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Home Office seeks new SIA chairman and Board members

The Home Office is seeking to appoint a new chairman for the Security Industry Authority, one non-executive Board member and one non-executive Board member for Scotland.

Chairman of the SIA
The SIA’s chairman will work closely with other Board members and the CEO to provide overall strategic leadership of the Security Industry Authority. As the SIA moves towards the introduction of a new regime for business regulation, the chairman will work strategically to lead the Board in delivering effective transition and change.

The chairman will form strong working relationships with the CEO, SIA staff, the private security industry, enforcement partners and other stakeholders to promote effective regulation and ensure public safety.

The Home Office is looking to make new appointments at the Regulator

The Home Office is looking to make new appointments at the Regulator

They will ensure that the Board fulfils its responsibilities for the governance of the SIA and that staff maintain their focus on delivering change and the overall aims of the SIA as established by the Board and Ministers.

For further information and to request an application pack e-mail: SIAChair13@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk

Non-executive SIA Board Members
The Board members will work with the chairman and the Board in setting the overall strategic direction of the SIA, contribute to the phased transition to a new regulatory regime and ensure the SIA carries out its duties effectively.

Along with other Board members they will ensure that, through appropriate governance, the Executive Team is held to account for discharging its duties to the highest possible standards.

Board members are expected to be innovators and motivators who promote new thinking to achieve change and continuous improvement. They must be able to build strong working relationships across a wide and diverse range of stakeholders. They should have undisputed personal integrity and a personal style that demonstrates authority and commitment.

The Board member for Scotland must have a good understanding and knowledge of Scotland, the ability to represent Scotland’s security interests, an awareness of the political and stakeholder landscape in Scotland and an understanding of the role of a UK regulator operating in a devolved administration.

For further information and to request an application pack e-mail: SIANEBM13@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk

Closing date for applications

The roles will be advertised on the Public Appointments website from August to early September, and in the national press for the first two weeks of September.

The closing date for applications for all roles is Monday 16 September 2013.

The current interim SIA chairman is Bill Matthews, who was appointed by the Home Office in January 2013 until a new chairman is appointed.

The two non-executive Board members will replace members whose terms of office are coming to an end.

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SIA signs contract with TCS on delivering future licensing services

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) has signed a five-year contract with Tata Consultancy Services Limited, who will now deliver future licensing services.

Following the completion of a tendering process, TCS was assessed to be the most competitive based on the pre-defined evaluation criteria.

Specifically, the £13 million contract is for new systems to support the delivery of the SIA’s future licensing, approval and compliance operations.

Stephen McCormick: the SIA's director of service delivery

Stephen McCormick: the SIA’s director of service delivery

The new services are planned to commence at the end of June 2014.

The SIA’s director of service delivery, Stephen McCormick, said: “We’re pleased to have agreed and signed a contract with TCS. The new services that TCS will provide will streamline our processes, making them simpler to use, and will also encourage industry self-service.”

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CCTV ‘tipping point’ still coming in 2014, states IMS Research

The CCTV and video surveillance market continues to be headed towards a ‘tipping point’ in 2014, with revenue for network video looking like it will overtake analogue for the first time ever next year.

According to a new IMS Research report entitled: ‘The World Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment’, analogue cameras are still forecast to continue outselling network cameras in terms of shipments throughout the period to the year 2017, but higher value resides in their rivals.

“Network cameras are generally higher-priced cameras with more advanced features,” said Jon Cropley, principal analyst for video surveillance at IHS. “Therefore, even though less than 20% of all cameras shipped in 2012 were network cameras, the size of the market for them in terms of revenue was almost as large as that for analogue cameras.”

A high proportion of large and enterprise projects already use network video surveillance instead of analogue equipment. Now, network equipment is increasingly being selected for smaller projects as well.

The CCTV market is scheduled to reach a 'tipping point' in 2014

The CCTV market is scheduled to reach a ‘tipping point’ in 2014

Furthermore, price competition for analogue cameras and digital video recorders (DVRs) is intense, with a degree of commoditisation taking place for some product types, in turn providing further impetus for growth where network video is concerned.

World market for video surveillance grows

Overall, IHS estimates that the world market for video surveillance equipment grew by more than 10% between 2011 and 2012. That growth has predominantly been driven by sales of network equipment in many countries where analogue has declined. An exception, however, was China – one of the countries where the analogue market continued to grow.

“The transition from analogue to network video is continuing in 2013,” stated Cropley. “This year, the global analogue space will be broadly flat while the network market will grow by more than 20%.”

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MITIE’s award-winning innovation MiTSM goes mobile

FTSE 250 strategic outsourcing company MITIE has launched a mobile version of its online operational tool, the award-winning MiTSM.

MiTSM is MITIE Total Security Management’s (TSM) unique system for managing all operational tasks such as holiday requests, pay queries, uniform ordering and scheduling. It’s also a Client Information Centre, holding contract information around Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as detailed analyses of risk areas.

The mobile version of the site has been designed in support of MITIE’s commitment to enabling its people to work in the most effective way. With the introduction of smart phones and tablets, the security operations team can now be truly mobile, logging incidents in real-time with photographic evidence as well as using auditable patrol tagging and instant reporting via the MiTSM platform.

MiTSM on Samsung

MiTSM on Samsung

MiTSM was awarded the 2011 Security Excellence Innovation of The Year Award based on its ability to transform officer engagement within the business, provide clear information for clients and to increase operational efficiencies through time, travel and paper-saving developments.

The success of the online system is evident with 95% of all security personnel and 100% of the company’s managers using the solution, in turn enabling more time to be freed up and allowing even more focus on the important elements of delivering effective security for customers.

Bob Forsyth: md of MITIE's TSM business

Bob Forsyth: md of MITIE’s TSM business

Bob Forsyth, managing director of MITIE TSM, commented: “We’re committed to evolving our business using modern methods that will help meet the needs of our clients. Investing in our people is hugely important when it comes to growing and improving the business. MiTSM is another great tool to ensure they become the best at what they do.”

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BSIA calls for Government clarity on the future of security regulation

Calls for clarity from the Home Office on the timing of regulatory change for the private security industry have been issued by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA). This follows on from last week’s announcement that the regulation of private investigators is to be introduced as early as 2014.

James Kelly, CEO of the BSIA – the Trade Association representing the majority of the UK’s private security sector – explained: “We welcome the regulation of private investigators. However, it’s ironic that the wider security industry still awaits clarity from Government after three years of discussions on the future of the licensing of security businesses.”

Talks on the future of the security sector’s regulatory regime began in 2010 with an announcement from the Government that the current regulator – the Security Industry Authority – was to be abolished.

Subsequent lobbying from the industry soon softened this message to one of ‘a phased transition to a new regulatory regime’ involving business registration as well as individual licensing. However, despite continued contact between Government and industry, the planned timing of the primary legislation needed to effect this change is still unclear.

James Kelly: CEO at the BSIA

James Kelly: CEO at the BSIA

James Kelly continued: “It surely makes sense to include the private investigation industry within the new business licensing regime that is close to implementation for the wider security industry. However, despite unprecedented consensus across industry stakeholders, we remain deeply concerned that the proposals forged jointly between the industry, its Regulator and the Government will not be capitalised upon.”

The Trade Association’s leader went on to state: “As an industry we find ourselves in a state of limbo, whereby companies are attempting to make business forecasts with no idea of the cost or administrative implications of a new regulatory regime. We need confirmation from the Home Secretary as to the Government’s intentions in terms of introducing the primary legislation necessary to effect this change. I will be writing to her directly to seek clarity on this matter.”

Home Secretary Theresa May

Home Secretary Theresa May

The BSIA will be engaging with politicians on a wider scale regarding this issue later on this year as it attends both the Conservative and Labour Party Conferences in the autumn.

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