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IHS Research Note: ‘High expectations for Next Generation HD CCTV technology’

The latest Research Note from IHS has been authored by David Green (the company’s senior analyst in video surveillance and security services), who provides some valuable insight on the market for HD CCTV equipment.

Growing slice of the $13 billion video surveillance equipment market or a small-time niche which can never keep up with the double-digit growth rates for network surveillance?

It’s a very different outlook for HD CCTV technology, depending on who you speak to.

There are those who see the growing revenues and a viable alternative to HD IP cameras for many applications. There are those who want to remain technology neutral by introducing the ‘third string to their bow’ and there are those who simply don’t believe in the technology at all.

Even accounting for the inevitable bias towards their own product line, there seems to be genuine uncertainty among manufacturers at the future direction for HD, low-latency video provision.

Starting with the ‘basic’ form of HD-SDI technology drafted in from the broadcast world, HD CCTV offered live view HD images with the chance to keep legacy coaxial cabling. Relying on demand from markets with high volumes of installed analogue systems hasn’t been a guarantee of success though.

There are high expectations for Next Generation HD CCTV solutions

There are high expectations for Next Generation HD CCTV solutions

For example, over four million analogue cameras are sold each year in the USA to a market that is predominantly replacement rather than new installation, yet penetration rates for HD CCTV are low (especially when compared to the likes of China).

So what other factors are in play? Cost and cable reach are the common discussion points that seem to put many off. While there’s clearly a demand out there for this third solution, it’s fair to say that sales cannot hit that next level of growth until costs reduce and 100 metre transmission limits are improved.

Second Generation HD CCTV solutions

However, there is cause for optimism with the launch of ‘Second Generation’ HD CCTV products starting to kick in.

For example, Dahua has already launched its CVI technology, the HDcctv Alliance has released the 2.0 standard and it’s more than just rumour that other equipment and semiconductor manufacturers have their own proprietary solutions in the latter stages of development.

In all cases, the claims of 300-1,000 metre transmission ranges and prices closer to analogue than network equipment should break down some of the barriers to adoption.

In particular, this will sustain the growth in revenue for South East Asia but could yet open doors to other developing markets such as Latin America.

Whether or not HD CCTV can crack more developed markets such as the USA remains to be seen, but Second Generation HD CCTV solutions sold to developing markets definitely pushes the global picture towards a growing slice of the market rather than the small-time niche.

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Intellio and Interconnective agree distribution deal for Smart IP Cameras

Interconnective Security Products has entered into an agreement with the award-winning, Budapest-based Intellio Technologies to become the sole distributor of Intellio IP security camera solutions in the United Kingdom.

Intellio is the developer of an exciting new generation of advanced IP video surveillance systems based entirely on smart cameras and with real-time video analytics on board each model.

The Intellio system is designed with medium and large multi-site surveillance environments in mind. By automating the recognition of an increasing number of events posing a security risk, the Intellio system is designed to enable security providers to take immediate action in case of potential and actual risk events.

Detail of the Intellio ILD 810S camera

Detail of the Intellio ILD 810S camera

Speaking about the deal, Interconnective Limited’s managing director Bobby Logue commented: “At the beginning of 2011, we implemented a strategy to move Interconnective towards becoming a supplier of smart security solutions to security service providers. One of our tactics was to move our product sourcing from China to Europe, engaging with manufacturers that had dedicated R&D facilities as well as an innovative culture.”

Logue continued: “Intellio fits the Interconnective profile of what our supplier of the future looks like. In the past three months, we have seen Intellio introduce a new Video Management System and a Wide Dynamic Range camera as well as an Ultra High Definition camera. We’re particularly excited about the additional new products that Intellio is rolling out over the next 12 months.”

Bobby Logue: new deal with Intellio

Bobby Logue: new deal with Intellio

Radics Istvan, Intellio’s CEO, added: “In the past few years, Intellio has only been present on the UK market with a few specialised solutions. In co-operation with an energetic and innovative partner, we’ll rely on nearly ten years of our own experience in the field of IP surveillance systems and video analytics and provide complete, customisable solutions for our customers.”

Istvan concluded: “We are happy that Interconnective will be the distributor of Intellio products in the UK. As has been the case in other European countries, we trust that the widest possible group of UK customers will soon become familiar with the products we develop together as well as our standard product range.”

Intellio's CEO Radics Istvan

Intellio’s CEO Radics Istvan

View Interconnective’s Intellio website

Suite of new product ranges

Over the next week, Interconnective will be launching five new product ranges including the Intellio IP camera range which is unveiled today.

Interconnective has developed its core smart product range around the security disciplines of Detection, Protection and Verification.

Detection includes the Intellio IP camera range which has video analytics built into each camera, as well as the Zepcam mobile video solutions.

Protection encompasses Jack Ellis (the all-in-one smart body armour with five defences in a single armour) and Turtleskin needle stick gloves and slash resistant garments.

The Partner Patrol Solutions range of products are for Verification.

All core products are underpinned by supplier R&D facilities, with a clear roadmap as to future developments based on customer feedback.

View the Interconnective Security Products website

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