BAE Systems’ cyber business “needs hundreds of graduates”

BAE Systems has announced that it’s recruiting 293 graduates and trainees in the UK this year, with over 44% – 130 of them – joining Detica, the organisation’s growing cyber and security business.

The recruitment figures reflect the nation’s growing need for cyber security and the cost of cyber crime to the UK which, according to the National Audit Office, is currently estimated to be between £18 billion and £27 billion.

More and more organisations are looking to shore up their defences against the growing cyber threat, representing a clear market opportunity for companies such as Detica that can provide much-needed cyber skills and expertise.

In addition, training the next generation of skilled cyber security engineers has recently been identified by the Institute of Engineering & Technology as “vital in order to protect the UK’s critical infrastructure”.

Martin Sutherland, Detica’s managing director, commented: “Detica has over 2,600 staff globally, but we’re planning on recruiting 600 people this year of whom 130 will be graduates based in the UK. Our growth reflects a huge demand for technologies which defend against cyber attack, combat fraud and help businesses effectively manage the sometimes overwhelming amounts of data available to them.”

He continued: “We are recruiting IT, engineering, maths and physics graduates and offer an excellent training and development programme, giving our recruits the chance to work on some of the most exciting and cutting-edge IT challenges in the world.”

Shortage of cyber security skills in the UK

Commenting on the shortage of cyber security skills in the UK, Bill Walker – security analyst and technical director at QA – said: “There’s clearly a critical and growing need for companies to plug the cyber skills gap, and graduates are a great starting point. Longer term, organisations need to take big steps to attract and retain more women in the cyber security sector. It’s a sector in which females are currently hugely under-represented.”

Walker went on to state: “This is a wise step by BAE. Our records show that cyber security training business has more than doubled in the past year, but even we see huge scope for further growth in this area if we are to even start to close the skills gap.”

In conclusion, Walker explained: “A career in cyber security looks set to have a very robust future. Regardless of the tough economy, cyber security is going to grow and grow. There is an ideal opportunity here for anyone in IT to retrain and specialise in cyber security, and it should also give any graduate a long and highly desirable career path.”

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