The Security Institute: a message from the chairman

Four months ago, Emma Shaw CSyP was elected chairman of The Security Institute. Emma has now written to the membership to update everyone on key Institute activities since the election process was concluded and also to outline planned developments.

“It has been an extremely busy few months, and I’m appreciative of the support I have received from many Institute members as well as from the wider security community. The Institute has many external stakeholders and our engagement with them is vital in terms of raising our profile and developing the organisation. The Board of Directors will be continuing to build strong relationships with our stakeholders and identify new opportunities for engagement over the coming months.

“Although we’re a UK-based Institute, our future direction, approach and thinking should also reflect our ability to support those of you who work or have responsibilities in any part of the world. It’s my intention to achieve this objective via a cohesive strategy that uses external communications to develop and influence the shape of our industry, as well as supporting our members in their professional career development.

Emma Shaw CSyP: chairman of The Security Institute

Emma Shaw CSyP: chairman of The Security Institute

“Earlier this year, the Board of Directors agreed its goals and aims and, in October, will hold a formal day to further develop the organisation’s strategy and tactical plans. It is, of course, the Institute’s aim to continue working towards achieving a Royal Charter as part of its longer term strategy. I plan to publish more details relating to this in the Autumn.

“With this in mind, since my election in April we have re-structured the Board of Directors to complement our aims and objectives as an organisation, launched Phase One of The Knowledge Centre, further engaged with the business and Government communitiesy to raise the awareness of the Institute and its members and attended meetings on the future of regulation.

“In addition, six registrants have been successfully admitted to the Register of Chartered Security Professionals, the Institute’s Validation Board has continued to work hard and validated a further 85 people as members of our organisation and we’ve embarked on a major PR campaign which has seen industry White Papers, feature articles and press releases published both within the security community and other business sector publications.

“This activity is all in addition to ‘business as normal’, where we’ve hosted and run events including the Annual Conference, developed our educational courses, conducted a restructuring review and recruited additional staff at HQ as well as identified suitable premises for the Institute to establish an office in London.”

“We have also just launched The Chairman’s Blog, which will provide regular features from both myself and guest bloggers over the coming months. Please do log on to The Security Institute’s website ( and let me have your comments.”

New initiatives in the coming months

“Over the coming months, you will also see a number of new Institute initiatives such as the:

• launch of Phase Two of The Knowledge Centre by Gus Darroch Warren CSyP
• development of the Cyber Security Centre by Mike Gillespie
• development of a team of subject matter experts who will be involved in contributing and shaping the industry view within their specific field and led by the expertise of Dr Alison Wakefield
• development of a more formal and transparent governance strategy and further engagement with the business, Government and security communities by Chris Northy-Baker CSyP
• an increase in member benefits, including a number of free educational and social events

“We will send you more details of these and other initiatives through our e-news, blog and other news and social media portals.

“In the next few days, you will receive a copy of our annual report (along with other newsworthy information). The report is an excellent summary of what we have achieved last year by working together. We’re extremely fortunate to have around 12% of our members as active volunteers within the Institute and broader security community, and this has enabled us to extend our capability and engage with our external stakeholders while building on our achievements in 2012. I’m confident that with your continued support we will continue to do so in 2013 and beyond.

“Thank you for your support. If you wish to discuss the Institute and its activities with me then do feel free to contact me via e-mail at: or Alternatively, all of the directors are contactable for discussion about their respective responsibilities.

“I look forward to meeting you at future Institute or industry events.”

Emma Shaw MBA CSyP FSyl FCMI
Chairman, The Security Institute

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