Axis Communications remains world leader in network and security cameras

Axis Communications retains its global market-leading position in network cameras and security cameras, and has also taken first place in video encoders in a new report issued by information and analytics firm IHS.

“We have further strengthened our position due to our long-term strategy of continuous releases of innovative network video products and the fact that we offer high quality security solutions in a global market in conjunction with our loyal partners,” stated Ray Mauritsson, president of Axis Communications.

Ray Mauritsson: president of Axis Communications

Ray Mauritsson: president of Axis Communications

“Over the next five years, IHS estimates continued high market growth, although slightly lower than previously. IHS also indicates the market today is more fragmented, with many vendors offering network video products for security solutions.”

Axis is still ranked number one and is global market leader in the network cameras and security cameras categories. The security cameras category includes both analogue cameras and network cameras.

Last year, Axis further strengthened its market position by taking first place in the video encoders category. A video encoder is a product that’s connected to an analogue camera which then makes it possible to use the advantages of a network solution.

According to IHS, network cameras will account for more than 50% of global surveillance camera sales by 2014. This may be compared to network cameras’ share of global sales in 2012, which amounted to approximately 40% according to IHS Research.

The 2013 edition of the ‘IHS CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment – World – 2013’ report is based on data gathered for 2012.

The report contains comprehensive information about all vendors providing analogue and digital equipment for video surveillance, such as cameras, other recording equipment and video encoders.

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