Ex-forces jobseekers can secure their future with Octavian

Security solutions provider Octavian Security has begun its initiative to provide crucial employment opportunities for former military personnel.

The business (which is headquartered in Nottingham but operates at various locations across the UK) has teamed up with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP). The latter is partly run by the Ministry of Defence, and is the official provider of Armed Forces resettlement in the UK.

Octavian’s initiative with the CTP allows those who have served in the military to adapt to what can be a difficult change of routine, a different sector and different duties. It allows the company to easily recruit people who are highly skilled for work in the private security sector.

Understanding of the challenges involved

With many of the Octavian group’s contract managers already from military backgrounds, its workforce has an acute understanding of the challenges that ex-forces individuals face, while also understanding how they can adapt their unique skills and talents.

Octavian Security officers on duty

Octavian Security officers on duty

New recruits are given all of the necessary training and support to allow them to flourish in a commercial environment.

“Former military personnel are often ideally suited to a career in the security industry,” explained Tony Mellor, commercial director and head of Human Resources at Octavian Security.

“They have tremendous self-discipline, dependability and professionalism, and we have found that they make excellent employees for the business across a variety of departments. It’s good to support such a worthwhile organisation as the CTP, and we’ve found it to be very efficient in recruiting quality staff quickly.”

Excellent start to the programme

Octavian has so far employed nine people through the programme, all of whom have settled into their new careers extremely well.

Octavian has previously made headlines around the world for employing ex-Gurkhas as security officers. It has also developed a strong reputation for its industry-leading training standards and professionalism, with numerous accreditations and awards.

For more details on Octavian Security and its recruitment for military personal visit http://www.octaviangr.com

For information on the CTP visit http://www.ctp.org.uk

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