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ONVIF set to showcase achievements at first-ever dedicated IFSEC International stand

ONVIF, the global standardisation initiative for IP-based physical security products, has unveiled plans for its first-ever stand at IFSEC International, the commercial and Government security show and conference programme which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham from 13-16 May.

On display in Hall 4 on Stand D140 will be a range of technologies from different ONVIF member companies demonstrating the interoperability of their products using the ONVIF specification.

ONVIF’s Profile S for video and audio streaming will be a major focus of the demonstrations. Of the 3,300 ONVIF-conformant products on the market today from its more than 440 member companies, nearly 1,300 are conformant with Profile S.

Profile S describes the common functionalities shared by ONVIF-conformant video management systems and devices such as IP cameras or encoders that send, configure, request or control the streaming of media data over an IP network.

ONVIF introduced the profile concept to enable end users to more easily identify features supported by a profile without determining the compatibility between versions of the ONVIF specifications.

Showcasing the dynamics of IP interoperability standards

“As our conformant product total continues to rise, and ONVIF prepares to go online with its second profile, we felt it was time to showcase the dynamics of these IP interoperability standards, not just at a one-time networking event but throughout the course of IFSEC,” said Per Björkdahl, chairman of ONVIF’s Steering Committee.

“ONVIF has continued to achieve major milestones in the five years it has been in existence, and what better way to demonstrate that than through the visuals our stand has to offer.”

ONVIF members including Sony, Pelco, Bosch and Anixter will make 15-minute presentations in the ONVIF Theatre throughout the four-day event. The on-stand activities include a proof-of-concept demonstration for the soon-to-be-released Profile G for recording and storage facilities.

There will also be an exhibit at the stand showcasing ONVIF’s historical milestones since its inception in October 2008, including the release of Version 2.0 of the ONVIF Core Specification in 2010 and the introduction of Profile S last year.

Further information about ONVIF-conformant products, including the vendors and the conformant models, is available on ONVIF’s website: http://www.onvif.org

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Securitas AB publishes Interim Report for January–March 2013

Securitas AB has published its Interim Report for the period January–March 2013.

The topline figures issued this morning are as follows:

• Total sales MSEK 15 860 (16 264)
• Organic sales growth 0% (1)
• Operating income before amortisation MSEK 749 (720)
• Operating margin 4.7% (4.4)
• Earnings per share SEK 1.04 (0.95)
• Free cash flow/net debt 0.20 (0.12)

Comment from Alf Göransson (President/CEO)

“The organic sales growth was flat and reflected the challenging macroeconomic situation that prevails in Europe,” stated Alf Göransson, President and Chief Executive Officer at Securitas.

“The security sector in important markets such as France, Portugal and Spain continues to deteriorate. The US economy seems to be in a slow and gradual recovery mode. Latin America continued to show strong organic sales growth.”

Göransson continued: “The operating margin improved in all divisions compared to the first quarter of the previous year, mainly driven by the various restructuring and cost savings actions taken in 2012. We achieved cost savings in the first quarter according to our restructuring plan.”

When commenting on the sales of security solutions and technology, Göransson added: “In 2012 the sales of security solutions and technology represented approximately 6% of Group sales. We have set a target to triple this share of sales by the end of 2015. We continued to increase our investments in resources within security solutions and technology and, in the first quarter of 2013, we were at 6.5%.”

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‘Be Prepared, For Anything’: an examination of converged risks

The term ‘converged risk’ has been accepted for almost ten years, but its understanding and scope are changing constantly as cyber threats evolve rapidly and as physical security systems have become more integrated and IP-based.

While commentators regularly offer updated guidance and warnings, the industry has been slow to adopt an approach that really tackles converged security threats comprehensively.

In response to the reality that many firms learn best from painful experiences, Optimal Risk Management has developed a security exercise capability specifically to demonstrate converged security risk to companies as a critical first step towards raising awareness and building acceptance of the converged reality that they operate within.

Mike O’Neill, the managing director of Optimal Risk, said: “Resilience is a key consideration for most firms, and we developed a Red Team methodology to simulate the type of sophisticated scenarios that they need to be resilient towards. By adding an advanced cyber capability to our established physical security consulting services, we can then test security measures using ‘real-world’ threats.”

The Red Team approach is rapidly gaining traction in different settings, from countering industrial espionage and organised crime through to the protection of critical infrastructures.

Dan Goodbody, director of maritime services, commented: “We see great opportunities in the maritime space to run security exercises for ports and port facilities. This is one of the most complex security environments, and the scenarios we have developed with our cyber team really demonstrate how vulnerable the integrated operations at a port complex can be.”

ANSI ASIS Physical Asset Protection Standard

After a two-year consultation, a new ANSI ASIS Physical Asset Protection Standard has been published that offers new guidance. O’Neill sees this as an important step in raising engagement over converged security risk.

In parallel with developing Red Team services, Optimal Risk has also put in place a comprehensive set of Blue Team services spanning physical and cyber domains.

“Once a client learns about his vulnerabilities from a security exercise, we are well positioned to provide consulting and support to reinforce their security and build their resilience,” said O’Neill. “What we now offer clients is the opportunity to test their preparedness and response to a blended nature of threats, and then a balance of tactical fixes for immediate remediation and strategic measures that will more proactively address vulnerabilities.”

Blue Team physical services range from planning and advisory services and risk consulting through to counter-espionage services and training. The cyber team offers a comprehensive range of capabilities from DDoS mitigation, forensics and incident response to reverse engineering Secure Development Lifecycle Services and bespoke cyber defence solutions.

“Our aim,” stated O’Neill, “is to ensure that clients are prepared for anything. It requires a proactive approach because it will prove increasingly ineffective to be reactive to some of the emerging cyber threats. They will severely test our understanding of resilience in the future.”

For more information about Optimal Risk visit http://www.optimalrisk.com

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BS 7858 (2012) training with an NOCN difference

Prestwick-based national training provider WSG Associates has launched its new e-learning programme that has been endorsed by the renowned Awarding Organisation NOCN.

“Not only do we believe this is the first e-learning programme for vetting skills available to the industry, but also – and equally important – we believe it’s the first one to gain endorsement from an Awarding Organisation,” stated Stuart Galloway, managing director of WSG Associates.

“This solution is simple, ensuring more benefits than disadvantages. It’s undoubtedly a cost-effective way of ensuring that staff are trained to the required standard without impacting too heavily on training budgets. In real terms, this solution is 85% more cost-efficient than the traditional classroom delivery with the added value of also receiving an endorsed NOCN Certificate.”

Dr David Hutchinson, director of compliance and governance at NOCN, stated: “NOCN is very pleased to be associated with this innovative project being delivered by WSG Associates, who serve as one of our well respected security qualifications centres. The approach taken, which is at the leading edge of technology, makes the best use of available resources and is user-friendly to the learners.”

Benefits of the learning package on offer

Some of the benefits to which Stuart Galloway alludes include: geographical barriers being eliminated, the learning is self-paced and self-directed, the course accommodates multiple learning styles, there’s 24/7 accessibility, on demand access, training costs can be reduced and employee engagement improved and enhanced.

These learning programmes are not only available to WSG Associates learners: they’re available under licence to training providers as well as in-house Training Department managers who want to improve and enhance their traditional delivery methods.

Galloway added: “e-learning is not only flexible in terms of where and when the education is delivered but also considers the ‘why’ as it allows us to offer a roll on, roll off service without having to be concerned about course numbers to make it viable.”

In conclusion, Galloway commented: “The old adage of: ‘Good teaching is good teaching, no matter how it’s done!’ still rings true. e-learning brings with it a new dimension in training.”

For further information about the course run by WSG Associates visit http://www.wsgassociates.co.uk or telephone 01292 470 123.

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Kings Security Systems launches Training Academy

Kings Security Systems has created and launched its own Training Academy that will promote skills excellence across the company and provide ongoing development to its 579 security professionals across the UK.

The company’s managing director Anthony King said: “The launch of Kings’ Training Academy puts training firmly at the core of our business and will drive our employee skills, standards and qualifications to an even higher level. The new Academy further demonstrates our ongoing commitment to investing in our people and developing homegrown talent across all areas of the business, from apprentices through to senior managers. We will continue to lead the security industry through our apprenticeship programmes and NVQs through to Masters degrees, with the aim of developing industry professionals and leaders for the future.”

Kings has also created a new internal Training Committee to oversee the Academy’s development and engaged with a training partner, SPS Ltd, to support the company’s current and future training needs.

A number of training initiatives are already underway at Kings:

22 staff are undertaking the 12-month Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP) Certification, a modular qualification that provides core knowledge for managing a security function. This includes the managing director, commercial director, national account managers and sales managers

210 security officers are working towards NVQ Level 2 in Security Guarding

23 managers are working towards NVQ Level 3 in Management

17 team leaders are working towards NVQ Level 2 in Team Leading

32 members of staff have successfully passed their NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration while 15 members are working towards this qualification

120 Kings’ engineers across the UK will be working towards an NVQ Level 3 in Electronic Security and Emergency Systems

13 apprentices are already being trained in the business, with further apprentices being recruited in the London area

All employees are attending a two-day course covering First Aid, customer service, manual handling, fire awareness and elements of the ISO 27001 quality accreditation

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