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Regional-specific technology set to increase the adoption of Safe Cities

The latest Research Note from Paul Bremner – market analyst for IHS Inc – examines new technology for Safe Cities.

FirstNet, a high-speed broadband data network dedicated to public safety using a nationwide spectrum licence, is expected to increase collaboration between emergency responders.

Revenues in the American market for electronic security equipment in city surveillance applications totalled around $200 million, with wireless infrastructure forming almost $80 million of that total and more than doubling to 2017.

Wireless infrastructures, wireless networks

In the past, wireless infrastructure has been plagued with both quality and capacity problems, both of which FirstNet is expected to resolve.

For their part, wireless networks have varied dramatically from city to city. The differences in quality and capacity of these networks can be very noticeable and affect how the city can use that network. A very low cost wireless network cannot stream video from, for example, an officer to a command centre or vice versa.

FirstNet will level the playing field for every city and, for a significant portion of them, will raise the bar, in turn offering possibilities that didn’t previously exist.

Regional-specific technology such as FirstNet is set to increase the adoption of Safe Cities

Regional-specific technology such as FirstNet is set to increase the adoption of Safe Cities

FirstNet will be built to public-safety grade standards using LTE wireless technology, and is a network that is defined, administered and only relevant to the US. However, if FirstNet proves a success in providing emergency service providers with the first nationwide, high-speed network dedicated to public safety, this will pave the way for other countries to follow a similar path.

A key feature of FirstNet is the integration of land mobile radio (LMR) networks alongside the LTE voice capabilities because police, firefighters and emergency service personnel all rely on LMR networks for their mission critical voice applications. For FirstNet to be a success this integration was crucial.

Safe Cities: Understanding the Market Opportunity

The IHS report entitled ‘Safe Cities: Understanding the Market Opportunity – World – 2013 Edition’ is a first edition report providing qualitative and quantitative analysis to identify where the market opportunities are for Safe City projects.

The report explores the technologies and business models enabling Safe City projects, regional market drivers and what the competitive landscape looks like.

Quantitatively, the report includes the IHS Safe City Index, incorporating IHS Global Insight and IHS Jane’s data to measure the potential of different countries across the globe.

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Sochi realises Safe City Solution through NICE Systems

As a modern city whose population is expected to grow substantially in the coming years, Sochi is looking towards more efficiently managing its day-to-day operations, optimising its law enforcement resources and enhancing public safety for citizens and visitors alike.

In addition, many visitors will soon be arriving to witness and participate in several highly prestigious events – among them the 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix and, of course, the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

On that basis, the city’s management recognises the need for meeting the increasing requirements and complexity involved in ensuring public safety and security.

With the city necessarily having to rapidly expand and enhance its security infrastructure, Sochi officials decided to deploy the complete NICE Safe City solution developed by NICE Systems to meet the challenge.

This included the NICE Situator Situation Management solution for integrated, centralised situation management, the NiceVision IP Video Surveillance solution (spanning over 1,400 channels), the NICE Inform Incident Debriefing and Investigation solution (to enable multimedia incident debriefing and simulation investigation), the NICE Video Analytics Suite (with intrusion detection capabilities) and also NICE’s Audio Recording solution.

Optimising law enforcement resources

Using NICE’s Safe City solutions, Sochi will be able to more efficiently manage city operations, optimise its law enforcement resources and enhance public safety for citizens and visitors.

Thanks to NICE Situator, the city’s security infrastructure and systems have been integrated to form a Command and Control Centre that includes 40 NICE Situator workstations. This allows law enforcement agencies to build a common operating picture for all stakeholders as well as to create an automated response plan with adaptive workflows.

Sochi is looking to be able to more efficiently manage its day-to-day city operations, optimise its law enforcement resources and enhance public safety for its citizens and visitors

Sochi is looking to be able to more efficiently manage its day-to-day city operations, optimise its law enforcement resources and enhance public safety for its citizens and visitors

With NiceVision and the 1,400 video channels deployed, the city of Sochi can monitor its urban operations and thereby address security, safety and operational risks. Specifically, Sochi law enforcement authorities will be able to automatically detect overcrowding, unattended baggage and perimeter intrusions through NICE Video Analytics.

NICE Inform has the ability to provide complete, synchronised multimedia incident reconstruction files for debriefing and investigation. Additionally, Inform-generated incident files may be used for insight to improve operations, training and the handling of events.

Sochi law enforcement authorities can provide advanced protection to critical infrastructure and public buildings, in addition to being able to automatically detect overcrowding, unattended baggage and perimeter intrusions.

They’ll also be able to monitor, detect and manage traffic congestion and illegal parking, in addition to preventing loitering and overcrowding situations in public buildings and commercial areas. All are key elements in providing a safe and secure environment for the scale of events they’ll be hosting.

Rapid population and economic growth

Sergey Cherepov, director of the Situation Monitoring Centre in Sochi, commented: “We’re extremely excited to be hosting these world famous sporting events in Sochi and are committed to ensuring that the city is safe and secure. The coming years will witness rapid population and economic growth in Sochi, broadening the safety and security challenges as well as increasing the requirements and complexity of everyday city operations. We’re confident that NICE, together with its partner Asteros, will provide the comprehensive solutions demanded to meet our extensive requirements and scaling needs.”

Andrey Cheremnykh, president of the project system integrator Asteros Group, explained: “Sochi’s Safe City project is a significant implementation of an emergency control centre and video surveillance platform. It will provide additional advantages to the police force, law enforcement authorities and emergency and city operation services to help them reduce the number of offences and ensure public safety.”

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