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Video: Securitas/www.IFSECGlobal.com Good Customer Award 2013

Securitas/IFSECGlobal.com Good Customer Award presentation (Tortworth Court Hotel, Gloucestershire, Thursday 20 June 2013)

Speech by Brian Sims BA (Hons) Hon FSyI, Media Solutions Manager for UBM Live’s Security and Fire Portfolio and Chairman of the Judges for the Securitas Good Customer Award 2013

Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.

It’s fantastic to be with you all this evening, and to deliver a presentation to the staff and customers of what is a fabulous security solutions provider.

Before I begin, Ii’d like to offer my sincere thanks to John Naughton and Amanda Dempsey for inviting me to speak to you all.

I’m the Media Solutions Manager for UBM Live’s Security Portfolio, encompassing the main web portal IFSECGlobal.com, the Security Excellence Awards and, of course, IFSEC International.

This isn’t just a job for me: it’s a vocation…

What I’m most desperate to see happen is the instigation of Chartered status for security managers and directors. That’s really my professional goal in life, and has been for 14 years.

In my opinion, we really do need those elements in place that shout ‘profession’… They are…

• Mandatory CPD
• A baseline qualification to practise
• A recognised body capable of validating work being done

The Security Institute is taking great strides towards Chartered status. It currently has just over 1,000 members in the UK, and has tabled a deputation to The Privy Council for Chartered status.

To my mind, security is the most important subject you could wish to encounter. It angers me to see the way in which the national media reports on this subject, and the lack of respect afforded to the discipline by many Boards of Directors
We need to change that status quo… And fast. This leads me towards the main reason why I’m in front of you this evening…

Background to the Securitas/IFSECGlobal.com Good Customer Award

Having held several discussions with Securitas UK some years back, we collectively decided it would be a great idea to launch the Securitas Security Services Good Customer Award.

With support from SMT, I4S and now IFSECGlobal as the Official Media Partner, Scuritas wanted to reward those clients who, in the eyes of our judges, have contributed greatly to an improvement in standards.

I continue to applaud that decision, and fully support the ethos underpinning it.

What, then, does the good customer look like?

The good customer is articulate, well-educated, schooled in the ways of the business world, forward-thinking and solely focused on making sure that security is at the top of the business agenda.

The good customer embraces Security Industry Authority regulation and puts forward all team members for licensing.

The good customer will insist that their views are represented at Boardroom level.

The good customer will network as much as possible, attending all of the major exhibitions and conferences across the year.

The good customer will also play their part in promoting Best Practice techniques at all times.

The good customer embraces its service providers as genuine partners, and will formulate their security strategy based on a two-way and ongoing information sharing process.

The good customer will be the one that’s always looking to surpass the bare minimum standards, not just meet them.

The good customer is the one that isn’t set in draconian thinking, and is fully prepared to put their head above the parapet.

The good customer wants to push the envelope, try new ways of working and shun the notion that: ‘We’ve always done security this way, so why attempt to change the status quo?’

The good customer will be the one who takes the counter-terror agenda seriously.

Eligibility and award criteria

The Securitas Good Customer Award, then, is designed specifically to recognise Best Practice among the client base.

To be eligible for this award, applicants must have been customers of Securitas for a period of not less than two years as at 31 December 2012.

In terms of the criteria, the award is presented to the company or public sector body deemed to have done the most to improve the procurement and effective development of security services.

It’s specifically designed to reward those clients who have contributed greatly to an enhancement in the standards and perception of the security profession as a whole.

The judges were looking for organisations who are pushing the sector forwards.

We wanted to see transparent detail on procurement strategies, how customers work with their suppliers and how quality of security provision has improved as a result of Best Practice adoption.

We sought to honour the clients that have toiled long and hard to improve the core security business, and those that have made a positive impact on the bottom line of the operation.

We wanted to see evidence of a sound Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.

Where is the security operation seen to be green?

We wanted to see the delivery of proactive security provision, and evidence of participation within – and a positive impact upon – the local and wider community.

Independent Judging Panel for 2013

Such that the result was and is completely transparent and impartial, we again decided there ought to be selected external arbiters to decide on a winner. As such, the 2013 Judging Panel included the following people in addition to myself as chairman:

• James Kelly – CEO at the BSIA and chairman of the Security Regulation Alliance

• Jeff Little OBE – CEO at the National Security Inspectorate

• Michael Cant – director at Larch Consulting

• Iain Hamilton – executive director of corporate security at Morgan Stanley

• Julie Kenny CBE, chairman and CEO of Pyronix…

• …and Aaron Grant, head of security at Aviva

The Securitas/IFSECGlobal.com Good Customer Award 2013: the finalists

So, on to our contestants…

In 2013, the finalists in the Securitas/IFSECGlobal.com Good Customer Award are as follows:

• Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

• Centrica Storage

• Conoco Phillips


• Peel Ports Group

• Pegler Yorkshire

• Sainsburys

• The University of Hertfordshire


• The West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (WYPTE)

All of this year’s award submissions were first class and difficult to separate.

For the first time we’ve decided to honour two highly commended entrants. They are…

Sainsburys and the Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

…Now on to our winners…

Long-standing partnership working with Securitas

The victors in 2013 have been working in genuine partnership with Securitas for 14 years.

Indeed, security is recognised as an integral part of a business that places customer care at the very heart of its ethos.

Long-standing and hugely beneficial relationships have been developed with the local police, PCSOs and myriad other law enforcement agencies.

This is a customer that respects and values both security and its security solutions provider, whom it regards as a security expert and equal partner rather than a mere contractor.

It’s a client that believes well-trained security officers will enhance the host business.

The security function is always represented at Board level. Performance management is continually under review.

This customer’s approach to doing business is based on a ‘team of teams’ – people and personal development are always at the top of the agenda.

This customer is extremely active in the wider security arena – with two of its management team participating in the 2013 IFSEC International Academy.

Training is paramount, with security personnel actively encouraged to become members of the Institute of Customer Service by way of examinations.

This customer has also enjoyed a greater number of wins at the Securitas Community Awards than any other…

The winner of the 2013 Securitas Good Customer Award is… The West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive!

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