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AMG Systems’ Wonderbox range carried by technology partner Norbain

AMG – the British manufacturer of CCTV transmission solutions and sophisticated 5 Megapixel cameras – has entered an agreement with Norbain SD Ltd. The agreement will see AMG’s Wonderbox – a series of ruggedised Ethernet switches launched in 2013 – integrated within Norbain’s product range and marketed to all major systems integrators in the UK.

Sara Bullock, sales and marketing director at the AMG Group, commented: “We’re delighted with Norbain’s decision to incorporate the Wonderbox range into its existing product portfolio. The Wonderbox is AMG’s combination of analogue and IP systems, supporting easy integration of low-speed serial data channels and alarm contacts alongside analogue and IP video onto an Ethernet backbone.”

Sara Bullock: the AMG Group's sales and marketing director

Sara Bullock: the AMG Group’s sales and marketing director

Bullock continued: “AMG’s ability to develop products in close response to both customer and market needs has underpinned the company’s success over 20-plus years, and this is reflected in the Wonderbox. Its introduction into Norbain’s product range will ensure that AMG’s foothold here in the UK, the epicentre of the industry, will be strengthened.”

In conclusion, Bullock explained: “With Norbain’s wide reach into the systems integrator community we’re expecting to see an increase in demand for this revolutionary product series.”

AMG's Wonderbox

AMG’s Wonderbox

Support for large and complex systems

Andrew Pigram, Norbain’s technical director, commented: “We have a long-standing relationship with AMG Systems over many years. The company’s technology has been – and still is – very innovative. They aim to facilitate better use of the infrastructure and, although AMG’s world could be considered very specialist, they have expert know-how within the sectors they work and the company is extremely good at supporting large complex systems.”

Pigram went on to state: “AMG’s products are very easy to install and to work with. A key point is that their training is very good, as is their pre-sales support, which is very valuable when we embark on new projects.”

Andrew Pigram: technical director at Norbain

Andrew Pigram: technical director at Norbain

Pigram added: “With the ‘Wonderbox’, AMG has delivered a solution which allows complex installations to move into the IP world while retaining existing infrastructures. We welcome the product into our portfolio and I’m convinced that our customers will appreciate the value they can derive from implementing it. As a result, I expect that Norbain will have an increased sale of AMG products in 2014-2015.”

About Norbain
Norbain is one of the UK’s most successful distributors of CCTV, IP, Access Control and Intruder Detection solutions.
As well as being an authorised distributor of over 90 of the World’s leading electronic security brands, Norbain is also the home of Vista, the UK’s largest selling range of CCTV equipment.

Further information on AMG

AMG is a leading global provider of video and communication transmission solutions designed for CCTV surveillance operations in the transport, public, Government and military sectors.

The company also manufactures a range of IP cameras under the AMG-Panogenics brand.

AMG Transmission Solutions offer a full range of transmission technologies including multimode and singlemode video, data and audio fibre optic transmission systems, single and multi-channel unshielded twisted pair (UTP) links for video, data and audio, multi-port Ethernet switches for the transmission of IP-based solutions over fibre and both analogue and digital wireless products for the transmission of video and data.

As a result, AMG transmission solutions have been successfully implemented in many high profile projects throughout the world. Those projects include supplying the transmission system for the UK’s NRTS project and the security and surveillance of the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar.

Visit http://www.amgsystems.com for further detail.

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Hidden Security Dangers of the BYOD Phenomenon

Amir Lehr – vice-president of cellular products and business development at Cellebrite – discusses the business repercussions of sensitive data not being wiped from old mobile phones.

The thought of losing our mobile phone fills many of us with dread and fear. After all, we run our entire lives from these pocket devices.

Gone are the days of using our mobile phones exclusively for making calls, sending text messages and light Internet surfing. Now we keep all our personal information on them including text messages, contacts, e-mails, photographs and videos, birthdays, identification data and so much more.

To find that you’ve forever lost a sentimental text message from your husband or an old photograph of your grandmother would be devastating enough, but what if your mobile phone held valuable information belonging to the company you work for?

With many employees now owning an exclusively work mobile phone and others holding business information on their personal phones, their devices could hold anything including usernames, passwords, financial information and highly confidential data.

So now the devastation doesn’t just affect the individual, but the entire business.

While mobile phone security during use is important, it's imperative to see security right through to the end

While mobile phone security during use is important, it’s imperative to see security right through to the end

Bring Your Own Device: the risk factors

Bring Your Own Device (or BYOD) policies may allow employees to bring personally owned mobile devices (laptops, tablets and smart phones) to their workplace and use those devices to access company information. This phenomenon has taken the world by storm but, by using private smartphones alongside professional handsets (and especially as the refreshment cycle for consumer handsets is more rapid than work devices), this brings even more danger. Precautions must be taken at all stages.

As current developments indicate, our mobile phones could soon be used to control everything we do – from giving us access to our home, car, medical and financial records to being a communications hub for e-mail accounts, surfing the Internet and managing social media profiles. The potential for the business world is enormous, but with that comes an equally enormous level of risk.

Security breaches are commonplace these days and employees must do all they can to ensure they are not making such an incident easy, as many often overlook how much risk their mobile phone carries.

There are two main scenarios in which specific precautions need to be taken.

One sees the mobile phone being sent to a laboratory or workshop for critical repairs. Once the phone is out of its owner’s hands, it’s difficult to protect the data it contains.

The other is when a phone is traded-in for a newer model while the old phone – and all of its content – is left with the store or recycler.

In fact, research has found that between 54% and 60% of discarded or traded-in used mobile phones still contain the personal data of their previous owners.

One overlook can risk a whole business and, with all this highly sensitive information at stake, employers and employees alike should be advocating the need to protect themselves and company information from risk.

Many may be reassured by the fact that resetting the phone would dispose of some information. In fact, unless expert equipment is used, no deletion is permanent.

While mobile phone security during use is important, it’s imperative to see security right through to the end. Information will still remain on the phone even if you’re not using it unless it’s correctly wiped.

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