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To say it has been busy of late in policing and Government circles would be something of an understatement. The ongoing desire to tackle gangs tops the Met’s agenda, while National Apprenticeships Week and illegal firearms have occupied the minds of those in Parliament. 

‘Safety first’ is the mantra for online just now. Safer Internet Day took place, and a guide to avoiding cyber stalkers was released

Digital also happens to be the environment wherein Showsec is boosting its pioneering credentials still further with the launch of new e-learning facilities

PSIM continues to dominate the security solutions debate in both the public and private sectors while those practitioners involved in the lone worker arena would do well to heed Patrick Dealtry’s wise words

Check out the ICO’s ‘plain English’ guide to Freedom of Information and keep abreast of the latest financial news published by global security giant Securitas

Cost control leading the agenda 

Not surprisingly, cost control remains the top priority for CEOs just now. Using the right technology, of course, is a proven method for assisting in that very endeavour. 

Amid the clamour to save money, though, the necessary and continual focus on training must never be lost. 

In the guarding space, MITIE has signed a major contract with BT and the Security Industry Authority is expanding its Board. Meantime, ADP’s celebrating an excellent ACS audit score while Corps Security regains a magnificent piece of history

At the Government level, tests are underway to refine security planning for the Olympics, illegal workers are under the microscope and there’s something of a fishy tale to be told by SOCA

It’s well worth assessing the all-new Security Management Education Theatre at IFSEC International 2012 as well as the latest news on October’s end user-focused Global Security Summit

Well done to the BSIA on the Trade Association’s decision to honour the work of close protection personnel

Regulator addresses the 2012 Olympics 

The Security Industry Authority has introduced a dedicated Olympic Games section on its website aimed at both frontline security staff and the buyers of security services.

Further to this move, the Regulator has also enjoyed much success on the enforcement front, with Operation Baltic in particular realising high compliance levels. 

Meantime, National Doorwatch has outlined the case for universal physical intervention training at the same time G4S celebrates its 2,000th employee to gain an NVQ

At the British Security Industry Association, a new product marking Code of Ethics sees the light of day. 

The Police Federation’s latest report on working conditions for serving inspectors is well worth a read, as is the stark warning issued by organisers of the excellent Gate Safe campaign

Ahead of IFSEC International 2012, Corps Security and Connexion2 are partnering on lone worker safety

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Brian Sims
SMT Online

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