National Business Crime Solution publishes progress report for Q1 2014

The National Business Crime Solution (NBCS) brings businesses together to share crime data and information for further analysis in order to provide an intelligence-led approach for tackling cross-border, serious and organised crime.

The National Business Crime Solution (NBCS) provides a collaborative partnership across the public and private sectors in conjunction with law enforcement. Supported by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), it offers a central repository where business crime data is submitted, shared and analysed to determine key threats, linked series and national targets that can be investigated.

The organisation has just issued its inaugural progress report (which is focused on Q1 2014) and progress has been excellent.

NBCS Q1 Report

“The NBCS has continued to gather momentum in the first quarter of 2014,” said policy and stakeholder director Catherine Bowen, “attracting membership from a variety of sectors, including energy, freight and retail. A key area of focus for this year is to increase both membership and the data held within the central data repository of the NBCS so that businesses can be better informed about crime trends and possible risks to their operations.”

Catherine Bowen: policy and stakeholder director at the NBCS

Catherine Bowen: policy and stakeholder director at the NBCS

On 6 March, the NBCS re-launched TruckPol (the joint industry partnership with the police and the road, freight and haulage industry). By collating information from across the business sector, the NBCS is now in an even stronger position to identify trends that are impacting on the wider UK business community.


“As part of the re-launch,” explained Bowen, “a letter was sent to all chief constables requesting that they share the data they hold on freight crime for comparisons with that supplied by the industry. Feedback from the police service has been extremely positive. Over 40 forces are now liaising with TruckPol on freight crime issues.”

Fraud: key area of focus

Another key area of focus for the NBCS over the past few months has been fraud. The organisation has established a Fraud Scoping Group and has been working with a range of businesses to understand how the NBCS can assist in harnessing the law enforcement response necessary to tackle the growing threat from fraud and online crime.

“The NBCS has taken a sample of data from a number of retailers,” stated Bowen, “and, at the last meeting on 12 March, was able to evidence a number of incidents affecting several businesses. One of these incidents was a live investigation where the extent of the offending had been previously unknown. The trial will now be extended to many more businesses to provide further evidence of the value of sharing fraud data and participation with the NBCS.”

Managed Service from the Private Sector Intelligence ‘Hub’

Since the start of the year, investigations being raised by the National Business Crime Intelligence Bureau (NBCIB) have doubled when compared to last year’s average.

Between January and March, the NBCIB raised 45 investigations. These have involved over 20 businesses and 15 police forces.

Just under half of the investigations raised were as a result of alerts being issued following information coming in from the businesses and police network which indentified wider offending.

In the first three months of the year, there have been eight cross-force investigations, with a lead force appointed in three of these cross-force investigations. Of the investigations raised, the large majority of offences related to theft, with a significant number also being as a result of fraud.

“In around 15 investigations, a vehicle was involved and notified to the NBCIB,” outlined Bowen. “In 12 of these investigations, NBCIB activity led to the vehicle being flagged to police as being involved in crime and subsequently led to the arrests of ten offenders.”

Presentation at IFSEC International 2014

Catherine Bowen will be delivering a presentation on the work of the National Business Crime Solution at this year’s IFSEC International Exhibition and Conference Programme.

The details are as follows:

Venue: Centre Stage Theatre, ExCeL London
Date: Thursday 19 June
Time: 3.00 pm-3.30 pm
Title: ‘The National Business Crime Solution: activities and success stories’

To register for attendance visit:

NBCS End of Year Report 2013


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