NSI achieves 300 registrations for BAFE

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) is delighted to announce that it has achieved the 300 mark for BAFE Scheme registrations – a significant milestone for the NSI and BAFE alliance.

The NSI is licensed by BAFE to deliver a range of its fire-related third party certification schemes and views fire sector approval as an important growth area for the organisation.

BAFE Schemes available through the NSI are Fire Detection and Alarms (SP203-1), Fixed Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems (SP203-3), Emergency Lighting (SP203-4), Contract Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers (SP101) and the newest scheme introduced to market in October 2012, namely the Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment (SP205).

The NSI played an instrumental part in the development of BAFE’s SP205 Scheme and has seen an uptake in interest over recent months from those organisations wishing to prove their competence in this area, together with increased specifier awareness.

Organisations seeking BAFE registration are required to be independently audited through a UKAS approved certification body. As a specialist certification body in the fire and security sectors, organisations are choosing the NSI route in order to take advantage of its value-added audits and to benefit from increased specifier recognition.

Stephen Adams, the general manager of BAFE, commented: “Many thanks to everyone at the NSI for their ongoing support of BAFE in every aspect of our work. The relationship between the two organisations goes back many years, and the links have always been strong. We do recognise that the NSI has had a great impact on the ‘reach’ that BAFE is now establishing through to end users and specifiers. We look forward to the long and fruitful partnership continuing.”

Jeff Little OBE: CEO at the NSI

Jeff Little OBE: CEO at the NSI

The NSI’s CEO, Jeff Little OBE, said: “I’m delighted that 300 BAFE registrations have been achieved through the NSI for the BAFE Schemes. Our link with BAFE is very special to us, as is growth in the fire sector continues apace and the range of BAFE schemes continues to expand.”

Little continued: “This is a key milestone for both the NSI and BAFE. We’re very proud of the close working links at all levels which we enjoy with the BAFE team, and I’m sure that more records will soon be surpassed.”

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