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Assa Abloy White Paper: ‘Meeting the Security Challenge for Serviced Office Providers’

Assa Abloy Access Control has launched a new downloadable White Paper in order to open a discussion on the security challenges faced by serviced office providers.

Entitled ‘Meeting the Security Challenge for Serviced Office Providers’, the White Paper is now available to download at http://www.assaabloy.co.uk/aperio and looks at the growing number of issues faced by serviced office operators and owners.

Taken into account in the White Paper are the latest predictions reported by the Business Centre Association (BCA) that the serviced office sector will double in the next five years.

The White Paper notes the need to ensure high security is a critical factor in the general upkeep of serviced office facilities, in turn citing evidence of the increase in internal criminal activity due to opportunist trends and desperation crime as a direct result of the present economic difficulties.

The front cover of Assa Abloy's latest security White Paper

The front cover of Assa Abloy’s latest security White Paper

Impact on brand and reputation

Damian Marsh (md of Assa Abloy Access Control and author of the White Paper) commented: “The serviced office sector has undeniably evolved into one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global commercial property market, providing innovative flexible property solutions as an alternative to traditional long lease terms. While this is great news for the serviced office operator and/or owner, it does mean that the need to keep improving the quality and the competitive ability of their offering remains of paramount importance so as to maintain a positive welcoming feel for tenants and retain their business.”

Marsh continued: “Security and the associated legal and financial consequences of a breach can have a detrimental impact on future business for a serviced office location, notably with the inevitable vitriolic review that could make an instant impact on a brand’s reputation.”

Damian Marsh: md of Assa Abloy Access Control in the UK

Damian Marsh: md of Assa Abloy Access Control in the UK

Of the White Paper itself, Marsh explained: “We have carefully broken down the issues to open a discussion on how to meet these security challenges. We look forward to opinions, experience and comments on this very complex and challenging issue, and will take all responses on board with our supply channel partners to seek bespoke solutions for serviced officer providers.”

The White Paper is now available to download at: http://www.assaabloy.co.uk/aperio and encourages responses to a dedicated facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/ASSAABLOYUK

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Showsec md Mark Harding presents UKCMA case on business licensing

Mark Harding has drawn encouragement from an opportunity to discuss elements of proposed new licencing and regulation developments in a meeting with leading figures from the Security Industry Authority.

Showsec’s managing director met with Bill Butler, CEO of the SIA, and Christy Hopkins (the SIA’s head of transition) during their visit to the company’s Head Office in Leicester.

Harding reaffirmed a rational argument relating to some of the proposed changes on behalf of many throughout the security sector.

Left to right: Christy Hopkins and Bill Butler of the SIA with Showsec's md and UKCMA chairman Mark Harding

Left to right: Christy Hopkins and Bill Butler of the SIA with Showsec’s md and UKCMA chairman Mark Harding

In his capacity as chairman of the United Kingdom Crowd Management Association (UKCMA), Harding has represented the views of many security specialists (particularly those companies employing part-time staff) in voicing concerns to the Regulator around aspects of the proposed transition to business licencing.

Exchange of ideas and concerns

Following the meeting, Harding stated: “The fact that both parties have exchanged ideas and concerns about the next phase of business licencing is due to the credibility of the crowd management industry, a commitment to the idealism of the SIA and years of nurturing professional and organisational relationships with the Regulator, not to mention its willingness to engage with industry.”

He continued: “We were delighted that Bill and Christy took the time to come here to listen to what we have to say. It also provided them with an opportunity to experience the professionalism of our back office and support services, while also demonstrating how the industry has progressed.”

Harding added: “The case that the UKCMA has been arguing all the way through this process is important to the progression of the industry as a whole. Industry success is fundamentally attributable to the independent governance by the SIA and the cohesive effect it has had on industry. The UKCMA believes this ongoing governance is paramount to future success and is fully in favour of business licencing. However, the primary commercial concern raised by members is the disproportionate cost of business licencing for companies using part-time staff.”

Embellishing this theme, Harding stressed: “In essence, the UKCMA does not want to be burdened with another disproportionate charge similar to the one levied under the Approved Contractor Scheme. It wants to see a much fairer distribution of the financial burden. What we’re trying to secure is a future for the industry.”

Calling for unified standards and career paths

Harding, who also sits on the Strategic Advisory Group for the SIA and is part of the Security Regulation Alliance, said: “We want a platform where there is the capacity for new companies to regenerate the industry, where there are unified standards, where there are businesses acting legitimately and where there are career paths for individuals.”

He explained: “The reality is, however, that the impact of that transition will be very challenging in terms of it leading to more administration, while the premiums are disproportionate for companies employing part-time staff.”

The UKCMA represents in the region of 20% of the total number of SIA licence holders in the country, either through direct work or sub-contracting.

“We have a strong voice,” said Harding, ” and a positive approach towards finding industry-wide solutions. We have aligned industry development with the SIA’s idealism.”

In conclusion, Showsec’s md said: “It is to be hoped that we can find a positive solution to a commercial concern. I would once again like to thank Bill and Christy for coming here to listen to our argument.”

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2014 BSIA Apprentice Installer Awards: open for nominations

Nominations are now open for the 2014 Apprentice Installer Awards which recognise the brightest and best emerging talent in the electronic security sector.

Awarded annually by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), the awards serve to acknowledge the achievements of second and third year apprentices involved in the installation of alarms, CCTV, access control or a combination of these systems.

They also represent the commitment of security companies and training bodies alike in providing emerging talent with the opportunity to succeed in the security sector.

Open to all apprentices – including non-BSIA member companies – the awards will be presented during a glittering ceremony at the BSIA’s Annual Luncheon. The event will take place on 16 July 2014 at the London Hilton Hotel on Park Lane.

Jack Finley is presented with his 2013 Apprentice Installer Award by Commander Steve Rodhouse of the Metropolitan Police Service

Jack Finley is presented with his 2013 Apprentice Installer Award by Commander Steve Rodhouse of the Metropolitan Police Service

The awards are open to apprentice installers from security companies certified for their activities by a UKAS accredited certification body. As stated, apprentices are eligible for nomination if they are involved in the installation of alarms, access control or CCTV.

The scheme is designed for third year and particularly outstanding second year apprentices. Individuals can also be nominated by the college where they are studying.

Long-term career in security

James Kelly, CEO of the BSIA, commented: “Recognising the skills of the security world’s newest recruits is essential in encouraging them to commit to a more long-term career in the sector. This also helps in safeguarding the future of our industry and ensuring that individuals’ commitment to customer service and technological expertise are suitably rewarded.”

James Kelly: CEO at the BSIA

James Kelly: CEO at the BSIA

Sponsoring the awards for the fourth year running is electronic security equipment manufacturer Pyronix, whose chairman and CEO Julie Kenny CBE DL is a passionate supporter of apprenticeships.

“As the cost of university education has increased dramatically in the last few years,” explained Kenny, “there has never been a better time for the security sector to appeal to the younger generation who want to work, develop a career and earn money. As an industry, we need to highlight the opportunities available and target keen, young applicants prepared to influence our sector.”

Julie Kenny CBE DL

Julie Kenny CBE DL

Kenny continued: “Brought up in the ‘permanently connected age’, these apprentices have the user experience to push and assist with the transformation of technologies in our industry that customers will be demanding. We at Pyronix are therefore delighted to be sponsoring the Apprentice Installer Awards as we believe their input will be invaluable to help installers drive and control customer-driven technologies acrfoss the intruder market within the next few years.”

How to submit an entry for the Apprentice Installer Awards 2014

Companies interested in nominating their apprentice(s) for this year’s Apprentice Installer Awards can do so by downloading a nomination form via the following link: bit.ly/1buHdjv

The deadline for nominations is Friday 11 April 2014

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HID Global predicts major secure identity trends for 2014

HID Global has issued its projections for top trends the company believes will have the greatest impact on the secure identity industry in 2014.

The predictions encompass a diverse range of solutions and technologies, including anticipated advances in physical and logical access control, secure issuance, identity assurance, visitor management, electronic ID (eID) and secure asset tracking.

HID Global’s Dr Selva Selvaratnam (senior vice-president and CTO) anticipates a decline in the use of passwords for securing resources as organisations extend strong authentication across their IT infrastructure and out to the door.

This can also accelerate the convergence of physical and logical access control that will drive a more seamless user experience when securing doors, data and the cloud.

Dr Selva Selvaratnam: senior vice president and chief technology officer at HID Global

Dr Selva Selvaratnam: senior vice president and chief technology officer at HID Global

“As a follow-up to last year’s predictions,” said Dr Selvaratnam, “we’re now sharing the top trends we believe will shape the market during 2014 and beyond. These are exciting times as the industry continues to make it even easier for organisations to improve security, adapt to evolving threats and simplify the day-to-day working life for their users.”

Key trends to look out for in 2014

Dr Selvaratnam has identified the following trends to watch in 2014:

(1) The industry is quickly moving beyond static, proprietary access control architectures to more secure, open and adaptable solutions, in turn supporting the customers’ desire for new products and technologies that enable their business

(2) Integrating physical access control with IT security will bring new benefits while changing how organisations operate

(3) Strong authentication will continue to grow in importance in the face of a rapidly changing IT security threat environment (and will also move to the door and include other factors such as biometrics and gestures)

(4) Strong authentication will increasingly be implemented using a multi-layered security strategy

(5) Mobile access control will continue to roll out in stages and use various wireless technologies

(6) The market will enter a new era of NFC authentication services

(7) The migration of intelligence to the door will continue with the further adoption of IP architectures and future capabilities of smartphones for access control

(8) Printing and encoding advancements will simplify card personalisation. The market will increasingly see faster printing and encoding solutions, more durable card materials and solutions that enable ‘anywhere/anytime’ distributed issuance capabilities

(9) Visitor management systems will continue to move beyond the businesses to schools, hospitals and other institutions where high profile incidents have proven that safety and security shouldn’t be left to paper logs

(10) There will be accelerating worldwide adoption of multi-purpose electronic ID (eID) credentials

Detailed descriptions of HID Global’s anticipated secure identity trends for 2014 trends can be found on HID Global’s blog:

Part 1 http://www.hidglobal.com/blog/whats-in-store-2014-key-secure-identity-trends-part-1
Part 2 http://www.hidglobal.com/blog/whats-in-store-2014-key-secure-identity-trends-part-2

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IHS Research Note: ‘Big change forecast for enterprise data storage used in video surveillance market’

IHS Technology’s market analyst Sam Grinter comments on recent findings from a new report on the market for enterprise and IP storage used for video surveillance.

Changes to legislation are significantly impacting the market for enterprise data storage in video surveillance on the global stage.

For example, in Germany the maximum retention time for video surveillance has been increased from 24 hours to 48 hours, effectively doubling the maximum capacity requirement of video surveillance data storage systems.

In the Andhra Pradesh state of India, all establishments where a gathering of 100 or more people is expected are required to provide video surveillance protection according to the Public Safety Enforcement Act passed in 2013.

Both examples of legislation are expected to increase the demand for video surveillance data storage.

Greater value placed on video surveillance data

According to leading vendors in the market, end users are placing greater value on their video surveillance data. This is due to video surveillance increasingly being used for business intelligence applications, as well as evidence for defence in law suits.

Changes to legislation are significantly impacting the market for enterprise data storage in video surveillance

Changes to legislation are significantly impacting the market for enterprise data storage in video surveillance

In both cases, investment in storing video surveillance data for extended periods of time – or at a higher quality – affords the end user increased return on investment.

Network attached storage (NAS) is forecast to increasingly compete with storage area network (SAN) solutions. Technological development of NAS is making it more comparable (in terms of performance) with SAN.

Typically, NAS is also more cost-effective to install and maintain compared to SAN. With price being a major factor in the buying decisions made around video surveillance, IHS forecasts strong growth for NAS solutions over the next three years.

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ACPO approves definition for business crime

ACPO and the National Business Crime Forum have announced that a definition of business crime has now been formerly agreed upon and adopted for the purposes of national crime recording.

It’s widely understood that a minimum of 15% of all crime is related to business crime. The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the National Business Crime Forum (NBCF) have now agreed on a definition for the term, which is as follows:

“Business crime is any criminal offence that is committed against a person or property
which is associated by the connection of that person or property to a business.”

This can be condensed to reflect the MOPAC definition of business crime given that it represents any crime in, around or against a business.

The definition is based on the perception of the victim at the time of reporting of the offence.

An impressive milestone

The definition represents an impressive milestone and the first very important step towards recognising all victims of business crime as well as ensuring, for the first time, that the impact of business crime can be accurately measured.

Paddy Tipping: APCC lead on business crime

Paddy Tipping: APCC lead on business crime

An official statement issued by the NBCF reads: “We hope a consequence of accurate recording will be to allow police resources to be more appropriately and effectively allocated and deployed. We recognise that there is still a big task ahead for policing to now train all police staff nationally to that definition and adapt force crime recording systems to allow for the recording of the crimes. We will be working with the college of policing in developing a package which recognises the issues that need to be overcome for its successful implementation.”

The statement continues: “This is a significant step forward in appreciating the impact of business crime on its victim. It’s important the police service and business sector continue to work together on a collaborative basis to ensure that this system continues to be most effective from both the victim’s and investigators’ points of view.”

On behalf of the wider business community, NBCF chairman Barrie Millett MSyI is in the process of developing a successful working relationship with the newly-appointed Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) business crime lead, Paddy Tipping, to enable the business community to come together as one collective voice and raise positive developments and concerns regarding business crime.

It’s envisaged that, as the lead co-ordinating organisation for the various business membership and representative bodies on a national basis, the NBCF will be able to work in partnership with Tipping to collaborate on addressing all forms of business crime.

Barrie Millett MSyI: chairman of the National Business Crime Forum

Barrie Millett MSyI: chairman of the National Business Crime Forum

“I’m truly pleased that we have been able to achieve an important part of this journey,” stated Barrie Millett, “and I will continue to drive forward a collaborative approach to addressing business crime on a national basis.”

The NBCF will continue to work collaboratively to ensure the successful implementation of the definition and will keep interested parties informed as each stage of the strategy is achieved.

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IQ expands management provision through purchase of the Institute of Administrative Management

Industry Qualifications (IQ) has announced the acquisition of the name and assets of the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM).

The purchase, which was concluded on Monday 27 January 2014, has resulted in the IQ ownership of the intellectual property of IAM qualifications along with supporting learning materials, the IAM databases, the IAM name and the title to the magazine ‘Manager’.

IAM (which was originally established in 1915 and, as such, is the oldest management institute in the UK) entered liquidation in November.

Following the purchase, IQ will be able to offer 40 additional qualifications in management at Levels 4 to 7. IQ will also provide learning support materials for all of those qualifications through its sister company IQ Resources.

Management development and assessment market

“We are delighted to have concluded this purchase,” said Raymond Clarke, CEO of IQ. “The acquisition of IAM will propel IQ into a leading position in the management development and assessment market, and help provide recognised IQ assessment pathways into the Higher Education sector.”

Raymond Clarke: CEO of Industry Qualifications

Raymond Clarke: CEO of Industry Qualifications

Clarke added: “When combined with our current provision, IQ will be able to offer management programmes from Levels 2 to 6+ in subjects from team leadership to senior management and from short programmes to those with a duration of 2-3 years. The new qualifications will provide a major dimension to our international strategy.”

According to Clarke, the initial focus will be to re-establish the IAM qualifications within IQ and re-engage with those that had been studying on IAM programmes.

“It’s extremely important that we provide existing IAM students with the confidence to continue their studies,” asserted Clarke. “With over 7,000 students studying programmes leading to IAM awards, this has to be our highest priority. Once this is achieved, we will be communicating with members about the additional services that were provided by IAM that added value, and which could be retained, changed or enhanced. Of course, we’re also looking forward to celebrating the centenary of the IAM with members next year.”

IQ states that the use of the established IQ infrastructure is expected to radically reduce the cost base associated with the former IAM qualifications. When combined with the increased opportunities through the growing IQ networks in the UK and internationally, the viability of the qualifications increases and provides IQ with a significant platform for growth and brand development.

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Ray Mabus – Secretary of the US Navy – to close ASIS Europe 2014 Conference

ASIS International has announced that Ray Mabus – United States Secretary of the Navy – will be the closing keynote speaker at ASIS Europe 2014.

The ASIS 13th European Security Conference and Exhibition is set to take place in The Hague, The Netherlands on 1-3 April 2014.

Ray Mabus is the 75th United States Secretary of the Navy and leads the US Navy and Marine Corps.

As Secretary of the Navy, Mabus is responsible for conducting the affairs of the Department of the Navy, including recruiting, organising, equipping, training and mobilising.

Ray Mabus: United States Secretary of the Navy

Ray Mabus: United States Secretary of the Navy

Additionally, Mabus oversees the construction and repair of naval ships, aircraft and facilities, and formulates and implements policies and programmes consistent with the national security policies established by the President and the Secretary of Defense.

Mabus is responsible for an annual budget in excess of $170 billion and the leadership of almost 900,000 people.

Focus on strengthening partnerships

Upon assumption of office and throughout his tenure, Mabus has prioritised improving the quality of life of Sailors, Marines and their families, decreasing the Department’s dependence on fossil fuels, strengthening partnerships and revitalising the Navy’s shipbuilding programme.

Mabus has made increasing the size of the naval fleet and protecting the industrial base a top budget priority of the Department. During his tenure, the Navy went from building fewer than five ships a year to having more than 40 ships under contract, most of them in fixed-price, multi-year deals that assure value for taxpayers and certainty for industry partners.

In June 2010, as an additional duty President Obama appointed Mabus to prepare the long-term recovery plan for the Gulf of Mexico in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Mabus’ report was released in September 2010 and met with broad bi-partisan support with most recommendations passed into law by Congress as the Restore Act.

Included in the legislation was a fund to aid in the Gulf Coast’s recovery by distributing 80% of any civil penalties awarded as a result of the damage caused by the disaster. To date, civil penalties total more than one billion dollars.

Variety of leadership roles

Before his appointment, Mabus held a variety of leadership positions. From 1988 to 1992, he served as Governor of Mississippi, the youngest person elected to that office in more than 150 years. Mabus was Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 1994-1996 and later chairman and CEO of a manufacturing company.

Mabus has been recognised for his leadership of the Navy and Marine Corps on multiple occasions. In 2013, he was named one of the Top 50 highest rated CEOs by Glassdoor, an online jobs and career community. Mabus was the only leader of a federal agency to receive this award.

In his keynote presentation, Secretary Mabus is expected to address issues related to maritime security.

The 13th ASIS European Security Conference and Exhibition will cover a wide range of security issues in three plenary sessions and 33 high-level educational sessions divided over four parallel tracks.
The conference will also feature:

• CSO Round Table Summit organised by the CSO Roundtable of ASIS International
• Technology and Solutions Theatre showcasing the latest in security products and services
• Workshop focusing on security issues in Central and Eastern Europe
• Unrivalled networking opportunities at the Welcome Party and at the President’s Reception as well as business lunches and networking breaks

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Tavcom Training’s senior tutor Jon Laws guest lectures at People’s Public Security University of China

Senior tutor for Tavcom Training, Jon Laws, recently took up an invitation to deliver five guest lectures at the People’s Public Security University of China.

Founded in 1948 and with in excess of 10,000 students, the Beijing-based People’s Public Security University of China provides education on a wide range of subjects for China’s uniformed police force as well as training for officers and cadets from 40 developing countries.

The People’s Public Security University of China

The People’s Public Security University of China

Over a five-day period, Laws shared his extensive knowledge with students, graduates, lecturers and visiting professors who were keen to hear his views on what constitutes Best Practice in respect of the installation and operation of video surveillance systems.

Among the topics addressed by Laws during his lectures were the Operational Requirement, automated CCTV, benefits of integration and video content analysis.

CCTV expert Jon Laws

CCTV expert Jon Laws

“The number of video surveillance systems in China is likely to increase dramatically over the next few years,” commented Laws, ” so it’s not surprising that everyone who attended my lectures was hungry to learn about the standards and processes used by security professionals in the UK.”

Laws went on to state: “It was an extremely rewarding experience to have so many questions put to me by students who clearly wanted to capitalise on all aspects of their training in order to succeed in their careers.”

Jon Laws imparts his vast knowledge on security systems

Jon Laws imparts his vast knowledge on security systems

Security systems training courses

Tavcom is a leading supplier of security systems training courses, providing award-winning BTEC-certificated courses to installers, operators, managers and designers of CCTV, Network IP, intruder alarm, access control, fire alarm and all other types of electronic security systems.

A wide range of technical and non-technical courses cover all security systems-related fields including security management, Control Room operations, system planning and project management, structured cabling, disaster recovery, counter-eavesdropping, PAT testing and covert CCTV.

Tavcom’s workshops provide ‘hands-on’ facilities which offer immediate opportunities to put theory into practice – a Tavcom tradition of blended learning that has refined the knowledge and skills of thousands of delegates over the last two decades.

Courses are available to meet the training requirements of security personnel at all levels, from Foundation courses for those with little or no previous experience through to highly advanced programmes for Control Room supervisors, security managers and company executives.

In total, Tavcom currently offers over 50 regularly scheduled training courses ranging from one-day seminars to five-day, fully residential programmes.

The Tavcom Training Academy and Technical Services Division

The Tavcom Training Academy specialises in the development, promotion and provision of accredited online ‘e-learning’ courses to students from around the globe. A subscription-based arm of the Academy offers online education, technical tips, industry news and generous discounts on Tavcom products and services to its members.

Tavcom’s Technical Services Division offers a wide diversity of expertise including product and system testing, security audits, risk assessment and training needs analysis.

The company has assembled ‘under one roof’ a highly qualified team of experts who can collectively provide professional advice on all aspects of electronic security. All members of this hand-picked team are recognised as leading authorities in their respective fields, with unrivalled technical knowledge underpinned by a thorough understanding of ‘real world’ security issues.

For further information call Tavcom on +44 (0)1489 895099 or e-mail: sales@tavcom.com

Alternatively, visit: http://www.tavcom.com

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Cooper Security is now Eaton: ‘Powering More Possibilities’

Power management company Eaton has announced that Cooper Security is now Eaton – an important development that will provide customers with a wider and more diverse product portfolio.

The integration process has been seamless and installers have experienced no changes to the levels of product availability, service and support they have come to expect from Eaton’s security business (and both of its popular Menvier and Scantronic products).

During this process, customers can continue to purchase products from exactly the same wholesalers and distributors they have worked with before.

The company’s website, packaging, catalogues and brochures have already started to adopt the Eaton name, style and terminology, and customers will increasingly see it used within trade publications, promotional material and the channel from now on.

Extremely positive response to the move

Matthew Phelps, managing director of Eaton’s security business, commented: “We’re incredibly pleased with how smooth the integration process has been. Just as importantly, the response from our partners has been extremely positive. We will continue to deliver high quality products. I firmly believe that being part of one of the world’s leading electrical businesses provides our customers with a wealth of new possibilities and opportunities.”

Matthew Phelps

Matthew Phelps

Eaton’s legacy of innovation in product design and manufacturing stretches back over 100 years. The company now has 102,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries.

Eaton has become synonymous with power distribution, circuit protection and back-up power protection systems that set a new benchmark in protecting people and buildings.

For those involved with the specification, installation and maintenance of IP CCTV, access control and lone worker protection, ensuring continuity of power and minimising downtime is increasingly important. For example, by drawing on Eaton’s range of UPS solutions, installers can integrate this technology with security systems to manage energy consumption, increase uptime and lower costs.

Doing so also offers customers the valuable peace of mind that comes with keeping their personnel, equipment and data as safe as possible.

Research and Development capabilities

Eaton’s security business is unique in its ability to use such high standards of power protection expertise. It will also benefit from enhanced Research and Development (R&D) capabilities, making it a dynamic and forward-thinking market player providing security that can be totally relied upon.

Installers will also be able to benefit from joining one of the electrical industry’s most revered partner programmes, details of which will be announced later on this year.

“We have always taken enormous pride in our determination to work closely with our customers to understand and solve the challenges they face today and those that may come tomorrow,” concluded Phelps.

“Now, as part of Eaton, I’m confident that we are better placed than ever before to meet these objectives and deliver the cutting-edge technology that is expected from us.”

For further information visit: http://www.eaton.com/Eaton/CooperjoinsEaton/index.htm

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