in Canada with its General Secretariat located in Ottawa.

In concert with the EU Secretariat in Budapest (opened in 2005) and the Asia Secretariat (established in India during 2011), Borderpol facilitates co-operation and consultations among like-minded border services and related agencies.

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