“Good police leadership is vital in delivering the Government’s radical policing reforms”

Speaking at the annual Police Superintendents’ Conference on Tuesday 10 September, Home Secretary Theresa May praised police officers for helping to cut crime throughout the course of this parliament.

The Home Secretary also said that effective leadership, increased transparency and better accountability would all be crucial towards ensuring the Government’s police reforms continue to drive down crime.

“As leaders, you are expected to have extremely high standards of integrity,” stated Theresa May. “Your responsibility to be truthful, ethical and effective – as leaders, police officers and as human beings – underlies all of what you do.”

May continued: “You cannot hope to retain the confidence of the public unless you are, and are recognised as being, honest and effective crime-fighters. Increasing transparency and accountability are critical to our reforms.”

Home Secretary Theresa May

Home Secretary Theresa May

Benefits of Government reform

The Home Secretary also set out the benefits of the reforms the Government has introduced, including elected Police and Crime Commissioners and the College of Policing. There’s a determination to carry on cutting away the red tape that keeps officers behind desks instead of out on the streets.

Theresa May also called on superintendents to ensure their officers use the crime-fighting potential of Stop and Search efficiently and effectively in order to avoid damaging community relations.

The Home Secretary then went on to promise further modernisation that will ease unnecessary burdens on police officers by improving IT services and ensuring that police officers are not called upon to deal with people suffering from mental health difficulties when medical attention may be more appropriate.

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