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Scotland and the UK “safer together” states Home Secretary

Threats to Scotland and the UK from organised crime gangs, cyber criminals and global terrorism are best confronted with Scotland inside the UK, the Home Secretary explained today.

The Home Secretary was in Scotland to launch ‘Scotland Analysis: Security’, the seventh in a series of UK Government papers to inform the debate ahead of next year’s independence referendum.

The paper examines how the UK and Scotland derive mutual benefit from an integrated approach to security, cyber, justice and policing, as well as from security exports and our international alliances and relationships.

The possible consequences for both Scotland and the continuing UK of a vote for independence are subject to analysis in the paper. It stresses that while the UK does work with other countries (such as the Republic of Ireland) to improve security and fight organised crime, there’s a significant difference between these relationships and Scotland’s current position as a privileged and influential part of the UK.

The analysis concludes that independence could disturb the united protection provided to Scotland by the UK’s security and intelligence architecture.

Home Secretary Theresa May

Home Secretary Theresa May

Scottish referendum: key implications of Scottish independence

Key implications of Scottish independence include:

• Scotland facing a technically complex and expensive requirement to establish its security infrastructure. In the meantime, there would be a risk to both Scotland and the continuing UK of diminished security.

• Scotland no longer being covered by the UK’s National Cyber Security Programme which strengthens the services the public rely on and makes the UK a safer place for businesses to operate.

• Co-operation between Police Scotland and other UK forces may not be as straightforward as it is now. Long established UK-wide laws make it easier to pursue justice across borders despite different legal systems and police jurisdictions.

• A limit to the amount of information the continuing UK would be able to share with Scotland. Under the ‘Control Principle’ the UK could not share the kind of information used to fight and counter terrorism with Scotland, passed to it by another country, unless the UK had that country’s consent.

Security consequences of Scottish independence

“This report sets out in plain terms the security consequences of independence, not just for Scotland but for the UK as a whole,” said Home Secretary Theresa May. “Undoubtedly, we are stronger and safer together.”

May continued: “The national security risks the UK faces are complex and changing. Terrorists and organised criminals will seek new ways to exploit any weakness in our justice and policing capabilities, and the scale of emerging threats, such as cyber crime, demands a comprehensively resourced response.”

On that basis, the Home Secretary explained: “Now is the time to work more closely together for the security of all citizens of the UK.”

The UK Government believes that Scotland is better off as part of the UK, and that the UK is stronger, safer and more secure with Scotland as part of it.

In the event of a vote in favour of leaving the UK, Scotland would become an entirely new state and would have to establish its own security arrangements.

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BSIA’s ‘Scotland: Secure for Business’ event returns to Murrayfield

Following the success of last year’s ‘Scotland: Secure for Business’ event, organised by the British Security Industry Association, the conference and exhibition will be returning to the Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh on Tuesday 26 November.

The free-to-attend event, which is supported by Scottish Enterprise, provides Scottish-based businesses with information, advice and guidance on the latest security issues.

Fergus Ewing MSP, the Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism will formally open this year’s event and will be followed by an informative seminar featuring several speakers.

Shane Grennan: regional manager at Fortinet

Shane Grennan: regional manager at Fortinet

Speakers for this year’s conference programme have been confirmed as:

• Shane Grennan, regional manager for Fortinet (a worldwide provider of network security appliances) , who’ll be discussing the threat of cyber crime from a practical Case Study perspective
• Chief Superintendent Paul Main of Police Scotland and Johanna Buchanan, project manager for CSSC Scotland, who’ll be speaking about the Cross-Sector Safety and Security Communications Scotland Project, providing a police perspective on the Commonwealth Games and how the CSSC is able to help businesses
• Luke Simmons, director of security and Christian Donelan, general manager of Security: Glasgow 2014. Luke and Christian will speak about the security planning for the upcoming Commonwealth Games
• Bill Matthews, chairman of the Security Industry Authority (SIA), who will be delivering a presentation entitled ‘Business Licencing’ – an update on working towards a new regulatory regime

Bill Matthews: acting chairman of the SIA

Bill Matthews: acting chairman of the SIA

Download the full programme

Delegates from the private and public sectors welcome

‘Scotland: Secure for Business’ is open to delegates from businesses and organisations in both the private and public sectors, and provides attendees with the opportunity to pose questions to each of the speakers, enabling delegates to gain tangible benefits for their individual organisations.

This year, a free workshop is also planned to provide companies specifically interested in exporting with guidance and advice on the challenges and benefits of international trade.

Alongside the conference, delegates will also have the opportunity to attend an exhibition where a diverse range of security companies will be promoting their products and services.

Willie Clark, Scottish Representative at the BSIA, commented: “Last year’s event proved extremely popular, with over 180 delegates in attendance representing a wide range of sectors. This year’s event promises to deliver another varied seminar programme and exhibition, allowing Scottish businesses to discover more about the security market and gain further insight into the risks and opportunities that their own businesses may face. Completely free to attend, it’s certainly one not to be missed.”

Delegates interested in attending the event can register free of charge by completing this online registration form.

Security-focused businesses wishing to exhibit at this event can do so by completing the exhibitor booking form.

For more information about the work of the BSIA visit the Trade Association’s website: http://www.bsia.co.uk

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Esoteric awarded Safecontractor accreditation

Esoteric – the counter-espionage and electronic sweeping company – has been awarded accreditation from Safecontractor for its commitment to achieving excellence in Health and Safety.

Safecontractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises very high standards in Health and Safety management among UK contractors.

Under the Safecontractor scheme, businesses undergo a vetting process which examines Health and Safety procedures and their track record for safe practice.

The Safecontractor badge of quality

The Safecontractor badge of quality

Commitment to customers and staff

Providing specialist counter-espionage security services to organisations across the UK and on the international stage, Esoteric’s accreditation demonstrates the company’s commitment to maintaining the Health and Safety of its clients and staff as well as being a differentiator in winning new business.

Esoteric’s operations and compliance manager Hannah Byford-Smith said: “Our interest in the Safecontractor accreditation was driven by our desire to maintain a high standard of Health and Safety across all aspects of our business. This is just one of a number of measures that Esoteric is undertaking in order to provide a premium quality service to all of our clients.”

Hannah Byford-Smith: operations and compliance manager at Esoteric

Hannah Byford-Smith: operations and compliance manager at Esoteric

John Kinge, technical director at Safecontractor, added: “Major organisations simply cannot afford to run the risk of employing contractors who are not able to prove that they have sound Health and Safety policies in place.”

Kinge added: “More companies need to understand the importance of adopting good risk management in the way that Esoteric has done. The company’s high standard has set an example which, hopefully, will be followed by other companies within the sector.”

Safeguarding private information

Esoteric is a leading technical surveillance countermeasures (bug sweeping) and covert surveillance company working discreetly with corporations, Government departments and high worth individuals on the national and world stage to safeguard private information and conversations from illicit eavesdropping devices.

The company believes in delivering a strategic approach that assists its clients in understanding the risks facing their business.

Esoteric then works with the end user to implement Best Practice systems, policies and procedures and undertake appropriate measures to address the threat of potential, attempted and actual attacks from competitors, criminals, overseas agencies and employees.

Esoteric specialises in counter-espionage and electronic sweeping

Esoteric specialises in counter-espionage and electronic sweeping

Services include the development of counterespionage/security strategies and policy implementation, technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM)/electronic bug sweeping, critical information protection products including the ‘E-Room’ 24/7 monitoring sensor, mobile phone detectors and mobile phone blockers, TSCM training and espionage awareness briefings, covert investigations and surveillance.

Further information on Esoteric and its solutions is available at: http://www.esotericltd.com

Assessing Health and Safety arrangements

Safecontractor is a third party accreditation scheme that assesses Health and Safety arrangements.

Many major clients recognise the scheme and accept the Safecontractor certificate as confirmation of competency.

For further information about the Safecontractor scheme telephone 029 2026 6750

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Updated MWMP lone worker management platform launched by Connexion2

Lone Worker security and safety solutions specialist Connexion2 has released an updated version of its MWMP lone worker management platform.

Now “even more responsive” to customers’ requirements, the MWMP has new functionality and an updated user interface for optimum flexibility across desktop PCs, laptops and tablet devices.

The platform is a tool designed specifically to improve the management of lone workers based across a range of remote locations, offices or within the community. It also serves to further connect the disciplines of workforce management and lone worker protection in an affordable, time-effective package, in turn making it easier for managers to co-ordinate personnel and respond to new information both quickly and efficiently.

However, the updated MWMP is not just a tool for management. Lone workers with a GPS-enabled Identicom device or Identicom mobile application on a smart phone can now share information about their activities across their team or lone worker community. This can be used to assist lone worker safety as well as improve on a range of operational or social functions.

Connexion2's MWMP management platform for lone workers

Connexion2’s MWMP management platform for lone workers

Benefits for the end user

Customers are able to use a mixture of Identicom devices across a team that’s appropriate to the level of risk or job function and integrate them with MWMP as part of a lone worker solution from SoloProtect.

This allows teams of workers to be supplied with a quality solutions package that includes devices, 24/7 alarm monitoring support and training for all users.

A real innovation on the updated version of the platform relates to the reporting options available to the lone worker manager: a raft of useful information can be accessed quickly to streamline the process of reporting around remotely-based personnel.

The Identicom lone worker device continues to be manufactured by Connexion2 in the UK and is employed across a wide range of user applications and industry sectors.

Designed primarily to reduce the impact of worker accidents and instances of verbal abuse and attack directed at lone workers, Identicom was the first device of its kind to be awarded Secured by Design status from ACPO and retains its ability to be supplied as part of a BS 8484-centric solution.

What’s new to MWMP?

• Better reporting: The new ‘Dashboard function’ lets the end user gain quick and accurate reporting on device usage by viewing a single page. This includes details of check-in status, the number of status checks, GPS positions logged and details of speeds being travelled.

• It’s now easier to digest information about a whole team – a manager can use the ‘Checkerboard’ to view up-to-date information on who’s currently working and when they were last in communication with the platform. It also allows users in the field to be filtered by their device type or a range of device status options including: Checked In or Out, Location Tracking On or Off, Low Signal, Low Battery, Moving or Not Reporting.

• Lone workers can now play a much larger role in supplying information of value across the platform. The ability to upload pictures regarding job notifications or criminal activity, tagging of specific risks or the highlighting of points of interest to share with others – the platform has moved away from simple tool for a lone worker manager and is now a point of reference for a lone worker community.

• The platform has an improved interface to optimise the user experience across a range of device formats.

• Multiple breadcrumb trails of worker movements can now be displayed on a single map view.

Updated MWMP represents a “genuine progression”

“The updated MWMP represents a genuine progression in terms of what the platform can deliver to improve operations for a business employing lone workers”, said Craig Swallow, Connexion2’s managing director.

“The power to share information with colleagues has dramatically increased. The new reporting options provide managers of lone workers with a multitude of options, thereby dramatically reducing their reporting burden around mobile workers.”

View some short videos showcasing the updated MWMP on Connexion2’s YouTube channel.

Here’s a video of the Checkerboard function on the MWMP platform

If you’d like to know more about the updated MWMP platform, or arrange a trial, contact Connexion2 on 0844 856 6606 (select SoloProtect Sales – Option 2) or e-mail: info@connexion2.com

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