TDSi invests in new staff training to meet security market’s evolving needs

To ensure the company meets future customer needs and continues to accelerate its growth, integrated security solutions manufacturer TDSi is implementing a number of new training initiatives aimed at maintaining the flexibility and adaptability of its employees.

In line with this desire, the TDSi sales team has participated in Dale Carnegie training to centre its attention on long-term strategies for growth focused on the customer journey.

Members of the TDSi sales team have taken part in a Dale Carnegie course entitled ‘Sales Advantage’ which aims to strengthen the overall sales process.

Adam Norris – TDSi’S director of UK sales – commented: “It’s vital that TDSi continues to grow its sales strategy and portfolio to match the market needs, so as part of our ongoing development we have taken part in Dale Carnegie’s world-renowned training. Since the economic downturn, the market has rightly become much more focused on what customers need and expect, as opposed to simply selling standardised products. We want to be perfectly positioned to meet these needs and continue to provide precisely the purchasing experience that customers expect from TDSi.”

TDSi is implementing a number of new training initiatives to maintain the flexibility and adaptability of its employees

TDSi is implementing a number of new training initiatives to maintain the flexibility and adaptability of its employees

Ways of enhancing the sales process

The training proved to be a highly valuable experience for the team, as Norris elaborated.

“Our team attended the course,” he said, “and I’m proud to say our results put us firmly in the top third of the class. The training demonstrated our strengths but also suggested new ways in which to enhance our sales process. It was a highly useful experience which will become a key part of our ongoing strategy.”

Key elements of the training course included:
• Building credibility and rapport with customers
• Providing solutions customers really want
• Resolving objections in a clear and confident way
• Demonstrating commitment to customers and gaining commitment from customers
• Discovering the technique for uncovering hidden opportunities
• Discovering planning techniques that work
• Mastering the selling process

As well as implementing the Dale Carnegie training for its sales team, TDSi is also assisting teams across its divisions with professional and personal development to ensure, as an organisation, that it’s flexible and fully embraces customer and market demands.

Along with sales training, TDSi is also providing development opportunities including AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) training for members of its accounts team and NVQ training for members of the customer service team.

John Davies: md at TDSi

John Davies: md at TDSi

John Davies, TDSi’s managing director, explained: “We are dedicated to making the TDSi team the best it can be, so promoting professional development is a key part of this process. The benefits are two-fold. We are able to offer our team a well-targeted career development path which provides them with skills and training that will benefit TDSi’s operations and their own aspirations as well. Also, any business is only as good as its people, so any improved skills or processes will benefit our customers and partners, in turn making it fully rewarding to do business with TDSi. We feel that nurturing talent and encouraging development is a key reason that TDSi continues to grow its business year-on-year.”

Level 2 Certificate in Accounting

Lucy Skinner of TDSi’s account team is benefiting from an AAT course for Level 2 Certificate in Accounting.

“I’m due to complete the Level 2 Certificate in July,” said Skinner, “with the aim of completing Level 3 next year. TDSi is helping me to expand my skills and training while working. Undoubtedly this approach benefits our customers, but importantly it also gives me great scope to further my career at the same time.”

Technical support engineer Michael Lee joined TDSi last year and is now studying for an NVQ in Customer Support in conjunction with his day-to-day role.

Lee commented: “The NVQ helps me to plan and assess the way I interact with our customers. It’s a one-year course and includes a lot of training on rules and regulations as well as practical ways to enhance the way in which I work. I produce anonymous Case Studies on various real-life situations and challenges to demonstrate how I put my new skills into practise. It’s very useful to have the support of TDSi in completing this qualifications as it will benefit me personally as well as adding value to the service we offer our customers.”

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