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Tavcom Training publishes 2014 Prospectus

Tavcom, the leading supplier of security systems training courses, has published its 2014 Prospectus.

The Prospectus, which can be viewed online at http://www.tavcom.com, provides information on over 70 different classroom, workshop and online training courses.

In a year that sees the hugely respected company celebrate its 20th Anniversary, the Prospectus provides details on a new System Integration course and a Tavcom online Level 5 BTEC Diploma course.

“End users are understandably seeking to achieve the best possible return on investment from their electronic security systems,” asserted Paul Tennent, Tavcom Training’s managing director. “Therefore, we expect that our Systems Integration course will prove to be extremely popular with installers who are looking to generate new business, as well as provide existing customers with maximum value from their security solutions.”

Paul Tennent: md at Tavcom Training

Paul Tennent: md at Tavcom Training

Tennent added: “Our online Level 5 BTEC Diploma course is likely to be equally as popular. Like all of our distance learning web-based courses, it meets the same exacting high standards of education that we have achieved worldwide with our traditional BTEC classroom training courses.”

A printed copy of the Tavcom 2014 Prospectus is available upon request. Send an e-mail to: sales@tavcom.com

About Tavcom Training

Tavcom Training is a leading supplier of security systems training courses, providing award-winning BTEC-certificated courses to installers, operators, managers and designers of CCTV, Network IP, intruder alarm, access control, fire alarm and all other types of electronic security systems.

A wide range of technical and non-technical courses cover all security systems-related fields such as security management, Control Room operations, systems planning and project management, structured cabling, disaster recovery, counter-eavesdropping, PAT testing and covert CCTV.

Tavcom’s workshops provide unrivalled ‘hands-on’ facilities which offer immediate opportunities to put theory into practice – a Tavcom tradition of blended learning that has refined the knowledge and skills of thousands of delegates across two decades.

Courses are available to meet the training requirements of security personnel at all levels, from Foundation courses for those with little or no previous experience through to highly advanced programmes for Control Room supervisors, security managers and company executives.

In total, Tavcom currently offers over 50 regularly scheduled training courses ranging from one-day seminars to five-day fully residential programmes.

The Tavcom Academy

The Tavcom Academy specialises in the development, promotion and provision of accredited online ‘e-learning’ courses to students from around the globe.

A subscription-based arm of the Academy offers online education, technical tips, industry news and generous discounts on Tavcom products and services to its members.

Tavcom’s Technical Services Division offers a wide diversity of expertise including product and system testing, security audits, risk assessment and training needs analysis.

For further information telephone +44 (0)1489 895099, e-mail: sales@tavcom.com or visit: http://www.tavcom.com

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Cyber Streetwise campaign partner Sophos urges UK SMEs to take online security seriously

Sophos has announced its involvement in the UK Government’s National Cyber Security campaign Cyber Streetwise, which was launched yesterday and is aimed at changing attitudes to online security among consumers and small businesses.

According to Government research*, half of UK SMEs are not getting the cyber security basics right, in turn leaving these businesses – and, potentially, their customers – vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The research, which questioned UK SMEs about their online security habits, reveals that a surprisingly low number of companies regularly monitor their IT systems for breaches (46%), regularly use complex access passwords (58%), restrict access to IT networks (48%) or control the use of USB storage devices (46%).

To help SMEs improve their cyber security, Cyber Streetwise is providing impartial advice and tips on how to make simple but effective changes to improve online security and safeguard online reputations.

Imperative that businesses take action

James Lyne, the global head of security research at Sophos, said: “SMEs make up the vast majority of UK companies, as well as our own customer base. Sophos has partnered with Government to support Cyber Streetwise because we believe it’s imperative for businesses to take action to protect themselves online.”

The Cyber Streetwise website – www.cyberstreetwise.com – hosts a range of interactive resources for SME leaders

The Cyber Streetwise website – http://www.cyberstreetwise.com – hosts a range of interactive resources for SME leaders

Lyne continued: “Consumers and SMEs are both finding new ways to interact online, including via a greater range of devices, but with this enhanced technology comes risk. SophosLabs finds over 30,000 new infected websites distributing malware every day and, contrary to popular belief, the majority – around 80% – are legitimate small business websites that have been hacked. It’s therefore vital that small businesses get the basics of security right – from installing antivirus to regularly updating and patching software, using complex passwords and protecting data.”

The Cyber Streetwise website – http://www.cyberstreetwise.com – hosts a range of interactive resources for SME leaders and staff to gain impartial advice on how to protect their business online, including an online health-checker for companies to assess their cyber security knowledge and receive tailored tips and downloads to improve online security.

Sophos, which has provided security expertise and content for the Cyber Streetwise site, is also pushing visitors from its own dedicated web page – http://www.sophos.com/cyber-street – to the Cyber Streetwise website.

Malicious code on systems

James Lyne concluded: “SMEs who don’t put basic security measures in place are leaving themselves exposed to attackers capable of silently installing malicious code on their systems without permission. We are proud to have been asked to support and to provide content for Cyber Streetwise, which will play a vital role in in encouraging businesses and consumers to adopt safer behaviours online and to take the fight to cyber criminals by improving their online security.”

*National Cyber Security Tracker – Wave 3, October 2013

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