Guardian24 smartphone app protects Addiction NI lone workers

Northern Ireland-based charity Addiction NI has chosen to protect its staff who work alone by equipping them with Guardian24’s lone working personal safety smartphone application. The application provides end users with the ability to log in and out of daily tasks, and also allows them to raise a panic alarm should their safety be compromised.

Addiction NI is an alcohol and drug treatment charity providing tailor-made treatment programmes for people with drug or alcohol problems that’s delivered in community settings. The charity also gives confidential support to people affected by someone else’s drinking or drug use.

Addiction NI provide outreach services where treatment programmes are being delivered in clients’ homes. These appointments are often carried out by an individual worker, so they’re open to the risks associated with lone working.

Alan Coleman, project manager at Addiction NI, said: “Staff often work alone and can operate several miles from their office base. In addition to the risk of physical and verbal abuse presented by clients who may be intoxicated, there’s also the risk presented by others who may be in the home when staff call.”

Guardian24's lone worker protection system for Addiction NI is delivered via BlackBerry smartphones

Guardian24’s lone worker protection system for Addiction NI is delivered via BlackBerry smartphones

Reason for the new arrangement

With the increase in lone working visits, Addiction NI decided it needed extra support to safeguard workers at all times.

Guardian24 was chosen as the lone worker safety protection to be used via Blackberry smartphones. The lone worker mobile application provides an easy-to-use personal security service without the cost of purchasing additional devices.

With the ability to log in and out of daily tasks and raise a panic alarm should an issue occur where safety of the lone worker is compromised, Addiction NI is meeting its Duty of Care to employees.

Addiction NI has found that implementing Guardian24 provides reassurance and peace of mind to staff by allowing them to carry out their jobs with the knowledge that they have extra protection should they find themselves in a volatile environment where they’re exposed to risk and their safety is compromised.

“The Guardian24 service has greatly enhanced our Lone Working Policy and procedures,” continued Coleman. “The system is easy to operate and provides staff with the reassurance that if a situation arises in which they feel they’re at risk, they have immediate access to a panic alarm to summon help.”

Using reports from Guardian24

A further reassurance for Addiction NI’s staff is that if their session with a client exceeds the estimated duration of the activity that they logged, Guardian24 will instigate an escalating response to check on their safety.

Coleman added: “Our managerial staff make full use of the Guardian24 reports, such as the monitoring reports, in turn allowing managers to immediately pinpoint a member of staff’s location in the event of an alarm being raised.”

Guardian24’s marketing manager Leona Mills commented: “Addiction NI joins our ever-growing list of charities who use our invaluable service to protect their lone workers. With over 33,000 users throughout the UK and Ireland, our award-winning technology continues to protect the vulnerable lone workers in this sector.”

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