Axis Communications issues Sustainability Report for 2013

Axis Communications has published its Sustainability Report for 2013. The fourth of its kind, the report describes the company’s successful work in the areas of environmental responsibility, business conduct and social responsibility.

“Sustainability issues are an integrated part of Axis’ business operations, and I am happy about the progress we have made in terms of minimising our environmental impact, promoting good working conditions and fighting corruption,” explained Ray Mauritsson, president of Axis Communications.

“Our employees’ commitment and efforts play a very important role in ensuring sustainable and successful growth for Axis in the longer term.”

Ray Mauritsson: president of Axis Communications

Ray Mauritsson: president of Axis Communications

Axis’ intelligent security solutions in the network surveillance arena enable a smarter and safer world. The company takes long-term social responsibility for how its operations impact employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers, end users and other important target groups.

All the while, the company aims to drive the shift towards innovative security solutions, but also when it comes to advancing corporate sustainability.

“Based on our position as global market leader, we want to serve as a model for our industry and many of our sustainability initiatives have substantial commercial benefits for us as well as for our partners and end users,” continued Mauritsson.

Business relations: responsible, transparent, trustworthy

Business relations should be handled in a responsible, transparent and trustworthy way.

Environmental considerations pervade everything from product development to logistics flows and the final stage of products.

Axis Communications’ products and solutions feature leading edge technologies which are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient in the end-use phase.

The most important measures implemented by Axis Communications during the year included:

• a comprehensive programme for employees and distributors in order to counter corruption, bribes and conflicts of interest
• continual audits of subcontractors to ensure that they comply with Axis’ requirements relating to environmental responsibility as well as working environment and safety
• new requirements for component suppliers and a new requirement concerning so-called conflict minerals has been added to the Code of Conduct which Axis applies for its suppliers
• two new configuration and logistics centres (in Suzhou, China and Memphis, USA) which will provide increased capacity in the important US market and enhance the presence in China and will also mean greater proximity to the suppliers that are located in the region (and thus reduce transportation)
• phase-out of PVC in several products
• optimisation and reduction in the size of certain product packaging, in turn generating a positive effect both on the environmental impact of transport and the volume of consumables
• entrepreneurial spirit, openness and commitment has been strengthened through a variety of activities such as training in the company’s core values and international introductory courses.

The Axis Communications Sustainability Report for 2013 may be downloaded by visiting:

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