BS 7858 (2012) training with an NOCN difference

Prestwick-based national training provider WSG Associates has launched its new e-learning programme that has been endorsed by the renowned Awarding Organisation NOCN.

“Not only do we believe this is the first e-learning programme for vetting skills available to the industry, but also – and equally important – we believe it’s the first one to gain endorsement from an Awarding Organisation,” stated Stuart Galloway, managing director of WSG Associates.

“This solution is simple, ensuring more benefits than disadvantages. It’s undoubtedly a cost-effective way of ensuring that staff are trained to the required standard without impacting too heavily on training budgets. In real terms, this solution is 85% more cost-efficient than the traditional classroom delivery with the added value of also receiving an endorsed NOCN Certificate.”

Dr David Hutchinson, director of compliance and governance at NOCN, stated: “NOCN is very pleased to be associated with this innovative project being delivered by WSG Associates, who serve as one of our well respected security qualifications centres. The approach taken, which is at the leading edge of technology, makes the best use of available resources and is user-friendly to the learners.”

Benefits of the learning package on offer

Some of the benefits to which Stuart Galloway alludes include: geographical barriers being eliminated, the learning is self-paced and self-directed, the course accommodates multiple learning styles, there’s 24/7 accessibility, on demand access, training costs can be reduced and employee engagement improved and enhanced.

These learning programmes are not only available to WSG Associates learners: they’re available under licence to training providers as well as in-house Training Department managers who want to improve and enhance their traditional delivery methods.

Galloway added: “e-learning is not only flexible in terms of where and when the education is delivered but also considers the ‘why’ as it allows us to offer a roll on, roll off service without having to be concerned about course numbers to make it viable.”

In conclusion, Galloway commented: “The old adage of: ‘Good teaching is good teaching, no matter how it’s done!’ still rings true. e-learning brings with it a new dimension in training.”

For further information about the course run by WSG Associates visit or telephone 01292 470 123.

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