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Imbert Prize 2013: Don Randall MBE wins Security Associations’ Award

The Security Associations’ Award element of the Association of Security Consultants’ (ASC) annual Imbert Prize is presented to the person making the most notable contribution in the security industry in the preceding year, with nominees being put forward by ASIS UK, the BSIA, the International Professional Security Association (IPSA) and The Security Institute.

This year witnessed nominations for two outstanding candidates who had, in their own right, made significant but differing contributions to the security industry as a whole, not just in the previous year but also throughout the recent past.

Don Randall MBE was nominated by ASIS UK for his fantastic work in promoting security generally, not only within the City of London but more nationally as the chairman and driving force behind Project Griffin, founder of the Safer Buildings Accreditation Scheme and various other security related initiatives and appointments.

Don Randall MBE (left) and Mike Alexander

Don Randall MBE (left) and Mike Alexander

Baroness Ruth Henig CBE DL was nominated by the BSIA, IPSA and The Security Institute for her significant contribution to the industry as the former chairman of the Security Industry Authority. The Baroness enabled the industry as a whole to bring pressure to bear in ensuring a new, fit-for-purpose regulatory regime.

The ASC’s Imbert Prize Adjudication Panel members recognised the exceptional contributions that both nominees have made and felt that both should be formerly rewarded for their efforts.

Accordingly, it was decided that both Don Randall MBE and Baroness Ruth Henig CBE should be joint recipients of the Security Associations’ Award for 2013.

Left to Right: Graham Bassett, Don Randall MBE, Mike Alexander and Mike Hurst

Left to Right: Graham Bassett, Don Randall MBE, Mike Alexander and Mike Hurst

Unfortunately, Don Randall was unable to attend the Awards Luncheon due to an overseas business appointment. That being the case Mike Alexander, current chairman of ASIS UK, accepted the award on Don’s behalf on the day of the Awards Luncheon.

Upon Don’s return to the UK, Mike Alexander (along with ASIS UK vice-chairmen Graham Bassett and Mike Hurst, ASIS UK’s director of strategy) presented Don with his award at the Bank of England.

This is the third year in succession that the ASIS nominee has won the Security Associations’ Award.

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Corps Security and Outokumpu: a security partnership

Corps Security is working in partnership with Outokumpu, the famous stainless steel producer, to enhance on-site security provisions at its UK bases.

Sheffield is synonymous with the metal industry and was the home of British Steel. In 1992, British Steel Stainless merged with the Swedish firm, Avesta which in 2001 merged with Outokumpu, making it the third largest stainless steel producing company in the world at the time.

Outokumpu has two sites in Sheffield covering more than 50 acres in total, manufacturing stainless steel into wire rod coil which is then used in a diverse range of applications including needles and pins, springs, welding consumables, yacht rigging and medical implant components.

The larger of the Outokumpu sites in Sheffield is the home of the SMACC melting shop and the Sheffield Stainless bar finishing works, along with Europe’s largest stainless steel service and distribution centre.

The smaller of the two sites accommodates the hot rolling and acid de-scaling sites known as ASR. This site is designated a Tier One location under the Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 1999 (COMAH), due to the degree of hazard posed to people on site and the surrounding area (which includes the Meadowhall Shopping Centre).

One of Corps Security's officers on duty at the recent conference

One of Corps Security’s officers on duty at the recent conference

“This is a massive site and maintaining its security is incredibly important due to the materials kept here and the work that takes place on a daily basis,” explained John McLean-Searle, security manager at Outokumpu.

“Having met with Salman Shamim, the business development manager at Corps Security, we invited him to submit a tender proposal to outline how he could enhance security on site.”

Tackling the TUPE process

Shamim’s recommendations were accepted and the contract was awarded in September 2012. “John and his team were pleased to hear that we attach great importance to the welfare of all our officers,” said Shamim, “and this was particularly evident during the TUPE process.”

To comply with the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 – otherwise known as TUPE – the 15 individuals that worked for the previous guarding supplier had to transfer their employment to Corps Security. While this can be a problematic process if not handled correctly, Corps Security prides itself on its ability to ensure a smooth transition and views legal compliance as a bare minimum requirement.

Adopting a policy of inclusivity, consultation and Best Practice means that Corps Security generates a motivated and engaged workforce – ultimately ensuring that high levels of productivity and service provision are maintained.

Mike Bluestone CSyP: director of security consulting at Corps Security

Mike Bluestone CSyP: director of security consulting at Corps Security

To develop the most appropriate and beneficial security operation, Shamim recommended the completion of a comprehensive risk and threat assessment. This was undertaken by Corps Security’s director of security consulting, Mike Bluestone CSyP.

“This process involved an analysis of Outokumpu’s activities, premises and facilities,” stated Bluestone, “and addressed all the risks posed to staff, visitors and customers. Vandalism, metal theft, the protection of an on-site power plant and the safety of the company’s trainline that connects to the mainline rail network were just a few of the issues that had to be addressed. Once I’d finished this process I presented my recommendations, which are now being rolled out.”

Among their other duties, Corps Security’s officers are responsible for the radiation scanning of any trucks entering the site – an important process that can stop harmful contaminants from accessing the production chain.

The way the site is patrolled has also changed. Those who work independently have now been furnished with GPS lone worker protection devices tracked by operators at the Corps Monitoring Centre (CMC) in Glasgow.

Security at conference time

Corps Security played a major role in a recent event at Outokumpu’s site when the British Stainless Steel Association and the Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association hosted an international conference and exhibition which focused on the future for stainless steel.

Part of Sheffield’s celebrations to mark the 100th Anniversary of the discovery of stainless steel, the site was visited by a number of industry VIPs. Corps Security officers in full commissionaire uniforms were on duty.

“I’m incredibly impressed with the improvements we have experienced since Corps Security began working with us,” said John McLean-Searle. “The company has consistently delivered on its promises and clearly has an unrivalled level of expertise. What’s more, all those staff who transferred are very pleased to be working for the company.”

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Inspiration in HR Award 2013: Call for Entries

SSR Personnel’s managing director Peter French MBE created the Inspiration in HR Award to recognise the excellent work consistently carried out by Human Resources professionals (most notably in the security world).

The awards scheme – which is run in association with and supported by http://www.IFSECGlobal.com/UBM Live’s Security and Fire Portfolio – is open to either individuals or organisations deemed to have made a significant, positive and lasting impact in the areas of Human Resources management and corporate performance.

It’s fair to say that service sectors necessarily rely on teams of people operating across a number of environments, from customer-focused settings through to those that require an in-depth knowledge of technology.

For their part, Human Resources professionals play a key role in the selection, training and monitoring of thousands of individuals across these different spheres.

Now in its seventh year, the Inspiration in HR Award provides these professionals with the recognition they so richly deserve.

As always, the winner will be presented with their prize during the Security Excellence Awards ceremony organised by UBM Live’s Security Portfolio. This year, the event takes place at The London Hilton Hotel, Park Lane on Wednesday 23 October.

The Inspiration in HR Award is presented each year at the Security Excellence Awards Ceremony

The Inspiration in HR Award is presented each year at the Security Excellence Awards Ceremony

Entrants for the 2013 initiative will be judged by a panel of experts chaired by Brian Sims BA (Hons) Hon FSyI, media solutions manager across UBM Live’s Security and Fire Portfolio.

Previous winners of the Inspiration in HR Award

Award winners to date have included Gemma Quirke of multiple award-winning security guarding solutions provider Wilson James and the HR teams at both VSG and Advance Security.

Speaking about the 2013 edition of the Inspiration in HR Award, Peter French explained: “We’re in the HR business, and deal with HR professionals all the time. They really are the professionals of the day, and that’s no understatement, but they rarely receive the due recognition they deserve. That’s why we launched the Inspiration in HR Award.”

French continued: “Whether you’re talking about finance, regulatory issues, the Corporate Social Responsibility agenda or talent-matching exercises, HR professionals can and do deliver massive improvements to businesses in terms of process, function and profitability.”

What you need to do to submit an entry

On a single sheet of A4, provide details of:

•the reason for the nomination
•originality of the idea
•impact that the person/organisation has made

The nomination can be supported with marketing materials consisting of no more than two sides of A4.

**Entries should be received by Wednesday 31 July 2013 and submitted either by e-mail to: awards@ssr-personnel.com or posted to Awards, SSR Personnel, FREEPOST, London E17 6BR

About SSR Personnel

Based in London, SSR Personnel (including its Executive Profiles search division) is the largest specialist recruitment consultancy in Europe when it comes to sourcing permanent, interim and temporary personnel specifically for the security, fire, IT and Health and Safety sectors.

SSR is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company, compliant with rigorous standards of verification and offers competency-based interviewing, psychometric testing and assessment centre interviews.

SSR has always continued to ensure quality service delivery in the most complex of environments.

Continued commitment to Investors in People initiatives has influenced SSR’s work ethic as a company, and ensures that its qualified consultants remain dedicated to achieving successful, long-lasting Human Resources solutions of the very highest quality and standard.

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2013 Imbert Prize accolade for Baroness Ruth Henig CBE

SecuriGroup director Baroness Ruth Henig CBE recently received another impressive accolade in an increasing list of awards.

The Association of Security Consultants’ (ASC) Security Associations’ Award (part of the Imbert Prize named after Peter Imbert – the former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service and the Lord Lieutenant of Greater London) is presented annually to the person deemed to have made the most notable contribution in the security industry in the preceding year.

Nominations for the accolade are made by four of the leading professional bodies of the security industry and judged by the ASC’s awarding panel.

This year, the panel decided that two candidates should jointly receive the award for their exceptional contributions to the security industry. Baroness Ruth Henig CBE shares the honours with Don Randall MBE, head of security at the Bank of England.

It was judged that Baroness Henig’s significant contribution to the industry as chairman of the Security Industry Authority in overseeing the Government’s move towards a new, fit-for-purpose regulatory regime made her an outstanding candidate.

Baroness Ruth Henig CBE: winner of the 2013 Imbert Prize

Baroness Ruth Henig CBE: winner of the 2013 Imbert Prize

Nominated by three of the leading professional bodies, Baroness Henig described the award as “a great honour”. The former SIA chairman was particularly pleased to have won the support of The Security Institute, the British Security Industry Association and the International Professional Security Association.

As the SIA’s chairman between 2007 and 2013, Baroness Henig worked tirelessly to ensure that the Regulator both operated as an efficient and effective organisation and that it had the full support – as far as possible – of the industry at large.

Baroness Henig continues to work to drive up standards across the industry by helping build a strong and unified voice that can lobby Government, and also serves as a non-executive director with the multiple award-winning security company SecuriGroup.

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NSI’s ‘Wall of Shame’ move proves popular with security and fire sectors

In June, the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) launched the ‘Wall of Shame’ – a dedicated page on the Inspectorate’s website designed to publicise the names of organisations who falsely claim to be NSI approved. The initiative has been warmly welcomed by the industry, prompting much positive feedback and discussion.

The NSI has a high success rate in addressing ‘misuse of logo’ complaints. Through direct contact with those making misrepresentations, and with the assistance of Trading Standards and the Advertising Standards Authority, most misuse of logo issues are addressed and rectified quickly and co-operatively. The ‘Wall of Shame’ seeks to address more persistent offenders.

It’s testament to the profile of the NSI brand that a number of organisations providing services in the security and fire sectors falsely claim to be NSI approved, highlighting the commercial advantages that can be gleaned from displaying the NSI badge.

The National Security Inspectorate's official logo

The National Security Inspectorate’s official logo

However, this is clearly not acceptable as it’s misleading for end users and unfair on those genuine organisations that invest the time and resources in maintaining their NSI approval by submitting themselves to regular and robust NSI audits.

The NSI takes this matter very seriously and, by continuing to strictly monitor and ‘name and shame’ these falsely-claiming companies, the organisation hopes to protect end users as well as NSI approved companies.

As stated, the NSI ‘Wall of Shame’ initiative has been welcomed by the industry in general. To date, this initiative has prompted more responses across NSI social media pages and groups than any other topic. It has also been positively referenced in a number of public forums.

Preventing any dilution in value

Chris Pinder, external affairs director for the NSI, explained: “We wanted to demonstrate to our approved companies as well as end users that we take abuse of the NSI logo extremely seriously. Those who hold NSI approval have worked hard to achieve it and are justly proud of the badge. We’re showing them that we will do all in our power to prevent any dilution in the value of the NSI badge.”

Pinder continued: “It will be a measure of our success if the numbers of companies listed on the ‘Wall of Shame’ are kept to a minimum.”

Chris Pinder: external affairs director at the NSI

Chris Pinder: external affairs director at the NSI

The NSI actively encourages approved companies, the industry and the public to report any instances of companies falsely proclaiming NSI approval or misrepresentation.

The ‘Wall of Shame’ e-mail address (wallofshame@nsi.org.uk) is where such instances must be reported.

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