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TDSi invests in new staff training to meet security market’s evolving needs

To ensure the company meets future customer needs and continues to accelerate its growth, integrated security solutions manufacturer TDSi is implementing a number of new training initiatives aimed at maintaining the flexibility and adaptability of its employees.

In line with this desire, the TDSi sales team has participated in Dale Carnegie training to centre its attention on long-term strategies for growth focused on the customer journey.

Members of the TDSi sales team have taken part in a Dale Carnegie course entitled ‘Sales Advantage’ which aims to strengthen the overall sales process.

Adam Norris – TDSi’S director of UK sales – commented: “It’s vital that TDSi continues to grow its sales strategy and portfolio to match the market needs, so as part of our ongoing development we have taken part in Dale Carnegie’s world-renowned training. Since the economic downturn, the market has rightly become much more focused on what customers need and expect, as opposed to simply selling standardised products. We want to be perfectly positioned to meet these needs and continue to provide precisely the purchasing experience that customers expect from TDSi.”

TDSi is implementing a number of new training initiatives to maintain the flexibility and adaptability of its employees

TDSi is implementing a number of new training initiatives to maintain the flexibility and adaptability of its employees

Ways of enhancing the sales process

The training proved to be a highly valuable experience for the team, as Norris elaborated.

“Our team attended the course,” he said, “and I’m proud to say our results put us firmly in the top third of the class. The training demonstrated our strengths but also suggested new ways in which to enhance our sales process. It was a highly useful experience which will become a key part of our ongoing strategy.”

Key elements of the training course included:
• Building credibility and rapport with customers
• Providing solutions customers really want
• Resolving objections in a clear and confident way
• Demonstrating commitment to customers and gaining commitment from customers
• Discovering the technique for uncovering hidden opportunities
• Discovering planning techniques that work
• Mastering the selling process

As well as implementing the Dale Carnegie training for its sales team, TDSi is also assisting teams across its divisions with professional and personal development to ensure, as an organisation, that it’s flexible and fully embraces customer and market demands.

Along with sales training, TDSi is also providing development opportunities including AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) training for members of its accounts team and NVQ training for members of the customer service team.

John Davies: md at TDSi

John Davies: md at TDSi

John Davies, TDSi’s managing director, explained: “We are dedicated to making the TDSi team the best it can be, so promoting professional development is a key part of this process. The benefits are two-fold. We are able to offer our team a well-targeted career development path which provides them with skills and training that will benefit TDSi’s operations and their own aspirations as well. Also, any business is only as good as its people, so any improved skills or processes will benefit our customers and partners, in turn making it fully rewarding to do business with TDSi. We feel that nurturing talent and encouraging development is a key reason that TDSi continues to grow its business year-on-year.”

Level 2 Certificate in Accounting

Lucy Skinner of TDSi’s account team is benefiting from an AAT course for Level 2 Certificate in Accounting.

“I’m due to complete the Level 2 Certificate in July,” said Skinner, “with the aim of completing Level 3 next year. TDSi is helping me to expand my skills and training while working. Undoubtedly this approach benefits our customers, but importantly it also gives me great scope to further my career at the same time.”

Technical support engineer Michael Lee joined TDSi last year and is now studying for an NVQ in Customer Support in conjunction with his day-to-day role.

Lee commented: “The NVQ helps me to plan and assess the way I interact with our customers. It’s a one-year course and includes a lot of training on rules and regulations as well as practical ways to enhance the way in which I work. I produce anonymous Case Studies on various real-life situations and challenges to demonstrate how I put my new skills into practise. It’s very useful to have the support of TDSi in completing this qualifications as it will benefit me personally as well as adding value to the service we offer our customers.”

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ICO raids SIM farm blamed for 350,000 nuisance messages

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has seized hundreds of SIM cards after raiding a SIM farm located at offices in Wolverhampton.

Initial estimates suggest the equipment could have been used to send over 350,000 nuisance text messages, though the total may have been more than a million.

Computer equipment and paperwork were seized and a residential address was also searched. The investigation continues.

Andy Curry, enforcement manager at the ICO, said: “What we’ve seized backs the intelligence we had that hundreds of thousands of nuisance messages were coming from this address. The rules on sending messages are clear, and if the evidence proves the law has been broken then we will issue a sizeable fine against those responsible.”

The raid was prompted by intelligence supported by reports using the 7726 tool that allows mobile phone users to report spam text messages by forwarding the messages to 7726 (spelling out SPAM).

“This shows why reporting messages to us and your mobile network operator is so crucial,” added Curry. “Without the reports we received through the 7726 system, we wouldn’t have been able to carry out this raid.”

The raid follows an announcement by the ICO on Tuesday that a Yorkshire direct marketing firm and a Devon PPI claims company were told they face fines totalling £140,000 for breaching electronic marketing rules.

The companies were linked to thousands of nuisance marketing calls and prompted over 1,200 reports to the ICO and the Telephone Preference Service.

Importance of the 7726 GSMA Spam Reporting Service

Neil Cook, CTO of Cloudmark (the message-based threat protection specialist company that powers the 7726 GSMA Spam Reporting Service), explained: “Nuisance spam messages and phone calls are escalating in the UK. This latest raid by the ICO is a fantastic example of how the GSMA Spam Reporting Service haas been crucial in delivering the knowledge required to shut down another company alleged to have been taking advantage of subscribers’ trust in mobile messaging services.”

Cook continued: “The service empowers consumers to take control of the issue and know that action will be forthcoming that further protect thems. As the ICO has stated, the information received from the public via 7726 was crucial in this latest action.”

With the GSMA Spam Reporting Service, subscribers can easily report SMS spam by forwarding it to the special short code: ‘7726’ (S-P-A-M). Through the automated collection and analysis of subscriber-reported spam, the service provides operators with collaborative and real-time global insight into threats against their networks and subscribers.

“This information can then provide law enforcement agencies with the evidence they need to bring spammers to justice,” concluded Cook.

Find out more on how to report nuisance texts and calls to the Information Commissioner’s Office

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Skyguard debuts lone worker app for iPhone at Safety and Health Expo 2014

Lone worker safety and security solutions developer Skyguard will be launching an iPhone version of its ‘Skyguard for Smartphone’ software at this year’s Safety and Health Expo, to be held at ExCeL London between 17-19 June.

The app converts an iPhone into a fully-functional personal safety device, and represents an expansion of Skyguard’s range (which already includes software for Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile handsets as well as dedicated devices).

Once installed through a simple download process, Skyguard’s software enables the end user to raise an alarm in any emergency situation by simply shaking the device for a few seconds or pressing an on-screen button.

Trained controllers at Skyguard’s 24/7 Incident Management Centre (IMC) will be able to view the user’s GPS location and registered profile information, silently listen-in and then talk to the user if it’s safe to do so.

Controllers will follow the end user’s personalised emergency procedures which could include escalating the situation to the Emergency Services, Skyguard’s National Response Service or the employer’s own nominated contacts and then guide them to the user’s location.

The new Skyguard app converts an iPhone into a fully-functional personal safety device, and is an expansion of the company's range which already includes software for Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile handsets

The new Skyguard app converts an iPhone into a fully-functional personal safety device, and is an expansion of the company’s range which already includes software for Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile handsets

The ‘Skyguard for Smartphone’ software boasts a number of other safety features such as ‘Voice Memo’, which allows the user to leave a voice message on Skyguard’s system giving details of where they are going and who they are meeting. Should the user raise an alarm, this message will be made available to Skyguard’s controllers, providing them with vital additional information which they can pass on to the emergency responder.

The app also allows the end user to set a delayed alarm for any time period between five minutes and six hours which counts down and automatically raises the alarm to Skyguard’s IMC if not cancelled by the user.

Making good use of business apps

Skyguard marketing director Will Murray explained: “Organisations are increasingly moving towards equipping their workforces with the latest smartphones and making use of business apps to improve productivity. With the addition of iPhone software to our the range, Skyguard can now offer industry-leading safety solutions on every major smartphone operating system. This underlines our ongoing commitment to new product development, in turn allowing customers to choose how to connect to our service based upon their own requirements.”

Skyguard’s entire range of smartphone apps and exclusive dedicated devices will be available to view on the company’s stand (Stand M2155) at the Safety and Health Expo, where staff will be presenting live product demonstrations.

Skyguard also has three high profile clients presenting Case Study seminars on each day of the show in the Lone Worker Protection Theatre – Worcester Community Homes, Peabody and Kent Community Health NHS Trust.

For more information (and to register for the exhibition) visit: http://www.safety-health-expo.co.uk/

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